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SF events Tue Aug 14 6:30pm - 8:30pm LABEL GMOs SF Vol Mtg One Saint Francis Pl SF 3rd St @ Folsom / Harrison
We'll start the meeting at 7:00pm. Please come at 6:30pm if you wish to bring some non-GMO snacks or dishes to share. If this is your first meeting, we strongly encourage you to come early to meet the team and to ask any questions you might have about what we are doing, our overall strategy, etc.
A suggested agenda is included below:
7:00-7:15 - Introductions / Campaign updates, if applicable
7:15-7:30 - Reports from teams on any progress since last meeting
7:30-8:15 - Teams meet (media, direct outreach, endorsements, educational events)
8:15-8:30 - Teams report on any new developments / ask for help / etc
We'll be meeting in the COMMUNITY ROOM at Archstone Apartments. The entrance to Archstone Apartments is located at the Southeast corner of 3rd Street and Folsom Street.  The stairs with the water treatment/fountain lead up into the complex.  Pass through the concierge's office at the top of the stairs and go straight through the buildings and past the pool.  The pool is directly in front of building #3.  Proceed past the pool and keep to the left.  At the entrance to building #3, you will see the community room to the right of the door to the entrance of building 3.
Archstone Apartments Community Room - SOMA
One Saint Francis Pl SF 3rd St @ Folsom / Harrison

Odwalla. Cascadian Farms. R.W. Knudsen. Horizon. Pepsi Coke Smuckers Kellogs. That’s just the short list of brands owned by companies willing to spend thousands of dollars to keep you from knowing what’s in your food.
Say it Isn't So: Organic Brands Backing the Campaign to Defeat GMO Labeling The next time you take a swig of Odwalla's Organic Carrot Juice, or munch on a bowl of Orville Redenbacher's Organic popcorn, take note: A lot of popular organic and all-natural brands are made by companies that are spending
"You might want to think twice about food shopping at Walmart before the next family barbecue. The store has admitted it will start selling genetically engineered sweet corn – the first such sweet corn to be widely available as a whole food on American supermarket shelves." Read more here:
Say it Isn't So: Organic Brands Backing the Campaign to Defeat GMO Labeling The next time you take a swig of Odwalla's Organic Carrot Juice, or munch on a bowl of Orville Redenbacher's Organic popcorn, take note: A lot of popular organic and all-natural brands are made by companies that are spending.. 7:00 pm   	Funkytown: Tuesday Night Skate | Mission Dist. 	  $5*

Tue Aug 14 Tutu Tuesday featuring Nick Williams and Atish 222 Hyde SF 9pm-2am 22+22 handmade tutus at the door $7 or $2 in a tutu before midnight

Wed Aug 15 Bhangra Flash Mob | Union Square Wednesday, August 15 – 12:00 pm | Cost: FREE | Union Square Park Litquake 2012: Authors & Live Music | Union Square Wednesday, August 15 – 12:30 pm | Cost: FREE | Union Square Park 

Thu Aug 18 Roller Disco @ Mighty 119 Utah SF $5 9pm

Fri Aug 17 

The Pyronauts and Jedi Alliance Present: Raising Tikal 2012: Burning Man Fundraiser
~ Join our incredible community of consciousness raisers, change bringers, Jedi, fire spinners, visionaries, dreamers, adventurers, leaders, performers, creators, light warriors and more for a night of.. ~ Ceremony, Music and Performances ~
Members of the Pyronauts   Adam Apollo   Lux Moderna   Dubvirus   DJedi
~ Visionary Art ~  ~ Galactic Mayan Portraiture ~ ~ Raw Chocolate Truffles and Alchemically Delicious Treats by Jillian Love ~
~ Raffle ~ Friday, August 17, 2012 8 PM - 1 AM New Moon $10

Santa Clara Coin & Collectibles Show, August 17-19 ! Because Gold and Silver are REAL MONEY.
Santa Clara Convention Center is located at 5001 Great America Parkway, SAnta Clara, ca

