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42 Questions You Will Not Hear Asked About The Dark Knight Movie Massacre
by Kazi Kearse
Because someone needs to look into this …and since the main stream media will not even ask the questions…

I watch news report after news report, and the question is never raised. The question being; “what really happened “…??? I know, they say that a single gunman planned, financed, and executed this entire operation by himself. I however I have 21 questions that I would like answers to.

Batman… Obama… Anybody… Please, SOMEONE answer them for me, and the American people:

James Holmes, the Aurora, Colorado shooter who reportedly opened fire at a Batman movie premiere, was a medical student at the University of Colorado, pursuing a PhD in neuroscience, reports ABC News.

I am a therapist, and counselor by trade. I have a doctorate in psychology, and I have been counseling people for many years. I am paid to understand their psyches and see behind the untruths, and lies they try to tell me, and themselves. I would say I’m considered pretty good at it …I can tell you that there are MASSIVE inconsistencies and out right contradictions in the story presented for us about this tragedy!

I will lay out the questions for you, and you let you decide the answers….


There is a principle of philosophy and science called “Occum’s Razor”, which basically says that when deciding between two possibilities, the one which is simplest or requires the least amount of assumptions, is most likely the true explanation. Well, under this practice what they are telling us about his past and present is not making sense psychologically…. That is unless there was some other intervention at work… aka Mind Control.

I know, I know, mind control sounds woo woo… Except for the FACT THAT HE WORKED ON MIND CONTROL RESEARCH… Before he lost his job, became unemployed, and supposedly went on this downward spiral.

Mind control victims are sought out and developed. Sleeper Assassins are mind control victims that may seem normal, but can be “activated” when needed, and made to do a task, often with no memory of it, or massively confused about what happened. Such an activation could have been deemed necessary when they ( the power structure in this country ) realized that their UN “Gun Ban” Treaty was in serious trouble in the senate.
These people are very evil, and unfortunately history has shown that the sacrifice of a dozen movie goers and this young man’s mind, are collateral damage they are willing to accept, for their goal of world domination. Which the control and eventual banning of guns, is a vital step for them.

Videos about Mind Control:

Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory: Mind Control / Sleeper Assassins


He wasn’t making much money while he was in school. When he dropped out of school he became unemployed. How could he afford the massive amount of high tech weapons and equipment that we see used during this event? It’s estimated to be over $20,000!
Except for his previous work in the college lab, his only othe work experience is as a camp counselor for troubled children.

He spent some time with the Occupy movement in the area, but mostly his friends say he spent his time on the computer and in role play games. The police / government say he had no Facebook or Twitter accounts… but if he was online that much, that would be very unlikely…

The records that they whipped up for us about him show him having all the equipment and materials mailed to his work address… But that does not seem likely… Unless more people are in on it… Would have been too many eyes..


There are many reasons to believe he either had help with the shootings that night, or may even be a complete patsy…drugged up and left in the car….

Eyewitnesses say there were more than one shooter…

“As I was sitting down to get my seat, I noticed that a person came up to the front row, the front right, sat down, and as credits were going, it looked like he got a phone call. He went out toward the emergency exit doorway, which I thought was unusual to take a phone call. And it seemed like he probably pried it open, or probably did not let it latch all the way. As soon as the movie started, somebody came in, all black, gas mask, armor, and threw a gas can into the audience, and it went off, and then there were gunshots that took place.”

The rear doors are alarmed and only open out. If he, or a normal accomplice tried to open the doors a silent alarm would have gone off in the office, and help would have arrived much sooner. In fact in the scenario of him walking out, changing outside, and coming back in, becomes implausible.


James Holmes may have played a lot of role playing games online, but he can’t be in two places at the same time…


From gas canisters in the movie theatre to mortars in the apartment, rigged with exotic booby traps… This could not have gone off so flawlessly without pros helping him. Who taught him how to use the guns and equipment? Where would he have practiced ?

Beginning to sound like the story of 19 Saudis with box cutters taking over 4 commercial airliners and flying them into buildings…?????



(CNN) -- James E. Holmes is described by those who know him as a doctoral student who is clean-cut, quiet and responsible, an image difficult to reconcile with the same man who police allege opened fire in a crowded movie theater.
Days after the 24-year-old was arrested on suspicion of a mass shooting at the Century 16 multiplex in Aurora, Colorado, the portrait of Holmes that is emerging is as limited as it is confusing.
Pictures obtained of Holmes show a bright-eyed young man, who is tall with dark hair, which contrasts the description of the man by a law enforcement official who said he dyed his hair red and identified himself as "the Joker" to authorities after he was arrested early Friday morning for allegedly shooting people during a screening of the new Batman movie.


