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Mulungu Bark Mulungu Powder
Mulungu Bark and Powder-Several Erythrina tree species are used by indigenous peoples in the Amazon as medicines, insecticides, and fish poisons. Mulungu has long been used in Brazil by indigenous peoples as a natural sedative: it has been used to calm an overexcited nervous system and promote a res...

Mom went back on Restoril in October 2012 Because she had heard Melatonin was contraindicated for Diabetes. (actually only contraindicated for Juvenille Diabetes)
So mom was actually ON RESTORIL during her OCTOBER DECLINE and this may be a part of the puzzle.
I was sad to learn she was on it again, sought advice. Learned Melatonin was only contraindicated for Juvenille Diabetes. Told her.
Not sure what  dose/ or days she took.
Not sure whether she was taking 7.5 or 15 mg Restoril in October and not sure how many or which days in October she took it.

Ray asked mom to goto ER after 10/1 fall but mom did not want to. Ray suggests such a fall is a red flag and I agree.
PT Susan Holland + doctor said knee ok. xray said Hip ok. Pain did persist and that caused less mobility, perhaps less appetite. 
This While newly diagnosed as borderline diabetic therefore cutting some foods from diet. Therefore less calories? less energy?

Recovering from dehydration & changing meds often causes hallucinations, time & day distortion, & convincing beliefs they are even in a different location.  Even when she gets home she may believe her rioom is in a rest home disguised as her house.  I have seen this many times.  Just preparing you.   I will arrive home Sat. -J
- - - - -

Palliative care Team. 
Faith Health Better at home if BREATHE, take in Oxygen BEFORE getting up to walk around house. Bad idea to Hold BREATH during such moves. 
Vipassana     The Art of living Institute    Rx for BREATHING exercises.    Food Diet intake will be important for maintaining Kidney HEALTH.
Creatinine 2.7 Tues / 3.3 Mon.  like to see under 2 today. 1 is normal. Norco is safe for Kidney. Discussed that cause I want to ask about all her meds NOW.
Creatinine of 6 of 7 would indicate need for Dialysis Machine. So we are safe for now and far away from that.
Both for CALCIUM improvement 12.2 Weds/ 14 Tues/ 17.4 Mon and for Creatinine: most of the improvement is seen in the first 2 days therefore the LEVELS today will indicate the health of Kidney.
That is to say: The amount of RECOVERY in KIDNEY function, Calcium Level, Creatinine level we see now at 48 hours is indicative of the level of her expected recovery.
Palliative asked about her 30 lb weight loss. I said no she did not lose 30 lbs. Now we see Reason # 3? mom was worried. Yesterday she heard nurses outside her door about how crazy? odd? it was that she could lose 30 lbs in x days... so it turns out
she was not hearing things but rather there was an error in RECORDS and they were looking at a bad weight figure... sigh

Target under 150 Glucometer. Palliative Care says: You have no idea the #s we've seen in here. 135 at her age is FINE! 
Better for FAITH to have a target of being under 150 than to STRESS over readings of 135 which cause anxiety.

10/16/2012 05:40 Creatinine 2.76 Cal 13.3    k 3.3
10/17/2012 06:45 Creatinine 2.39 Cal 12.2    k 3.3

3:20pm Kezi Handoff to Jodi: Kezi admin O2 nose tube because Faith Delerium may be due to O2 low.   
Dr. Lau says hold off on Norco cause the narcotics can contribute to delerium. 

