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FOOD      Bombshell Info Concerning Your Health
Monsanto petition tells Obama: ‘Cease FDA ties to Monsanto’
A new petition is calling for the ouster of a former vice president and lobbyist for Monsanto who is a senior adviser at the FDA.  Vaccine info CHEMTRAILS FLUORIDE
Got Milk? You Don't Need It 

Nearly all conventional food crops grown with fluoride-laced water, then sprayed with more fluoride 

The average American today is exposed to a whole lot more fluoride than he or she is probably aware. Conventional produce, it turns out, is one of the most prevalent sources of fluoride exposure besides fluoridated water, as conventional crops are ...


Study Finds Chemotherapy Makes Cancer Far Worse

Barefootin Behooves you. 
Why Does Walking Barefoot on the Earth Make You Feel Better? | Your Olive Branch News - yobo
Your Olive Branch News - Where Your Stories Matter. Visit yobo News for positive and life affirming content about peace and sustainability 
generated by yobo members and external news sources.

Chemtrails in California - Chemtrails Spraying in California - Stop Chemtrail Spraying in California
Stop Chemtrail Spraying in California! Chemtrail information for California. Report Chemtrails in California. Do you know if your city has been sprayed with Chemtrails? Chemtrail Spraying Biological & Chemicals Agents on U. S. Citizens is Illegal! Get active! Where to call and what to do to protect.


Raising self-reliant children gets you a visit from Child Services TUNE IN 7pmCT Special Guest Lenore Skenazy from 
What Brand Of Idiot Are You: Republican or Democrat? Alex Jones - How The Elite Control Politics 
Obamney or Rombama Which ever one you choose, we're still marching towards tyranny. 
Lindsay Williams Interview... "Some Elite have been advised to expect immediate shutdown of USG
Crash Course Chapter 3: Exponential Growth Chapter 4: Compounding Is The Problem are you prepared?  chapter 16: fuzzy numbers — with Hugh Wesley Robinson and Jennifer Judeich Malloy

US Government’s Secret Army: Foreign Troops to be Deployed After Martial Law is Declared 

IMF Global Takeover Underway


HTTP://EFF.ORG  sues for answers about illegal surveillance


GHEI: ATF's latest gun grab
The Obama administration is making it easier for bureaucrats to take away guns without offering the accused any realistic due process. In a final rule published last week, the Justice Department granted the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) authority to “seize and administratively forfeit property involved in controlled-substance abuses.” That means government can grab firearms and other property from someone who has never been convicted or even charged with any crime.
It’s a dangerous extension of the civil-forfeiture doctrine, a surreal legal fiction in which the seized property — not a person — is put on trial. This allows prosecutors to dispense with pesky constitutional rights, which conveniently don’t apply to inanimate objects. In this looking-glass world, the owner is effectively guilty until proved innocent and has the burden of proving otherwise. Anyone falsely accused will never see his property again unless he succeeds in an expensive uphill legal battle.
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