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Why does the Social Security Administration need hollow point bullets?

[ctrl] S4J2: Social Security Administration To Purchase 174 Thousand Rounds Of Hollow Point Bullets...more

DHS Prepares for Civil Unrest as Obama Poised to Destroy 2nd Amendment 

DHS To Purchase Another 750 Million Rounds Of Ammo Thats 1,450,000,000 in the last few months... WAKE UP PEOPLE
DOLLAR COLLAPSE - The Survival Podcast

MORE EVIDENCE than you can shake a stick at: 

[ctrl] Warning: Get Your Money Out: “All Legal Bank Deposit Protections Are Now Officially Gone”

Bombshell: US Banks Told to Make Plans for Preventing Collapse : Reuters August 13, 2012
Intel Hub Note: This is an outright admission from the new world order that they are planning a collapse in the very near future.
U.S. regulators directed five of the country’s biggest banks, including Bank of America Corp and Goldman Sachs Group Inc, to develop plans for staving off collapse if they faced serious problems, emphasizing that the banks could not count on government help.
The two-year-old program, which has been largely secret until now, is in addition to the “living wills” the banks crafted to help regulators dismantle them if they actually do fail.
It shows how hard regulators are working to ensure that banks have plans for worst-case scenarios and can act rationally in times of distress.
Officials like Lehman Brothers former Chief Executive Dick Fuld have been criticized for having been too hesitant to take bold steps to solve their banks’ problems during the financial crisis. 

The new standard for policing protests
A little over two years ago the G20 met
in Toronto to discuss how they were going
to divide up the world amongst themselves.
With that meeting, Canada was introduced to
American-style protest suppression and police  tactics.
Our rulers don't want to see you, they don't want 
to hear you, they just want to plan their conquests 
in relative peace and tranquility.       Or else...      Video:
NWO The Law of Capitis Diminutio Maxima / Your Slave Name (Name in ALL CAPITALS) Video Explanation

As Black's Law Dictionary explains, the full capitalization of the letters of one's natural name, results in a diminishing or complete loss of legal or citizenship status, wherein one actually becomes a slave... YouTube - UNITED STATES is a Corporation - There are Two Constitutions - Sovereignty

Russian Subs Patrolling Off East Coast of U.S. -

video: Reality Check: The U.S. Government actually created Al Qaeda?

Politically motivated police violence and abuse
Toronto G20 Exposed...
The complete time line of what happened from 
the opening day of the summit; anti-globalism 
demonstrations, agent provocateurs, and the  ensuing mass arrests.
What is evident is that the police had a deliberate 
and blatant disregard for citizens civil rights, their 
conduct toward protesters and detainees was  brutal, violent, and merciless.
This full-length version of the film is ourWednesday Night Movie recommendation...     Video:

Deconstruction of the United States « The PPJ Gazette
Yearbook of immigration statistics
SPYING on YOU - WIKILEAKS: Surveillance Cameras Around The Country Are Being Used In A Huge Spy Network
Stratfor emails reveal secret, widespread TrapWire surveillance system
TrapWire google results:

The NSA's General Didn't Lie To Congress About Spying On Americans — They Hire It Out To The Israeli
Stellar Wind: Listening to Americans since 2002.
Even Congress Wants To Know What The NSA Is Doing With This $2 Billion Utah Spy Center

Maybe you've heard of it and maybe you haven't, but in Bluffdale, Utah alongside one of the largest polygamist sects in America, the NSA is building a one-million-square-foot data collection center

For those individuals that support Mitt Romney/ NObama / Eric Holder / Goldman Sachs / The Bilderber / George Soros WAKE UP ! They are committing FRAUD upon the American Taxes Payers while PROFITING from the Housing Market COLLAPSE Housing Market Fraud

New York police launch high-tech camera surveillance system | The Raw Story
And the grid slowly creeps like a cancer inside the nation.
NEW YORK — New York police on Wednesday launched what officials say is a revolutionary camera surveillance system that will simultaneously scan the streets and call up data on suspects.


Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children's IQ
5 gal blue bottles are UV sensitive, yet
Arrowhead Water in SSF, CA stores thousands of blue 5 gal bottle s in DIRECT SUNLIGHT! causing BREAST and PROSTATE CANCER!		Google Earth: ARROWHEAD MOUNTAIN SPRING WATER at 
 x street Railroad, South of Grand     Maybe Arrowhead used to be good, but they were bought by Nestle.
Nestle privatizes our RIVERS, bottles the water, then sells it back to us for $ PROFIT $ Greed Destroying Earth for PROFIT to learn about UV breaking down # 7 Blue 5 Gallon Plastic Bottles Environmental Working Group (EWG) works to protect kids from toxic chemicals in our food, water, air and the products we use every day. We use research to help create federal policies that protect our children, our health, and our natural resources

A full-blown militarized Disneyland
A few weeks back, police in Anaheim, CA. shot  an unarmed man in the back of the head, which led to protests by the community.
There were a few random reports about police  using brutality to suppress protests against against...  police brutality.
And then the media fell completely silent.   Here's what most people never heard...   Video: Alex Jones - The Two Party Dictatorship Alex Jones Explains How The Elite Control Politics  Vaccine info CHEMTRAILS FLUORIDE
Got Milk? You Don't Need It 

[ctrl] Fast and Furious Bombshell Explodes [2 Attachments]

War on drugs revealed as total hoax - US military admits to guarding, assisting lucrative opium trade in Afghanistan
Assume you saw the follow up in there on this:

Odwalla. Cascadian Farms. R.W. Knudsen. Horizon. Pepsi Coke Smuckers Kellogs. That’s just the short list of brands owned by companies willing to spend thousands of dollars to keep you from knowing what’s in your food.
Say it Isn't So: Organic Brands Backing the Campaign to Defeat GMO Labeling The next time you take a swig of Odwalla's Organic Carrot Juice, or munch on a bowl of Orville Redenbacher's Organic popcorn, take note: A lot of popular organic and all-natural brands are made by companies that are spending
"You might want to think twice about food shopping at Walmart before the next family barbecue. The store has admitted it will start selling genetically engineered sweet corn – the first such sweet corn to be widely available as a whole food on American supermarket shelves." Read more here:

U.S. Freezes All Nuclear Power Plant Licensing Decisions Environment News Service

Japanese Island of Toshima makes Dolphins official Citizens

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