Faith Anxiety Timeline: A: Does not want to goto nursing home.
9/27 Glucometer. Anxiety about steps. Saw "how to" in Hospital but wanted them written down. Wrote down her own 15 steps on binder paper. Always wants my assist every Morning. Palliative says not to worry, just target under 150 Blood Sugar
10/1 Hurt knee in Bathroom? braced herself between Toilet and Grab Bar on Wall. Immediate anxiety that she had Broken her L Knee or dislocate L hip. Doctors and xrays said Knee and hip ok.
Pain did however persist in L knee and resulted in less mobility. Syndrome? Reduced Diet?
10/16 Rm 736 Anxiety or concern over nurses talking in hall about how she could not have lost 30 lbs in x weeks. 
   I told her they were probably talking about her. Turns out there was record error and she was down on paper as losing 30lbs or claiming to lose 30lbs. oops.
10/16 Rm 718 Anxiety over ROOM CHANGE @ 24 hours of admittance. Thought she was in Rest Home. Thought she'd been here more than 3 days.
10/17 Thought her Heart was beating too fast. Thought she was going to have a heart attack. Delerium. Does not like Monster Mash. Reports too much pain.    TV: I'm guessing some TV prog/plot has ideas in her head.

Ray phone call suggestions: 
Restoril / Tamazepam / Benzodiazepam withdrawal causes anxiety shaking. 
explore using valium to reduce anxiety now / help taper / soften withdrawal
Mom was on Restoril 30mg for 17 years From 1995 BREAST CANCER
I asked Dr. Fong if we could taper mom's meds after she fell Jan 2012.
Dr. Fong Reduced her Restoril to 15 mg in JAN 2012. 
Some months after that, either before or after she started Melatonin 5mg I encouraged mom to Half that dose again. So I would open the 15mg Restoril capsules and pour half into a glass she would drink that night, and she would put the half full capsule back on top row of her 28 section pillbox so she would know it was a half.

R for example puts all his supplements on his Prescription list so Hospital knows what he's taking.

115/55 67    96/97 spO2 w/ 3l O2 nose tube 
7pm wed mom back in bed resting after first bowel movement 
6pm Curry Chicken Dinner. Little appetite.
5:10 glucometer 96 
3:10pm   119 /62   73 pulse 
3 Pm Suppository Dulcolax. Upon Rolling to onto her L Hip Faith expresses pain.

2:45 pm wed Mom wakes and coughs a little. I ask if she'd like some water. She says ok so I give her some water. She says; "I don't like monster mash!"
I say: why don't you like monster mash? she says it's a mans thing. I ask where or who is making her watch monster mash. She says Disneyland.
I ask why she does not like monster mash. She says; "It's a man's thing."

1:19 pm wed Oxygen Administered via nose tubes cause mom shallow breathing Sp o2 89.
So I helped mom practice breathing while Kezi fetched Oxygen tube. Mom practiced breathing DEEPLY into her TUMMY and letting the oxygen stay in her belly for even just a couple of seconds. Feels Good. and let go
To slowly breathe deeply and relax. Just by doing this she raised her O2 from 91 / 92 to 93 / 94. Then with O2 tube to 96 /97 
BUT then dropped to 92 cause she was MOUTH breathing so Nose tube not working. So I asked her to close her mouth and breathe IN thru NOSE.
This WORKS! she raised from 92 back up to 97! Hooray!

1:02  wed Kezi Guvenilir offers Norco in 1 hour. Faith says L Shoulder still hurts but does not want Norco.
Kezi says DULCOMAX suppositori is better and acts now. Milk of Magnesia would take 8 hours.

- - - - - 

Pending: 650 299 4191 Debbie Smith Appointment Weds 11:30 am. Will also bring a Physical therapist and Social Worker.
Debbie will talk to mom to see about the possibility of being released, returning home on Thursday.
But when I tell mom about this she has anxiety. She is just so scared of being sent to a nursing home she is actually not on track in her mind for simple recovery and home release.
Mom is worrying herself into a great bother.
This plus she is still braeathing shallow. Is this a family thing? I have had to learn to breathe deeply myself, as I did not growing up.