At the Koret Auditorium, Main Library, 100 Larkin Street, S.F. Identity FestivalShoreline Amphitheatre At Mountain View in Mountain View, California Particle Performs Pink Floyd (Post-Phish)MEZZANINE in San Francisco, California Know your rights: Surviving Police Encounters
Sat Aug 18 3:00 PM SF LGBT Community Center  1800 Market St SF (corner of Market and Octavia St  in  Rainbow Room
Former deputy sheriff Nate Bradley will join us Saturday, August 18th to share some of his experience on dealing with police encounters. We rely on the police to keep us safe and treat us all fairly. However, the criminal justice system is composed of human beings, who are imperfect. As a result, even innocent people are frequently victims of an imperfect criminal justice system that is designed to inflict harsh punishment. You should always be careful about what you say when approached by law enforcement officials. It’s important to know your rights, be respectful, and stay calm.
It is unfortunate that sometimes an encounter with the police can turn into a nightmare. And while lying to police can get you arrested, police are trained to lie to suspects as an interrogation technique. All too often, perfectly innocent people attempting desperately to convey their innocence create additional opportunities for their words to be used against them.
* How do I handle a police encounter in my home, car, or in public?
* What is "resisting arrest"?
* Once police have arrested me, do I have to answer their questions?
* What if police threaten to call the dogs?
* If I'm innocent, should I talk to police?
Schedule   3:00pm - Doors open   3:30pm - Workshop   5:00pm - Event ends
From 2003-2009 Nate Bradley was a police officer and a deputy sheriff. During his time in law enforcement he worked patrol, background investigations, and the gang task force. Most of his career was spent proactively working with the local community to reduce crime and neighborhood problems. During regular encounters with citizens who were medical cannabis patients he began to see that these patients were not the “marijuana addicts” that he had been trained to believe they were. He found them to be average people who wanted to live normal lives, free of pain or anxiety.
Since leaving law enforcement Nate has been involved in numerous areas of the drug policy reform movement. In 2010 he became a speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and served as a spokesman for the Yes on Prop 19 campaign. In 2011 Nate founded Lawmen Protecting Patients, a non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to protecting the rights of medical cannabis patients. Since founding LPP, he has personally influenced numerous pieces of legislation at the CA State Capitol. Nate also runs a strategic consulting company and is a licensed private investigator.
Donations from $5-$20 are encouraged, but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.
Meetup Event:

Sat Aug 18 2012 Mothers To Risk Jail over Lemonade or Milk 

Aug 21 Why doesn't Al Gore ever talk about meat, one of the biggest causes of climate change?  Ask him to address the elephant in the room on August 21st at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco.  Check out the facebook invite for more info: Fri 8/ 24 8pm-1am $15 548 Fillmore SF @ Oak / Fell 
Metta Dance Pre-Playa Edition! Live Performance by *Janaka Selekta*, WALA & 
"How to Get What You Want in Bed" with sex educators Charlie Glickman and Lidia-Anain. 
3 ROOMS - RAW FOOD - MASSAGE - TEA - ARTMusic 9:30pm-12:30am
Janaka Selekta (Wordly Dubstep)
WALA (Glitch Hop/Bollywood Bass)
8-9:30pm Sex Educators Charlie Glickman and Lida-Anain"How to Get What You Want in Bed" For more info about Lidia-Anain, visit

)'( 2012

DUSTY )'( 2012 so YOU Need a BEACH CRUISER or MTN bike and CAMP near ESPLANADE
since MAN is on HARD playa and Streets become dusty somewhere back deeper than ESPLANADE you do NOT want to power through dust dunes every trip.
GOT TO BE NEAR esplanade this year as DUST starts after the streets start.
PLAYA is FLAT. STREETS are DUSTY. this will be my 18th year in a row so I've learned a thing or 2. NEED RECON  on where dust is BAD.
Biking through DEEP dust is DIFFICULT and will REDUCE your MOBILITY and your PARTY.

This year is going to be one of the DUSTIEST we've seen in like, ever. There is a thick layer of loose dust on top of the playa just waiting to get kicked up. So, this is NOT the year to bring a bike with narrow tires ... you're going to want one with FAT tires to push through the heavy spots. Yes, really.

Going to Burning man? Do you like DUST? HABOOB: An intense dust-storm...

John William Fairclough As we speak I'm working on a more portable device to filter out dust. It's a large tube you can wear on your chest, partially filled with water. A smaller tube carries the dust laden air through to the bottom of the water. You inhale through the top of the larger tube, the bubbling action traps the particulates in the water, supplying you with a much purer air supply. I'm going to call it the Bing.

