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The ticking time bomb in our food supply   15 min. video
Are we really giving the people who brought us
Agent Orange, DDT, and PCBs, control over our food
Yes we are - and we better wake up.

It's In Your Food: GMO - Your Right to Know Forum
with Jeffrey Smith (full version)
or      39 min.
Action to label GMOs at:
Share this, especially with voters in CA who can vote
for Prop 37 to have food with GMO ingredients labeled.

A victory in California on Yes on 37 will make GMO
labeling a possibility all across the U.S. Monsanto
has spent $7.1 million to defeat Proposition 37.
Chip in to help get it passed at:

Tell the USDA, Monsanto and Dow Chemical,
NO More Rubberstamps on GMOs!

Genetically Engineered Foods/Tell FDA to Label

Millions Against Monsanto
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.