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Do you want Prop 37 to pass? YES to LABEL GMOs in California!

Dear Volunteers and Supporters,

We need your help. Desperately. We have less than 4 weeks until the election, and early voting has already started. We know everyone is busy, but we need ALL OF YOU to pitch is as we mount an epic fight against the $35 million from Monsanto, DuPont, Pepsi, Coke and others. You have probably seen the TV ads saying this proposition will raise food costs, result in endless lawsuits, etc. Their ads are full of lies, but they will change voters' minds unless we can reach them with the real facts.

So please, PLEASE join us for the final weeks of the campaign. 

Where we need the most help is at events - handing out literature, educating voters, etc. Here is a list of opportunities in the next few days:

    * Sat, 10/13 D5 Candidate Beer Fest (1-5pm):
    * Sat, 10/13 Ferry Building FM (8am-2pm):
    * Sat, 10/13 Precinct Walk in Potrero with Dem Club (anytime, get flyers Sat. morning):
    * Sun, 10/14 Frances Lappe / Jeffrey Smith Event (volunteers needed 12-1:30pm & 3-4pm):
    * Mon, 10/15 Sierra Club Speaking Event (6-9pm):

We also have visibility events coming up - what some refer to as "honk and wave" events, where we gather in small groups at busy intersections and hold up signs and try to get everyone passing by to show their support for prop 37 by honking, waving, ringing their bike bells, etc. We've set up two of these events so far, but would love to do more - if you want to host one at a busy intersection near you, let us know and we will get others to join you! Here are the dates - please join:

    * Tues, 10/16 World Food Day (5:30-6:30pm):
    * Wed, 10/24 National Food Day (5:30-6:30pm):

A few other simple ways to help out:

    * Host a house party and show a movie such as Genetic Roulette (FREE online this week:, The World According to Monsanto, or Future of Food
    * Download, print, and distribute flyers to your co-workers and friends, and hand them out on your lunch break:
    * Change your Facebook photo:
    * Get a yard or window sign! We have supplies of these in several areas of the city - email us with you location so we can help you figure out the best way to get one.
    * Join our group of letter-to-the-editor volunteers and be ready to write a letter when we get negative coverage (email us to learn more)
    * Educate yourself about the myths being spread by the "No on 37" campaign:
    * Donate a couple bucks to our efforts:

We need you...please don't wait any longer to get involved!

Many thanks in advance,
Liz and Frank



Liz Kroboth, San Francisco Regional Co-Coordinator
Frank Plughoff, San Francisco Regional Co-Coordinator
Label GMOs: Its Our Right To Know - An Initiative For The 2012 CA Ballot

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