Where is the security footage from the rear of the movie theatre..???? Surely we would be able to see the suspect leave out the back doors, change into his gear he had in the car, and then re- enter through the rear doors fully strapped…

Or does it show an advanced black opp person / persons being let in, and the patsy being placed in the car ???? Perhaps the footage is in the same place as the footage from the pentagon 9/11 cameras which were removed and never shown to the families, or public…


Remember, he lived in an apartment. With one exit


It seems that the only major drill simulating the massacre of people in a movie theatre was being held IN THE NEIGHBORING TOWN on the day of the actual massacre in Aurora, Colorado. Emergency specialist physicians from Parkland Hospital in Dallas as well as from several other emergency programs around the country are teaching the Advanced Disaster Life Support Training. Rocky Vista is the only medical school in the nation to make that training a part of the curriculum. Read more: Real life shooting imitates training exercise at Parker medical school - The Denver Post


Even wrote about this quite extensively, warning readers about the coming gun confiscation effort related to the UN treaty. The story was authored by Larry Bell ( and says the UN treaty could "override our national sovereignty, and in the process, provide license for the federal government to assert preemptive powers over state regulatory powers guaranteed by the Tenth Amendment in addition to our Second Amendment rights." 


From Natural News:.... By all accounts, Holmes is a bright student. He entered the University of California, Riverside, in 2006 as a scholarship student and graduated with highest honors with a bachelor's degree in neuroscience in 2010.
"Academically, he was at the top of the top," Chancellor Timothy P. White said.
UC Riverside police have no record of any contact with Holmes, the university said.
Neither did police at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, where Holmes enrolled in 2011 as a doctoral candidate in its neuroscience program at the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, university officials said in a statement released Sunday.
In fact, the sole contact authorities in Colorado appeared to have had with Holmes was a speeding summons in 2011, according to Aurora police.

The police chief has declined to release details about a possible motive or Holmes' appearance at the time of his arrest, citing an ongoing investigation. But he did say Holmes purchased four weapons and more than 6,000 rounds of ammunition in recent months.
Police: Evidence of 'calculation and deliberation' in Colorado theater shooting
Police allege Holmes was dressed in black, wearing a ballistic helmet, a tactical ballistic vest, protective leggings, a throat and groin protector and a gas mask during the attack. Witnesses to the shooting say because the gunman wore a gas mask, they did not see his face.
Theater shooting unfolds in real time on social media
It's a profile that contrasts with news that Holmes worked as a counselor at a summer camp for needy children in 2008.
Camp Max Straus caters to needy children ages 7-14, and is run by Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles, which confirmed his employment but would not offer further details or comment.
The man who grew up in the upscale northwest San Diego neighborhood of Rancho Peñasquitos was renting an apartment on in Aurora, according to police and realty records.
Tom Mai, a neighbor of the Holmes family in San Diego, described Holmes as "clean-cut, quiet, responsible."
At the time of his arrest, Holmes was living in a small, three story brick building on Paris Street in Aurora, in Apartment 10, within walking distance to the university.
"Neighbors report he lived alone and he kept to himself," Oates said.
A neighbor who lives one floor below Holmes' third-floor apartment, Tori Lynn Everhart, described the apartments this way: "It's not like true ghetto. It's not the safest neighborhood, but it's definitely improving."
Jackie Mitchell, who lives close to Holmes, had a beer with him on Tuesday.
Mitchell was stunned at news of Holmes' alleged involvement in the attack.
"You would never guess he was a violent guy," Mitchell said, describing Holmes as "nerdish" and "a book-smart type guy."
In San Diego, the suspect's family issued a statement saying they were still trying to process the news.
"Our hearts go out to those who were involved in this tragedy and to the families and friends of those involved," the Holmes family said, without giving any information about him.


From Natural News….A syllabus that lists Holmes as a student at the medical school shows that he may have taken a class in which he studied topics as diverse as substance abuse, schizophrenia, depression and other disorders.
According to the document, he was to have delivered a presentation in May about microRNA biomarkers.
Though there are indications that something may have been amiss in Holmes' life in recent months.
He withdrew from the program in June 2012, though "he gave no reason for his withdrawal from the graduate school," said Jacque Montgomery, spokeswoman for the University of Colorado.
It is not immediately clear if Holmes, who also worked in a paid position in the university's neuroscience research program, was still employed there after withdrawing from the program.
Holmes received a large volume of deliveries over the past four months to both his home and work addresses, which police believe begins to explain how he got his hands on some of the materials used in the rampage and the subsequent discovery of his booby-trapped apartment, Aurora Police Chief Paul Oates.