Sachi Ivy Just got a new one from and love it! Cool designs, comfort fit, and easily reinforced with a wet scarf. BM15 in the promo code box gets you 15% off

say hi and remind me where we met and where we usually see each other cause CONTEXT is KING if I'm gonna recognize you :) 
Burning Man’s Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP) Policy Change

Change is always difficult, and If you've got any questions about how the ticket process works, make sure to cruise over to our (admittedly EXTENSIVE, hopefully EXHAUSTIVE) ticket FAQ:

August 27 - Sept 3 2012 tickets!/event.php?eid=221044507950706
Timelapse-icus Maximus HD Burning Man 2011 by James Cole, Music by Elite Force/DISTRIKT "Playa Time: Dust to Dust" - Burning Man 2011 Time Lapse 


This year the eight-day Special Recreation Permit is from 6pm on Sunday, August 26th to 6pm on Monday, September 3rd.
- The Gate will open at 6 PM on Sunday.

The city plan for Black Rock City 2012 is now available:
It includes this year's street names (hooray!), which are quite lovely ... in the spirit of Fertility, we have the following:

Building REsources San Francisco's only source for reusable, recycled and remanufactured building and landscaping materials. Building Resources is a not for profit org 701 Amador St. SF, CA 94124 (415) 285-7814

The Themes of Burning Man: 2012 Fertility 2.0 (announced by Larry Harvey at Artumnal event on 19 Nov) 2011 Rites of Passage 2010 Metropolis; The Life of Cities 2009 Evolution; A Tangled Bank 2008 American Dream 2007 The Green Man 2006 Hope & Fear; the Future 2005 Psyche; The Conscious, Subconscious & Unconscious 2004... The Vault of Heaven 2003 Beyond Belief 2002 The Floating World 2001 Seven Ages 2000 The Body 1999 Wheel of Time 1998 Nebulous Entity 1997 Fertility; The Living Land (Mysteria was theme of an event at SOMArts in San Francisco) 1996 The Inferno/HELCO 1995 Good & Evil TerraSAR-X image of the month - Tents in the desert

If you still have questions or concerns about the ticket process this year, chances are they're answered in our Ticket FAQ: ... or somebody's discussing them on this ePlaya thread: Weird TV - Burning Man - Early Years An Idiot's virgin Burning Man experience (2011) Burning Man~Magic People 

)'( Last year BM Tix on Craiglist started out HIGH and ended up going at face value before the event
RELAX. You are safe enough to ASSUME you are going. Plenty folk asked for more tix than they needed to cover their friends / family / camps.
You might post a Tix ad in the WANTED section of CL with fun creative text of who you are, once a week if you are bored, or try different text each time.
also List trades or OFFERS of what you will exchange in the SIGNATURE of your EMAIL
speaking of TRADES take a look at
perhaps you can ask for what you want; perhaps stop saying oh I'm fine each time a friend or stranger asks how you are doing. Instead answer that you seek a BM ticket then repeat your offers or trades. Let your friends be your angels and matchmakers. :)

Burning Man 2012 Tickets - Part 2 halcyonstyn Hitler finds out about Burning Man Ticket Lottery  Hitler Reacts to Burning Man Being Sold Out. 

Burning Man Tickets 3 aka "Crap or Cone?"
Tickets, A Tale of Xara & Surrender. Feb 8 *The Xara leader in the story is Mark Hinkley. » Barn Raising BRC 2012
This is the time to jump around all excited at the mutations occurring in this petri dish of an experiment in community. It’s a moment in time – perhaps a paradigm shift of magnanimous porportions. I for one don’t want to miss seeing it in action, whether it rises like the Phoenix or crashes and bur... 
looking to offer a ride or get a ride to BM? check out the above link

Falling Man 2011 Screensavers available only at
The Burning Man Screen Saver Project at

Coexisting with Coyotes
with Camilla Fox, Project Coyote Executive Director & Stacy Carlsen, Marin County Agricultural Commissioner
Tue Aug 28 7-9pmPT @ Marin Humane Society, Novato, CA Aug. 30 - Sept. 3 Strawberry Fall Music Festival - Camp Mather, CA

Sep 2012

Mon Sep 2 Labor day; All gave some. Some gave all. Sept. 6-9 Bhakti Fest - Joshua Tree, CA