I am concerned about her at home: I have been reminding her to breathe for YEARS, with limited success. NEED HELP inviting mom to BREATHE.
I am upset now that mom is a VICTIM of PHARMACEUTICAL industry DRUG PUSHING. I begged her for a DECADE to take less PILLS.
I would like to invite all relatives and friends to be supportive of MOM when she gets home in:

BREATHE (and relax) (please do NOT hold Breath when you are going to GET UP out of CHAIR into WALKER. That does NOT work.)
Eat whole FOODS
Take less PILLS
     she agreed yesterday to Dr. Lau's Rx of EAT more FOODS and TAKE LESS PILLS but this needs to STICK. PLEASE HELP!

Wed Oct 17 2012 10:20 am Dr. Lau Visit:
Calcium 12.2 (down from 14 Tuesday, Down from 17.4 Monday)
Fever Tues Eve.
Myeloma Type test NEG
Vit D normal
CefTRIaxONE  Antibiotic for Bladder infection has been administered via IV.
Dr. Lau understands that faith WANTS TO GO HOME. And is entertaining that POSSIBLITY tomorrow IF her bladder infection is gone, if her Calcium levels keep dropping, if her Kidney Function keeps improving, if she is feeling better and more able to move.

11:17 am nurse assist enters to say she does not yet have order for DULCOLAX suppository but will find DOC to ask.
Mom passed only 2 Walnut sized stools an hour ago which were hard therefore nurse wants to soften them up since it's been 5 days since last stool.
Mom was trying TOO? hard to pass on commode so nurse said not to try too hard. (Did not want her to have stroke? or probs when she was trying to swallow her Norco in Apple Sauce and Potassium)

11:00 am Blood Sugar 95

Wed Oct 17 10:32 am Norco 5/325 in Apple Sauce. Mom reports Pain is BAD. level (does NOT respond to question or state # level)
Shoulders hurt. "I am shaky right now" RN: "Are you cold" Yes. I don't feel good. RN: In what way: dizzy, short of breath: Mom: "I don't know".

Wed Oct 17 6:59 am Norco 5/325 

- - - - - 

Tues Oct 16 -     

9:00 pm blood sugar 94
8:10 pm    100/55   pulse 70

Late Afternoon Transfer from Rm 736 to Rm 718 per Ray's suggestion and because mom complained so much about NOISE from the "SPA" next door with 20 people coming and going. (adjacent bathroom with NOISY HIGH MAINTENANCE neighbor)
Again this was JODI FORBES RN who pulled this off and MOVED MOM. BUT:
Mom thought she'd been transfered into a Rest Home. Thought she'd been here more than 3 days :( so she was scared and upset.
I asked why she thought she was in a rest home. She said because she saw inside the closet door open and there was a man.
I showed her today's TUESDAY NewsPaper and told her she is still in Kaiser; pointed to the Kaiser poster on wall, that she'd only been here one day.
NEW room PHONE NUMBER 650 299 3422

4:05 PM Jodi Forbes RN enters. Vitals: 96.6'   114/54  pulse 68   Blood Sugar 101
3:14 pm RN Jodi takes over from Christine.
2:35 pm  Tues Oct 16 Erica Henry Occupational Therapist Rehab Svcs 
Vitals 2pm Tues Oct 16 116/58  61 Pulse   139     98.0'
12:22pm John Berdoulay PT arrives. 
Jodi Forbes RN is super HELPFUL sweet and a great MULTITASKER, bless her skills and aptitude! Michelle / Shelly in ER was FANTASTIC TOO!

- - - - -
11:20 tues am DR. Ernest LAU VISIT. Calcium TODAY is 14. Bladder infection but NOT a rip roaring one. Today's XRAY reveals NO problems. no Fluid in lung.
Dr. Lau Happy Calcium is better. Happy Kidney is better. May need to goto Rehab to get stronger since this has wiped her out.

HydrochloroThalizide (replaces Maxide) RETAINS Calcium in Body.
RX stop HydrochloroThalizide because it can cause kidney function problems as people get older. Complications can arise.
3 or 4 pills of CALCIUM per day Plus Milk Yogurt Cheese is TOO MUCH CALCIUM.
Beautiful that FAITH is OFF Tamezapan / restoril. Good move he says.
Going for more whole foods if you are eating right then you do not need supplements. 

