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1.          Rematch at Board of Appeals today -- we were turned down again in our request for a rehearing, therefore  . . . . 

2.          Join our appeal to the California Coastal Commission!    This is it!  If you haven't already, mail us your form NOW.

3.          Protest Rec and Park Policies - Join us at the Human Be-In in Golden Gate Park this weekend

4.          See recent and past press coverage - thanks to the SF Bay Guardian!

5.          Donate Today!   Credit Card or Check

6.          Status of CEQA lawsuit on the Environmental Impact Report.

1.          Board of Appeals hearing - rejected again.   The BOA has rejected our request for a rehearing.  So . . .


2.          Join our Appeal to the California Coastal Commission (CCC)!  

              This is it!  If you haven't already,  join us as co-appellants-- it easy, free, and involves no legal obligation! We have 100 people signed up - help us to make this 200!  The more folks who join the appeal, the better!  And a big "thank you" to all of you who have already sent in your forms!


Here's how to be a co-appellant (= someone who joins with others in an appeal):

1.       You and/or your organization and/or your friends and neighbors can be co-appellants both as individuals and as an organization.

2.       Appeals require an original signature.  Print out the attached signature page 4 pdf, sign, date, and add your printed name and address at the bottom.  We will collate all of your forms and submit them to the CCC as co-appellants.

3.       Mail the form to us, or drop it by 1243 42nd Avenue, SF. , CA  94122.

4.       We will have only 10 days once the City files its Final Notice.  Get your forms to us today!   

5.       You may also fill in your own 4-page form completely and mail it in.   To learn more, go to the CCC website.

6.        Note:  We will do our best to submit forms to the CCC by the due date, but we cannot guarantee delivery on time.   Stuff happens.  Appellants who are concerned about this, should submit the forms on their own.  See the California Coastal Commission website for more information on forms and due dates.


3.          Join us at the Human Be-In in Golden Gate Park  -

              Protest Rec and Park privatization and commercialization policies. 

This event was just announced.  We will try to have a display table -- we don't know the location yet, but if you want to join us, contact our volunteer coordinator or go to the Be-in Website for more information on locations.   The website is:

Here is the article from the SF Examiner:


4.          Our thanks to the SF Bay Guardian Press coverage:

The Park Bond Battle:  SF Bay Guardian:

Artificial turf project appealed as opponents decry use of kids as lobbyists:

Whose Park (November 2011)


5.          Donate today!    Help us to protect Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach.



Click here to donate by check


6.          Status of CEQA Lawsuit on the Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

Still up in the air!  Many of you have asked if we are filing a lawsuit regarding the EIR.  Our attorney has prepared a good case, however, funding both the CCC Appeal and the EIR lawsuit will require extensive resources.   Please donate today!


A view of Golden Gate Park from Lincoln and the Great Highway --  a beautiful view.  Let's keep it that way!
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