From Natural News:.....Unlike most people his age, Holmes does not appear to have a social media footprint -- no Facebook, no Twitter and no Tumblr account, though authorities are investigating whether he posted a profile on sex website Adult Friend Finder.
The profile contains a picture of a man with fiery red hair, a law enforcement source said. Police believe it may be a picture of Holmes, said the source, who was not authorized to speak to the media. The profile said it was created by a 24-year-old man from Aurora and has since been taken down.


This is the smoking gun. In fact, the report was so hot, that the government pulled it from the internet a few hours after the shooting…


.pdf download via google cache:


The #1 major sign of a false flag is that the government and media, together at the same time, roll out a HEAVY propaganda public relations campaign. Which will include their normal spokes people all lined up, with the same talking points. In this case it was:

One: Lone Gunman
Two: Gun Ban

Second Amendment Foe Bloomberg Exploits Colorado Shooting


Norway Gunman:

Similarities between this American Massacre and the Norwegian Massacre almost exactly one years later:

One year ago (almost to the day) the Norway Massacre involved a "lone gunman" shooting throngs of young people right at the time of vital legislation. As the gunman did then, he also gave up rather easily once he was cornered by the police. Without being shot to death or killed. Which is unlike true lone gunmen. Instead, mind controlled subjects commit the crime and then surrender to authorities, as part of the program.

As I show in my article from back then, the government and media quickly spun a tale that supported the globalists side of the UN Treaty that was coming up for debate exactly at that moment. Magically, they used the emotional momentum from the massacre to get the politicians and policy makers to vote in a certain direction. We are ALL being played. Read this article I wrote a year ago. We need to learn from history, so that we will not keep repeating it, or be lead around by people who do...


Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being staged - by Mike Adams

From Natural News….. As part of the attack, Holmes painted his hair red and referred to himself as "The Joker," one of the arch enemies in the DC Comics-inspired Batman movie series. ( According to news reports, this sudden violent rampage was completely out of character for James Holmes, who was described as "shy." The New York Times is now reporting: Billy Kromka, a pre-med student at the University of Colorado, Boulder, worked with Mr. Holmes for three months last summer as a research assistant in a lab of at the Anschutz Medical Campus. Mr. Kromka said he was surprised to learn Mr. Holmes was the shooting suspect. "It was just shocking, because there was no way I thought he could have the capacity to do commit an atrocity like this," he said. ( "He spent much of his time immersed in the computer, often participating in role-playing online games..." There is already conjecture that James Holmes may have been involved in mind-altering neuroscience research and ended up becoming involved at a depth he never anticipated. His actions clearly show a strange detachment from reality, indicating he was not in his right mind. That can only typically be accomplished through drugs, hypnosis or trauma (and sometimes all three).


Mexico President Urges US to Review Gun Laws

More and more, this shooting is looking like a deliberate plot staged by the government itself much like Operation Fast and Furious pulled off by the ATF ( which helped smuggle tens of thousands of guns into Mexico for the purpose of causing "gun violence" in the USA, then blaming the Second Amendment for it.

Fast and Furious

William Holder

UN “Gun Ban” Treaty:


NaturalNews) James Holmes, the Aurora, Colorado shooter who reportedly opened fire at a Batman movie premiere, was a medical student at the University of Colorado, pursuing a PhD in neuroscience, reports ABC News. (
All this looks like James Holmes completed a "mission" and then calmly ended that mission by surrendering to police and admitting everything. The mission, as we are now learning, was to cause as much terror and mayhem as possible, then to have that multiplied by the national media at exactly the right time leading up the UN vote next week on a global small arms treaty that could result in gun confiscation across America. ( This has all the signs of Fast & Furious, Episode II. I wouldn't be surprised to discover someone in Washington was behind it all. After all, there's no quicker way to disarm a nation and take total control over the population than to stage violence, blame it on firearms, then call for leaders to "do something!" Such calls inevitably end up resulting in gun confiscation, and it's never too long after that before government genocide really kicks in like we saw with Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao and other tyrants.

