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Video - tru tv - Secret Space Program - Life on Mars - Free energy
Shadow Ops Pilot - The Mars Project
or   59 min.
Brian O'Leary was selected to be on the first flight on
the manned mission to Mars in 1967.  When the mission
was abruptly canceled the following year, he quit and
moved to South America.  The civilization that was once
on Mars, was wiped out.  There was water there, dried up
river beds and lakes. We may be looking at our own future,
by looking at Mars.  O'Leary left the U.S. because he has
had a history of being threatened.  Reports suggest that we
have traveled to Mars, but haven't been told about it. 
According to David Wilcock there are ancient underground
bases on Mars and Mars was once like the earth. 
Andrew Bisagio discusses experiments in teleportation
that started in 1967.
Robert (Bob) Dean, a former Army Command Sergeant
Major, with NATO's highest security level, Cosmic Top
Secret, confirms that there has been an extraterrestrial
presence on Mars for a 100,000 years.  We have had infinite
energy for nothing for years. The shadow government, which
is totally separate and beyond everything that goes on in
Washington, is sitting on this technology.

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