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Video: 40 Facts You Need To Know About This Government Before You Vote. Complements Of Snoopes!  

Top news: 'Dark money' corrupts elections, 'banksters' sued for $43 trillion, top banker vindicates Occupy movement. Read the news that should have been headlines. Take care. V for Vendetta: The Revolutionary Speech (HD) 

Ron Paul: FEMA Causes More Harm than Good - FBN's Stossel 11/02/2012 Mossad Doing the Bombing for the 'Free' Syrian Army -- Again Exposed as Terrorists 
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Another Piece of the Benghazi Puzzle
Description: cid:part2.01040705.04000509@er ols.comOur first clue came as early as 15 September 2012, when CNN reported that murdered State Department information management officer, Sean Smith, who was an avid online gamer, posted on a gaming site that he’d seen Libyan police taking photos of the Benghazi mission.

David Icke - October 12th 2012   A really godd listen, here!

Ron Paul: FEMA Causes More Harm than Good - FBN's Stossel 11/02/2012

REPORT: United Nations Seeks New 'GLOBAL' Tax
Completely ridiculous.
Give this 2 minutes and hear the list of taxes planned by the U.N.
Excellent discussion.  Neil Cavuto with former U.K. Parliament member John Browne, (now U.S. citizen and political truth teller) on Sep. 28.

The First 12 Hours of a US Dollar Collapse
Unfortunately, NY and NJ residents are currently experiencing collapse-type scenarios as large portions of Manhattan and New Jersey have now been without electricity, gasoline, heat, and available food and water for nearly a week. Should a long-anticipated US dollar collapse ever materialize, the rest of the nation will likely experience very similar disruptions in the supply chain as the East Coast is currently experiencing.
The time to prepare is NOW. To that end, we thought it was apropos to bring back this video documenting the likely chain of events during the first 12 hours of a US dollar collapse.

Without Electricity, New Yorkers on Food Stamps Can’t Pay for Food
It’s been more than three days since power went out in many parts of New York City, including the Lower East Side where multi-story public housing complexes like the La Guardia Houses don’t have electricity, heat or water.

Antidepressant drugs cause miscarriages, birth defects and more
If you are a pregnant woman, stop taking deadly antidepressant drugs!
New science reveals that they cause birth defects, miscarriages and pregnancy complications.
The drug companies are using pregnant women as a "chemical dumping ground" to sell their toxic chemicals. Here's the new warning:

Food Stamp Growth 75X Greater than Job Creation November 3, 2012
With the latest jobs report, it is now the case that “Under Obama, Food Stamp Growth [Is] 75 Times Greater Than Job Creation,” according to statistics compiled by the Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee. “For Every Person Added to Jobs Rolls Since January 2009, 75 People Added To Food Stamp Rolls.”

9/11 Total Proof: Bailed-out Bankster's Inside Connections
Interesting 15 minute new movie about 911 and Banksters. Give it a watch and download before it disappears.

A list of some of the most egregious lies and broken promises by this President 

Talmudist Jews Control News and editorial Policies of Mass Media
As a result of that condition in the United States, for approximately the past fifty years the grass root population of the United States has only read, heard and seen what passed Zionist censorship and best served Zionist objectives, instead of reading, hearing and seeing what best served the interests of the grass roots population of the United States.
The Issue that Dwarfs All Other Issues
By Benjamin Freedman, Jewish Conspirator Emeritus

poor woman asked me to guess her age on Halloween
I said 32 and she was shocked and offended. She said 22.
I'd walked away feeling bad. WALKED RIGHT BACK and said:
CIGARETTES added 10 years to your face. That's what threw me off.
I said it was the wrinkles around her eyes. She claimed not to have wrinkles. CIGs also cause you to go into DENIAL? JEEZ don't SMOKE!
SORRY for the HONESTY. but you guilt tripped me. YOUR GAME your IDEA. 
Oh wait, now I get it. She was embodying SPOOKY! SCARY! 
Please tell the young ones. WARN them CIGs WRINKLE your FACE.
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'It's like the Wild West': Lawlessness and fear take over the outer boroughs as they enter sixth day without power.

2012 Ballot Measure Positions | ACLU of Northern California

Peak (conventional) Natural Gas in the US was 1973.
The new bump in production is from fracking of shale rock.  That bubble is peaking now.
Gas Bubble Leaking, About to Burst
plus, I have uploaded a few new videos:
I had the "good" fortune of being downtown for a conference the day of the SF Giants World Series parade - the day Verizon said they would do everyone a favor and up the output of their cell phone towers.... The Hotel Nikko videos show the impact - it was like being in a slow-cook microwave. Jeromy

Growing concern about the long-term effects of chemical exposure on our children
By ERIN ELLIS, Vancouver Sun November 2, 2012 
Romania: 33 bankers and officials detained
BUCHAREST, Romania — Prosecutors on Friday detained 33 government officials and bankers on suspicion of money laundering and fraud that cost Romania (EURO)22 million ($28.5 million).

WELCOME TO CAMP FEMA, where dependency is the way of life! As society unravels in wake of Sandy, politicians endorse more power for FEMA -

What Hurricane Sandy Reveals About the Future of Preparedness This image capture is from some empty shelves in NY area.

November Zombie Issue INFOWARS Magazine is here! 
Download PDF:
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Signup to get it automatically e-mailed to you Mobile FEMA Unit Dispatched to Log Disaster Victims into ‘the System’

Romanian prosecutors detain 33 bankers and officials in $28.5 million suspected banking fraud
Prosecutors have detained 33 bankers and government officials on suspicion of money laundering and fraud that cost the state €22 million ($28.5 million).

Cause of Hurricane Sandy - Lakoff
There's 10 times the profit in cleaning up after disasters, then there is
in the times of the best economic prosperity. Those who already have the
most bank on this.
Some people think global warming is an accident, due to willful ignorance,
but Damage Control/Repair/Salvage/Insurance companies and International
Bankers found this was very very lucrative in the late 1940's and a lot of
business/political policy is built right around this. Much of the
'Corporate Profits are banked, losses are Socialized' phenomenon, works
hand and hand in this.
It is hard to create mega disasters, but global warming has the chance to
eliminate those who do not contribute to a corporate bottom line, while
getting more out of those who can still work. I first came across this
business plan, roughly laid out, in Business school about 1974. If you
think it is insane and a really bad idea for the people, think about how
it would be profitable, and it will be run for profits, not what is good
for you and I.
Go ahead, take any 10 year period in the last 50 years and show me how
sensible government operates for the common man, and I can show you that
all the profit goes to the corporations, paid for by the common man.    Scott
--- Here is a Common Dreams article by Lakoff that expands upon his TV
appearance last night about systemic causation.  I think it's pretty
clear, although not so concise as his TV explanation.  Some comments from
the usual Lakoff haters are interesting.  Every Truthout article or Common
Dreams article from him seems to bring out the right wing crazies.
George Lakoff: Yes, Global Warming Systemically Caused Hurricane Sandy

Man With Evidence That Underwear Bomber Was False Flag Operation Is Running For U.S. Congress Germany to the Fed: We Demand to See Our Gold!
Incredible update and new evidence. Read it and weep for the innocent victims suffering today.
Original expose:

RFID Chip will poison and kill you if you disobey! IMPORTANT WARNING MAKE VIRAL! - YouTube
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