Sat Sep 8 2012 MICHAEL FRANTI & SPEARHEAD present POWER to the PEACEFUL in GOLDEN GATE PARK SF @ Speedway Meadows, JFK @ 25th ave/ Fulton
power to the peaceful this year is charging $10 admission.  
I've been working that beautiful party for years but this year (after the break year) the only way it could happen was to charge a nominal fee.  - the years of "gift economy -aka 'free'as you list it" are over due to the gift economy being seen as free not a reciprocal of love energy exchange.  We still have a huge vollunteer staff and truly anyone wanting 'free' admission can just ask to help out.  All the garbage - everything -the healing - there are many jobs to make it run - they're all still run on vollunteership. We as an organization love your community list and I (this is Liz) especially do.  - 
Its unfortunate that this is the news.  Power to the Peaceful still wants to get the main message out: That this is an event to empower the peaceful.  
Loves.  Liz Sunday Streets in Western Addition/N. Panhandle Alamo Square Sunday, 9 September 2012, 11:00 - 16:00
Fillmore Street between Fulton and Geary, Fulton Street between Fillmore and Baker, Baker Street between McCalister and Grove, Grove Street between Broderick and Central, and Central Avenue between Grove and Fell Street


“SAN FRANCISCO EROTIC ART EXHIBITION 2”, will feature 25 artists, sculptors and photographers presenting over 400 paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photographs. Gallery 4N5, downtown SF September 21-23 weekend of the Folsom Street Fair.

Saturday September 22, 2012 SUPERHERO STREET FAIR 2010 It will be in the same place but moving to the warmest month: September. Inianna and Cesar Chavez St. SF @ Islais Creek.

3rd Annual SUPERHERO STREET FAIR Saturday September 22, 2012 San Francisco, CA
2pm to Midnight  @ Islais Creek, newly renovated for 2012. Entrance: Indiana @ Cesar Chavez  MUSIC..  from the likes of.. 
Symbiosis, Opel, Distrikt, Pink Mammoth, Forward, Compression,  Beat Church, Dancetronaughts, with nore TBA!
ZONES..    Sporting Green: Climbing Wall, Boardwalk Oasis, 
Intergalactic Valley of the Vendors, Go Go Floating Barge   Circus Side Show, Eco Amusements Kid Zone Interactive Space
PLUS..    Art Car Regalia, Super Hero Award Ceremomy, Spider Climbing Wall
Extreme Sports Demos, Floating Go Go Barge, Super Cirque Acrobats
Food, Craft and Beverage Bazzar, Supper Club Sky Lounge
Video Mapping Zones, Gallery Exhibits, Super Hero Fashion Show Contest
Family Fun Interactive Games, Eco Amusements and so much more!

FOLSOM STREET FAIR 2012: SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 Folsom St SF btwn 7th / 12th st 11am-6pm Sep 24  Critical Mass 20th Anniversary and Interstellar Ride

(staged) CIA/US/Israeli bombing of Iran Sept / October 2012 Similar to 9/11 False Flag Covert OP leading to Afghan 2001 invasion. 
Mind you the USA was running running 4 drills the morning of 911 that "went live"
Or do you believe that 19 arabs with box cutters (who could not land a Cesna) led by a dude in a cave on a dialysis machine, stood down the US Air Force for 2 hours on 911? 
Well if you do believe the official BS version then you are a conspiracy theorist.
911 INSIDE JOB! How did our oil get under their sand?

Oct 2012

)'(  SF DECOMPRESSION 10/07/12 13th Annual SF Decompression Heat The Street FaIRE! on Indiana Street SF starting Noon.

MASQUEROTICA XX-TRAVAGANZA - 10.20.12 The Second Annual X-Travangaza Halloween Masquerade
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2012 @ SF Concourse Center/ SF, CA
)'( Masquerotica635 8th Street (@ Brannan), SF Sat Oct 20 8:30pm- 3am 
More Info (Coming Soon!):
So Far.. So Very Good.. With More to Come!
- RON KAT'S KAT DELIC (Live Electro FunkaDelic)
- Action Jackson (Disco Funkn' Soul Revue)
- Syd Gris (Opel / Opulent Temple)
- DJ Icon (
- Smasheltooth & Jocelyn (Club Exotica)
- Tranny Shack w/ DJs Carnita & Brown Amy (Hard French)
- Traci Lords & the RuPau Girls
- Aaron Delachaux (Kinky Salon)
With the Incredible..- HUBBA HUBBA REVUEFeaturing..~ Kara Nova PoleStar~ Molotov's Wheel of Death~ Midori and Mirror - Aerial Ballet ~ & Many More TBA!NINE Magikal Nine Ero-Worlds w/- KINKY SALON - CLUB EXOTICA- KINK.COM DUNGEON - ASIAN DIVA GIRLS- BONDAGE A GO GO- C
@ San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center 
635 8th St. @ Brannan / SF, CA 94103
21+ / Costumes & Creative Sexy Wear Passionately Encouraged! Sorry, no street clothes, no pure spectators 
From the Co-Creators of Sea Of Dreams NYE, How Weird St Faire, Opulent Temple & SF Lovevolution