If eating Yogurt then no need to take Acidophilus. Dr. LAU does NOT want mom to take so many pills.
Start Lasix Water Pill today (helps you excrete calcium too). 
Sent tests off yesterday. Goofy tests take longer. More common tests are done here and are faster.

Faith agrees we need to get rid of as many pills as possible.
Gland Tests may take a day or two. (goofy off site takes time)
Parathyroid and related Protein. Vit D back today or tomorrow. Vit A. 
Myeloma TEST = SPEP.

Dietary choices for Faith Rx Diabetic Cardiac. No MILK. 
Turkey sandwich lunch. Dinner CHICKEN MASALA.

11:32 am Tues 92 Blood. Glucose.

Tues Oct 16 10 am. Received 2nd Mobile xray. Xray Stomach said tech. Still waiting for Physical therapist to determine if she can stand for LATERAL XRAY.
Lateral XRAY from SIDE of LUNG will give better VIEW of WHAT is in her L Lung behind her heart. Looks like fluid on Intake Mobile Xray.
Blood Sugar 89 @ 7am?

10:44 am What mom thought was the SPA turns out to be the shared bath room. Her neighbor is HIGH MAINTENANCE. Requires much care and Showering.
Hard of Hearing? Cause Nurses SPEAK VERY LOUD to HER which irritates mom and interferes with her peace and quiet.
- - - - - 
Mom says she does not feel much of anything. Feeling very poorly. Weak. Leg twitchy. She can't do anything. Her arms hurt. She can't reach. She does not have the power. 
She received NORCO last night for leg pain.
I am asking Faith now if it would help or cheer her up to have phone calls here from friends and loved ones. But she says no.
I ask if that is because she feels too weak or unable to talk. I ask her if this is true. She says Both. I ask her if she has any questions for her sister or brother in Law.
She says no. I don't like this. I am scared and worried. I do not know how much better she should be at this stage of calcium flush / recovery / but
ok Christine is here with Breakfast at 9:50 am Eggs and Cheerios with milk. I ask if milk is ok as she is trying to flush Calcium. Christine says "It's on the chart."
Christine is going to get NORVASC / Amlodipine.
10:03 Tech arrives for Xray Lung L behind Heart small fluid build up
so I will send this email now.

Tues Oct 16 9 am I arrive at Kaiser. Moms voice still sounds drowsy or slow. She feels Drowsey. Feels she slept well till awaken at 7. But could not sleep after.
Mom says 7 am Male Kaiser Nurse Jerked her when turning her onto her side so he could wash her back. It hurt. She told him to stop.
He went to get a woman and she stayed on her right side. She pulled mom a little bit and mom told her to stop.
Faith's RIGHT ARM is Weak. Used to be only her LEFT ARM. Now both arms are weak.
Slept well till they woke her up for 7am. He said go back to sleep and she could not. they left the door open and lots of noise outside
Faith was COLD for 20 or 30 minutes after her sponge bath. He her on her right side, with little or no blanket.
There was someone talking the whole time. They put a thin blanket or a thin sheet.
they just walked by her door, like ghosts, as if she was asleep, would talk to receptionist, would walk by and goto SPA.
What mom calls SPA is just one of 4 rooms on this cul de sac of which she has the 2:00 Single. Perhaps there were some treatments in the rooms

