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Cell phones turn enzymes into jelly, may explain how they cause brain damage


Breaking News:  Syria Has Gone "Dark"
In Syria, Internet and Main Airport Shut Down
Blasts kill 54 near Damascus, 2nd warplane downed
Syria strains the semantics of civil war


Dalai Lama promotes vegetarianism on first ever World Compassion Day


CIA Plane crash lands with 4 tonnes of Cocaine on board.
CIA says it was confiscated but failed to provide sources of where or who the drugs came from.

Stop NDAA:

People Against the NDAA:

NDAA: Liberty Preservation Act Tracking:

Google NDAA - HR 347 - & HR 6566 PLEASE if you dont already know. 

HR 347

HR 6566


internet vs UN


Download GMO LABELS    or   

Label It Yourself 
HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN LABELS1. Download image templatehere2. Print out labels on 1.5″ x 1.5″ print-to-the-edge square label sheets.If you want bigger labels see below for 2′x2′ label template .(you can find label sheets  at any office supply store)3. GMO- identification guidelines can be downloaded... or JUMP in SAFEWAY and VONS GMO DUMPSTERS and PRINT SHOP DUMPSTERS to get THOUSANDS of BLANK Sticker Sheets! Trade or search Craigslist or just use Wallpaper, Contact Paper, etc. Stationary supplies or make stickers with your own adhesive. GET CREATIVE.
I HAVE STICKERS NOW. BLANKS. 1,000 s of them! :) need high volume print help. The stock I have are precut in differing sizes 2 x 3 etc. So I will need different image sizes to throw down on the sheets which are slightly larger than 8.5 x 11 sticker stock. So if you have high volume printer access, I have blanks. SUPER FUN!

ECON $ Dollar Collapse Cracks in the Housing Market. Stats are similar to 2005 BUBBLE cause scared investors are dumping the $ the FED is PRINTING out of THIN AIR into the HOUSING bubble the FED is creating via the SMOKING RED HOT PRINTING PRESS


"STOP AND FRISK WATCH" is an app that allows you to put your phone into a record mode, and then by simply shaking the phone, the video gets sent to a legal team. Keep police accountable by documenting their activities.

No police state indeed. They are there to serve and protect indeed. Some people will not believe until it is a member of their family who is brutalised at the hands of these animals. 
Nurse gets body slammed twice by LAPD and once while she is in hand cuffs after which the enforcers touch fists to celebrate their cowardice.

Iceland's economy recovered from the financial crisis better than most because the government bailed out the people and jailed the bank criminals. 
SHARE if America should try the Iceland solution.

U.S. overseeing a mysterious construction project in Israel 
COLUMN | What’s the purpose of Site 911, a $100 million underground complex? 
(The Washington Post)

As a White House language interpreter, I saw many things that few people ever see. To read about some of the fascinating experiences I had in secret, high-level meetings, click below. And have a great weekend!
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