 David Wolfe & David Wilcock Oct 18-21  Epic Eden Adventure Arizona
~ Multiple Lectures w/ David Wolfe & David Wilcock ~ ~ Daily Yoga Flow Classes w/ Pluma ~
~ Organic Vegetarian & Raw Cuisine by Chef Kirsten Gum ~  ~ Epic Eden DJ Dexx ~ Daily @ The Big Pool ~ ~ Special Musical Guest ~ Sasha Rose ~
~ Seven Geothermal Hot Spring Pools ~  ~ Optional Private Healing Sessions ~   ...and so much more!!

Bassnectar Fall Tour 2012:  10/20/12 - Bill Graham Civic Auditorium - SF

Nov 2012

Nov 6 VOTE to LABEL GMOs! GMO Interview with Jeffrey Smith ::: Prepare for the November 6th Vote on Prop 37! in California
Hi there, Please make sure you are prepared to teach people why we need to support California Prop 37, the mandatory labelling of GMOs.
Please watch this video to educate yourself about just how and why GMOs are harmful to the environment, to farmers, to animals, to babies, and to you! In just a few minutes Jeffrey Smith, acclaimed author of 'Seeds of Deception,' will describe to you why we need to remove GMOs from our diet and from the planet. Also, please make sure you support the vote for Prop 37 on November 6th, 2012 in California, the vote to demand mandatory GMO labeling on all foods!
Note: In all other states (20 states so far) where this law was proposed Monsanto was able to reverse it because Monsanto literally rules/owns the key government positions/offices relative to this issue. However, California is different. Prop 37 is a grassroots initiative created by the people (A Grandmom in Marin started it). Hence, in California, Monsanto must stop the people to stop the vote. Monsanto may have control over the government, but they don't have control over us now do they. So please rise up and stop them. The Government can't stop Monsanto but the People Can! If we get this law passed it will deal a serious blow to Monsanto. 
By the way, a big reason why I am so vehemently opposed to Monsanto is that I have a massive amount of first hand eyewitness experience of the carnage they wreak in India, where every 30 minutes another farmer commits suicide by drinking roundup. Often it is hard to control my outrage against these diabolical Monsters. Someday I hope they all experience the fate of Icelandic bankers. Indeed, may Monsanto's Execs come face to face with Polly Higgins in the The Hague's ICJ!   Thanks    Prashanti

SLR is gearing up to launch a very exciting campaign to support the campaign to Label GMOs in California - Yes to Prop 37. We are looking for volunteers in the Bay Area who can join our efforts. Everything from marches, to public art projects, teach-ins, BBQs, pub-crawls and more!! Please leave a message here or email to get involved!!!

ODWALLA Cascadian Farms. R.W. Knudsen. Horizon. Pepsi Coke Smuckers Kellogs. That’s just the short list of brands owned by companies willing to spend thousands of dollars to keep you from knowing what’s in your food.
Say it Isn't So: Organic Brands Backing the Campaign to Defeat GMO Labeling The next time you take a swig of Odwalla's Organic Carrot Juice, or munch on a bowl of Orville Redenbacher's Organic popcorn, take note: A lot of popular organic and all-natural brands are made by companies that are spending
"You might want to think twice about food shopping at Walmart before the next family barbecue. The store has admitted it will start selling genetically engineered sweet corn – the first such sweet corn to be widely available as a whole food on American supermarket shelves." Read more here: Nov. 10-11 Green Festival SF, CA Green Festival is back in San Francisco this Fall! Please volunteer with us once again.


Mar 16 + 17 2013 10am-6pm Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair @ The Armory 1800 MIssion SF @ 14th st.
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.