9:25 am So I ask mom if she would be able to insert and remove ear plugs. To sleep better. Mom says She took them out this morning when they came in.
I said it was the Sleep Apnea machine she took off her face, not the earplugs. She has not used EarPlugs here. Therefore I am now worried that her mental state is NOT upto par. Sigh.
Ok so now I am VERY anxious to talk to doctor to learn more.
Has not had breakfast. 7am Mom asked What's for breakfast. They said Cream of wheat and something else. They said they'd have to check her charts. But they never came back. Just like Dinner was late last night mom says.
9:29 am. Mom says: "See that was loud." "I just hear a lot of noise". Next door in adjoining room with shared BathRoom Nurse is Talking in VERY LOUD voice to neighbor. Sad. Earplugs? Afraid earplugs would interfere with her ability to communicate... and she seems worried that they ignored her for 20/30 minutes anyway when she was cold after sponge bath.
9:37 am Nurse Christine Labagh enters. Asks if mom is HUNGRY. Mom says yes. Asked her what else avail besides Cream of Wheat. Christine says will check chart.
I told Christine Mom is on Diabetic Diet and Doctor is trying to flush Calcium from her blood.

- - - - -
Calcium Level TOO HIGH @ 17.4 when normal should be 8-10. Faith was normal at 10.3 in FEB 2012.
Faith is doing much better now, brain function has returned closer normal. Yet her body did still shake most of the day. She did not eat untill 8pm and felt cold.
ELEVATED Calcium level appears to be Culprit. Possibly Dehydration. Kidney function impaired. Calcium level suspected to hamper Kidney function.
Question remains what triggered this syndrome. Dehydration? Calcium levels. Which came first?

I discussed my concerns with DR. LK re: Faith's 10 Pharmaceuticals and their possible adverse affect on Kidney.
I informed that Dr. Fong advised us in JAN 2012 that Faith had been taking 30mg of Restoril Sleep Med since 1995 Breast cancer when that medication is not supposed to be taken past 14 DAYS!
Therefore Dr. Fong changed Prescription from 30mg to 15mg Jan? 2012. Then weeks later Mom and I split those 15mg pills in half into 7.5 mg capsules.
Then Faith stopped taking Restoril all together when she started taking Melatonin 5mg this SUMMER 2012 down to 3 mg Melatonin this fall. 
Now Faith takes No Sleeping pills and only RARLEY Melatonin. ie DIARY entry. 2012.08.12 FAITH STOPPED MELATONIN.

Due to my concern in part? of over medication Dr. LK decided in ER to PAUSE the following meds for FAITH:
Lisinopril for Prinivil/Zestril (ACE) 5mg cholesterol med 100 tabs 1 daily
Indomethacin 75 MG SA Caps for Indocin SR 200 caps  2 x a day (every 12 hrs) for PAIN
Oxybutynin for Ditropan 5 mg 100 tabs 1 to 2 a day as needed for incontinance. CAN CAUSE BLADDER NOT TO EMPTY. Can hence affect KIDNEY.

Therefore Dr. LK is allowing faith to continue these meds? while admitted to Kaiser for TREATMENT of her condition;
Hydrochlorothiazide (replaces Maxide) 25 mg. WTF is that? Sounds like Thorazine? ick? 100 tabs 1 daily
Lovastatin 40 mg (for Mevacor) 100 tabs 1 w/ evening meal
Gabapentin 300 mg for Nerontin (for Neuropathy in toes)(Faith takes 6 pills a day)(2 pills moring. 2 pills aftn? 2 pills Night)
amlodipine for Norvasc 10 mg 100 tabs 1 day
lumigan eye drops (green cap) were changed to another eye drop with Purple cap by her eye doctor for good reason.
Now tonight the nurse was again using the OLD green cap Lumigen but I did not say anything cause it's just 3 days? and mom needs her sleep...
Temazepam 7.5 mg 1 late eve ( this is the SLEEPING PILL RESTORIL)(anyway this is still on her meds list)(need to be sure it stays off)

Gabapentin, Centrum Vitamin, Omega 3, Indocin, Amlodipine, oxybutin, hydrochlorothiazide, lisonpril

The Preceding meds per Faith DOCUMENT entitled: PRESCRIPTIONS taken by Faith Munson as of August 16, 2012 revised from Feb 3 2012.

