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Modifying organisms is a way of modifying the world. The scientific, business and

political communities are organized to cross engineer that which is natural also known

as genetically modify. There are six companies on the planet involved in genetic

engineering and 90% are controlled by Monsanto. Currently all soy is GM and is

included in almost all processed foods including baby and dog food. The gamble is if

natural creation such as humans, animals, insects, soil and plants will be able to adapt

or simply perish? The news has recently reported the latest victims of the GM squad;

coffee and cow’s milk. Instead of processing coffee beans after harvesting to

decaffeinate them, they are genetically modifying the beans to be decaffeinated from the

start. Children allergic to cow’s milk have been growing in numbers they have cloned a

cow (without a tail) to make GM milk without the allergens in it. Why the push to produce

GM foods? We are told the GM crops with built-in pesticides will obliterate starvation

from the planet. Scientists have exposed that to be false.


Research from Canada published in the journal of Biological Psychiatry found that

proteins can modify DNA and affect your mood. The Canadian study wanted to find out

why depressed individuals commit suicide and found that protein chemicals in the brain

can modify mood called epigenomic regulation.

What do you suppose will happen to humans who consume lettuce spiced with spider

DNA? We are told the lettuce will provide more vitamin C with spider DNA in it. Tomato

is spliced with fish genes to make them more resistant to cold and won’t freeze. With

food modification changing nutrition and protein we have to ask what kind of impact will

that have on the 40,0000 genes in each human cell? Chemical modification in the brain

or other areas of the body may be difficult or impossible to reverse. The Alliance for

Natural Health reports that genetically engineered food becomes part of the bacteria in

the human digestive tract. So, if Monsanto is altering seeds for crops to grow producing

their own insecticides and pesticides; then these organisms will become part of the

human gut and produce these chemicals continuously. Even after stopping the

consumption of GM foods, these proteins are already deposited. This was based on a

limited human study using GM soy



The Institute for Responsible Technology reports that the genetic engineering process

causes “massive collateral damage” throughout the plant’s DNA. Think about what the

scientists are doing. They are taking God’s copyright and modifying it to take possession.

Not a good idea to steel from God. The process of modifying genes will delete or

permanently turn off or on proteins creating hundreds of changes. Inserting a foreign

gene can damage or rearrange proteins and trigger allergies or promote diseases such

as cancer. Remember the recent two-year French study feeding rats Monsanto’s corn

and they grew massive cancerous tumors and died young


. The problem having GM genes living and reproducing inside our gut is

it can create more antibiotic-resistant diseases. The Bt toxins in GM foods making them

pesticide factories can make us pesticide factories as well and penetrate our

bloodstream (93%) and also the unborn babies (80%). Don’t forget the Canadian study I

just mentioned because there is great concern in the scientific community that GM foods

will alter our human DNA and brain chemicals causing more people to become


schizophrenic or have various mood disorders. There is also the concern that the GM

foods will exacerbate this problem in people already diagnosed with emotional disorders.

There is also the concern that GM foods will promote leaky gut syndrome making us

susceptible to various diseases.


Allergies are on the rise in the US and spiked by 50% with the introduction of GM soy in

the UK. Nothing was done. In 1989 Japan had an outbreak of eosinophilia-myalgia

syndrome which was traced to a Japanese company which produced a tryptophan

supplement using their genetically engineered bacteria. You need to steer clear of GM

bacteria, especially in the new generation of yogurt. Your herbal products have stricter

purity standards than the genetically engineered products. One of the first scientists to

speak out against genetic engineering is the late George Wald.

“Recombinant DNA technology (genetic engineering) faces our society with

problems unprecedented, not only in the history of science, but of life on the

Earth. Now whole new proteins will be transposed overnight into wholly new

associations, with consequences no one can foretell, either for the host organism

or their neighbors. For going ahead in this direction may not only be unwise but

dangerous. Potentially, it could breed new animal and plant diseases, new

sources of cancer and novel epidemics.” George Wald, Nobel Laureate in

Medicine or Physiology 1967


Some scientists have been sounding the alarm and paying the price. Biochemist Arpad

Pusztai worked in the field of genetic engineering at Scotland’s Rowett Research

Institute. He worked on the GM potato pumped full of Bt toxin. He and his team

discovered that what they were told about the expected outcome was in direct conflict to

their results. The GM potato caused severe health damage in lab rats. They released the

information to the news networks and paid the unemployment price for betraying their

industry and government-backed sponsors. Some of the changes Pusztai noted in the

lab animals were; shrinking kidneys, changes in liver, spleen and malignant tissues,

hemorrhages in kidneys and intestine. Brain function was also altered affecting memory

and learning. Researchers in Egypt also corroborated Pusztai’s findings involving GM

soy, corn, wheat and canola


The GM food industry is designed solely to establish a new food source in order to

control the masses through food. The intent is to phase out the organic food source

making it as illegal as marijuana. You see precursors of this with certain townships

across American implementing laws outlawing organic gardening. These laws are

communicated as to protect the public from salmonella. The Chemtrail phenomenon has

been said to control the weather. If that can be accomplished; control the rain to fall only

on areas with compliant with GM crops or make the rain suitable only for GM crops and

toxic to organic, then you could control masses of people through food and water. I will

be interviewing environmental safety and health expert Therese Aigner on Herb Talk

Saturday 10/27/12 at 7 am on GCN about this topic. If you miss the live broadcast,

check the archives later for this show.
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