Admitted by Dr. Lorin Kreitzer, D.O. 650 299 3029

    HIGHLIGHTS of her SYMPTOMS: anecdotes:

Faith's Mind Clearing up quickly in ER as she tells nurse Cortizone shot worked for shoulder in June but not on Aug 16. Hooray Faith's sharp mind is back! :)

2012.10.15 1:30pm at KAISER. I asked mom whether this printout of Medication is current, she responds with:
"It's Comcast now it is no longer AT&T" therefore her mind is having TROUBLE.

She had a very similar response after I called 911 from Home at Noon: saying the BILLING for the ambulance wasn't Comcast it was AT&T.
She overheard my phone call to 911 dispatch where I was giving address and or phone number and after I hung up she said the above statement.


2pm Mon Oct 15 2012. Dr. Sunil Bhopale in ER 2:15 pm 142/82 (97) Pulse 66 
4pm Start 2nd IV Maintenance soln @ W/O Wide Open to flush Calcium.
.9 Creatanine upto 3.3 = TOO HIGH. Kidney Function in question. Calcium  17.4. Should be 8 to 10.
IV:  Sodium Chloride USP 0.9 g PH Adjusted w / HCL NF PH 5.6 4.5-7 Calcium Osmolarity 310m Osmol / liter
4:10 pm Lorin Kreitzer, D.O. responds to my Restoril question by saying as kidney becomes full Restoril acts like a higher dose. 
Elevated Calcium so Need to CHECK: A: Calcium... B: Parathyroid C: Vit D.
New MED: Pomidrinate to Help move Calcium from Blood into Bones.
Mobile Xray of Faith's chest not to clear yet appears show small fluid buildup in Faith's lung behind heart. Yet Faith does NOT exhibit any other Pneumonia Symptoms.
Will Xray again downstairs Tuesday morning for Clearer pic to Determine if that is Fluid in Lung. Will take LATERAL Xray.
Rm 736 @ 5:42 PM 154/ 67   First URINE sample in BedPan FAILED as mom released over a liter? and it spilled all over bed and gown.
Not sure why sample was aborted. But TIME was too long since 2nd IV start therefore Bladder was too full. Nurse said urine "splattered" and did not want to use bed sample sample.
Wanted to insert Catheter instead and use that sample. Installed Catheter. Gained Sample. 

9:03 pm 153 Blood Sugar after Sliced Turkey Breast in Gravy dinner. 97.9' 143/65 pulse 62 SpO2 94 

Dr. Lorin Kreitzer alerts us to his belief that we have indicated NO CPR. NO NO NO we said! We do want CPR! if situation arises! 
Dr. LK believes clause 3 is BROAD saying: "any other means". YET Nurse Deanne helped us look more at document and Dr. LK seemed not to have kept reading same sentence which continues with the words
any other means for which the COSTS seem to outweigh the potential benefits. THEREFORE I do not take that sentence to rule out CPR.

Monday am Faith tried to use TELEPHONE to change TV channel. (reverse of yesterday's mix up) 

- - - - - from previous email

2012 Faith Elizabeth Munson Kaiser RWC

2012.10.14 Sunday 11pm sitting on toilet did not realize that she was in fact sitting on toilet and that it is ok to pee now.
2012.10.14 8pm scribbles. can not write. illegible
2012.10.14 7pm Forgot how to Read TV channel Display on Cable Tuner "702". Tried to use Telephone to change channel. Told her it's phone. handed her Remote to R hand. Still used phone.
2012.10.14 Dizzy. Weak. Nausea upon waking. Little desire to eat. Wheelchair to bathroom. Did not feel up to walker. Hand dexterity poor trouble squeezing toothpaste. Could NOT squeeze toothpaste out of tube.
Decreased muscle strength in arm. Cannot put phone back on hook partly due to bed pillow Position. Not able to move very well.
Hand shakes when eat. Hand weak.
Apnea Headgear is Backwards. Unsure how to assemble correctly. Not able to assemble.

2012.10.13 Saturday Left leg limp and dangling. L Leg in the way as she transfered from Wheelchair to Toilet.
asked Tom for bottle with green cap. But her Eye drops have had a purple cap for 2 months so her memory was asking for the OLD BOTTLE CAP COLOR she'd been using a year.
Needed visual cues When Being Driven to Kaiser Eye Apoint. Proper venue Maple. She said Oak. She WAS able to recognize and enter bldg upon arrival.
2012.10.13 Happy that Tom was to bring SUBWAY chicken sandwich yet only wanted to eat 2 BITES.
2012.10.13 "What are we doing?" she asks While sitting with her toothbrush supplies in front of her. Therefore the VISUAL CUES were not sufficient.

2012.10.11 Thursday Tom drove mom to Kaiser. Mom forgot appoint was delayed 1 week. Failed to file pink paper note in good place as reminder.
Last Week or so. Lips Dry. Parched. Need few ounces of water to stop it.
10.03 Susan Holland PT RX Exercise Core. Low Back. Quads. Shoulders. physical complaints: L Shoulder Crunchy. Toe Neuropathy. Fam Hist Dad + 2 Siblings.
Crunchy SPINE. Vertebrae snap crackle pop when she walks. Thorasic / Lumbar.
10.02 L Leg on Fire from Hip to knee. Felt Hot and Stinging.
10.01 Bent L Knee funny position between toilet and HandiCap Grab Bar in squat when she lost stability. 
L Knee now makes noise. Dr. Fong + Susan Holland observed knee and are aware of that complaint.

09.27 Julia Fong MD 109/55    pulse 71    97.8'     216 lb
09.27 Julia Fong MD           09.27 Roving PT Telephone Consult
09.26 Glucose O Meter Instruct Rendon, Maricela ( C H E )
09.20 APPROX DATE  switched from 5mg Melatonin to 3mg. Rarely takes Melatonin nowadays.

August and September still taking RESTORIL ie Burning Man. STRONG ANXIOLYTIC. Whereas Vicodin Norco are Anxiolytic.

08.16 92/69 81 98.2' 223lb 94%
08.16 Julia Fong MD Ordered Glucosometer.  08.16 Julia Fong Administered Cortisone Shot to R Shoulder. This did not relieve her pain. Whereas JUNE shot did.

08.12 STOPPED Melatonin 

Jan 2012 Fell Down in front of Fireplace. went to Kaiser. Xrays. No Dislocation. Released.

Wed Feb 29 2012 Mom exercise bike 2 x / wk 5 Mins.
- - - - - 
2011 DIARY entries:
Sun Dec 11 2011 DIZZY Stayed in Car while Tom shopped at SafeWay.
2011.11 DIZZY so Mom switched to 2 parts H20 1 part Cranbery. then 4 parts H20: 1 Part Cranberry. A la Dr. Julia Fong advice.

2006 Dec L hip Surgery. 
2007 Jan L hip Staph Infection. Hip Out. Temp Hip In. Antibiotics. Diarrea 
2007 Jan Feb Apr Hematomas + scar reductions. Falls, dislocations. 11 Surgeries total. Atrophy, weight LOSS. from 240 down to 200 back upto 215 this year.

lack of will or motivation

2007 Walked around Lake 1 day and stood up straight walked briskly and healthfully, holding cane but not using :) Without Slumping forward.
Therefore I asked and offered and suggested more walks around LAKE for YEARS. But she did not want to.
I believed she was putting it off or avoiding. Today 2012 she says it was because she felt weak or in pain did not have energy.

2012 No followthrough on keeping Diary. Though we discussed keeping daily diary of FOOD INTAKE and reports of strength/ physical SYMPTOMS.

Also month long bouts of NOT using Exercise Bicycle.

Food for Diabetes? Liquid food when can not eat solids.  Need Dietician. Wants to eat at regular hours. every 4? every 6?
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.