….and now he has it…
Obama is not the first president, or world leader to stage a false flag:
From Natural News… Here's a short list of government mass murder carried out throughout history, almost always immediately following the disarmament of the public (and usually involving staged false flag events to justify the disarmament): 50+ million dead: Mao Ze-Dong (China, 1958-61 and 1966-69, Tibet 1949-50) 12+ million dead: Adolf Hitler (Germany, 1939-1945) - concentration camps, civilian deaths and dead Russian POWs 8+ million dead: Leopold II of Belgium (Congo, 1886-1908) 6+ million dead: Jozef Stalin (USSR, 1932-39) 5+ million dead: Hideki Tojo (Japan, 1941-44) 2+ million dead: Ismail Enver (Turkey, 1915-22) 1.7 million dead: Pol Pot (Cambodia, 1975-79) 1.6 million dead: Kim Il Sung (North Korea, 1948-94) 1.5 million dead: Menghistu (Ethiopia, 1975-78) 1 million dead: Yakubu Gowon (Biafra, 1967-1970) 900,000 dead: Leonid Brezhnev (Afghanistan, 1979-1982) 800,000 dead: Jean Kambanda (Rwanda, 1994) See more at: Death by government:

This is not your run-of-the-mill crime of passion. It was a carefully planned, heavily funded and technically advanced attack. Who might be behind all this? The FBI, of course, which has a long history of setting up and staging similar attacks, then stopping them right before they happen. See four documented stories on these facts: As you soak all this in, remember that the FBI had admitted to setting up terror plots, providing the weapons and gear, staging the location of the bombings and even driving the vehicles to pull it off! This is not a conspiracy theory, it's been admitted by the FBI right out in the open. Even the New York Times openly reports all this in stories like this one: NYT: Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the F.B.I. ( THE United States has been narrowly saved from lethal terrorist plots in recent years -- or so it has seemed. A would-be suicide bomber was intercepted on his way to the Capitol; a scheme to bomb synagogues and shoot Stinger missiles at military aircraft was developed by men in Newburgh, N.Y.; and a fanciful idea to fly explosive-laden model planes into the Pentagon and the Capitol was hatched in Massachusetts. But all these dramas were facilitated by the F.B.I., whose undercover agents and informers posed as terrorists offering a dummy missile, fake C-4 explosives, a disarmed suicide vest and rudimentary training. ...the F.B.I. provided a van loaded with six 55-gallon drums of “inert material,” harmless blasting caps, a detonator cord and a gallon of diesel fuel to make the van smell flammable. An undercover F.B.I. agent even did the driving...

Governments routinely murder millions
A "monopoly of force" in government is far more dangerous than a crazed lone shooter…
So yes, James Holmes and other crazed shooters kill a number of people each year in random acts of violence. It's horrifying and wrong, but it's nothing compared to the millions of lives that governments tend to destroy when they gain total power over the populace. The most dangerous thing in the world, it turns out, is not a crazy person with a rifle; it's a government with a "monopoly of force" over the entire population. And that's exactly what the UN spells out as its goal for the world: Stripping all power from individual citizens and handing "monopolies of force" to the governments of the world, shoring up their positions as the only "legitimate" power on the planet. See this document entitled, "Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF)" policy paper No. 24: As this document reveals, a table entitled "Governance solutions for reasserting the state monopoly on the use of force" lists the options available to governments to re-establish "monopolies of force" against their own people: • (Re-)establish state monopoly - Ownership of WMDs - Safety Inspectorates • Prohibit business activity - Justice and Execution - Deadly Force? • Regulate/limit activities - Private defense/security services - Control of financial transfers - Export controls - Transport and infrastructure safety - Environmental impact Interestingly, that document also describes "terrorism" in a way that perfectly matches the Aurora, Colorado "Batman" movie theater shooter: Terrorists aim to spread panic and fear in societies in order to achieve political goals, be they based on left- or right-wing, social-revolutionary, nationalistic or religious ideologies. They are organized in a clandestine way, most often in small groups and cells... Typical tactical means include kidnapping, hostage-taking, sabotage, murder, suicide attacks, vehicle bombs and improvised explosive devices.

A global monopoly of force
This document is a goldmine of information about the globalist agenda to disarm and enslave the population. Check out page 28, which reads: The legitimate monopoly of force should not be limited to the nation-state but should be based on the local, national, regional and the global levels. Global Security Governance and the Monopoly of Force At the global level no monopoly of violence exists. The UN Security Council already has a monopoly power to authorize the use of force at the global level, although the UN was never given the necessary means to exercise this authority, such as the capacity to implement sanctions, a police force and armed forces... This deficiency in global governance acts as a bottleneck and a barrier to the creation of the democratically legitimized monopoly of violence that is globally required. This story gets deep, doesn't it? Watch for more analysis here at, where we still fight for liberty and justice in a world that's increasingly becoming enslaved.
Learn more:

What it looks like when the American Government Wants To Get You Off The Streets:
Joseph Moshe

I do not pretend that I came up with all these questions myself. I have chosen to get this information out to you as quick as possible, and therefore compiled it at times, from other sources besides my own research and opinions, which I have also included…

To read more of Dr. Kazi Kearse PsyD’s own work:

Personal Blog:
Facebook Commentaries:
Online Articles:

The number of inconsistencies and questions continue to grow in the movie theatre massacre in Aurora Colorado. My previous article, “ 21 Questions You Will Not Hear Asked About The Dark Night Movie Massacre” went viral on Facebook, and showed that many people were not buying the story from the government / media about a lone gunman, named James Holmes being the lone guman. As the days followed, however, the number of inconsistencies and questions continued to grow. I now present to you
21 MORE Inconsistencies and Questions You Will Not Hear Asked About The Movie Massacre”…


At first I was pleasantly surprised that they would let us see more of the courtroom proceedings. When he walked into the court room it immediately fueled the exact kind of debate the powers that be do not want us having. Such as “are we being manipulated” and by “whom”, because once we reach a consensus on that then the power elite have lost control of the game, or control of the “operation”.

First Gag Order:

The judge put out the first gag order a couple of days AFTER the first court appearance.
He claims that he wanted to keep the case from becoming a media circus. This could possibly be believable, but it was the second gag order, that gave raised the first red flag, and made them show their hand to any of us who are awake and watching.

You see, at first they thought they could use the images from the trial to HELP THEM build support for a death penalty case They wanted to “Tim McVay him”.
Tim McVay was the man accused of the Oklahoma City Bombing. Much like James Holmes, he was a mind controlled patsy that they dumped the blame for the bombing on and even after proof of other accomplices emerged they were able to keep the death penalty case together.

Second Gag Order:


This so called team of lawyers are either the worst lawyers in the world or have been purposely put in to lose the case for the defense. I believe the later.

Why would his lawyers let him continue to keep his dyed red hair?

Why have they been allowed to represent him, even after his father came into town?

They and his father didn’t even have him shave for EITHER court hearing?

These questions raise serious doubts over who is looking out for James’s rights, and protections to get a fair trail.

Parents have been well known to come out swinging from their law camps, such as both sides of the Zimmerman / Treyvon Martin Case. Whatever you say about the charges, you can’t say that the parent’s have not been out front with legal actions and media interviews to protect their children’s rights and outcomes.

Are We Being Manipulated?


The Roll Out is an official release to coordinate law enforcement and inter agency communication during a crisis. In the decade since 9/11, great strides have been made to increase intelligence-information sharing between the intelligence community and law-enforcement entities. Billions of dollars have been spent to increase awareness and preparedness for another potential terrorist attack.

Firefighters and EMS providers may encounter these TTPs while responding to, operating at and returning from emergencies, as well as in the course of their normal duties. To better engage in situational awareness and terrorism prevention, the fire/EMS communities must understand the current threat environment and how it impacts their daily operations.

The Interagency Threat Assessment and Coordination Group (ITACG) is a group of state and local first responders assigned to National Counterterrorism Center with federal-intelligence analysts for the purpose of integrating, analyzing and assisting in the dissemination of federally coordinated information.
ITACG law-enforcement personnel developed and designed the Roll Call Release (RCR) as a one-page document highlighting a single TTP. As the product matured, it has been repurposed to include fire, EMS and security personnel as its target audience.

The Roll Call for May 17th ( right at the time Holmses’ sanity began nose diving ) says “Terrorist’s Interest In Attacking Theatre And Similar Mass Gatherings”
Where they prepared for Holmes’s false flag? I have to admit a red flag for me was when police arrived to the scene in under 60 – 90 seconds! I can maybe understand a police car in the area responding in that time, but they had whole Tactical Teams arriving fully geared up at the movie theatre site, and even at his home, only a few minutes later. 
This is typical in false flag and mind control staged events. They are little “tells” where the planners slip up and over due some response or action…. Such as during 9/11 the reporter reads off a teleprompter that Building 7 has collapsed into it’s footprint, mean while the building is standing up fine behind her, and doesn’t collapse for another 20 minutes ( into it’s footprint ).


James Holmes, the suspected shooter in last week's movie theater massacre, has told his Colorado jailers he doesn't know why he's locked behind bars, the Daily News reports.

As a trained psychotherapist I can tell you that MOST people who have undergone severe trauma or report to be Mind Control Victims, report that they have Amnesia concerning the actual event.
Project MKUltra, or MK-Ultra, was a covert, illegal human research program into behavioral modification run by the Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) Office of Scientific Intelligence. The program began in the early 1950s, was officially sanctioned in 1953, was reduced in scope in 1964, further curtailed in 1967 and finally halted in 1973. It controversially used unwitting U.S. and Canadian citizens as its test subjects.. MKUltra involved the use of many methodologies to manipulate people's individual mental states and alter brain functions, including the surreptitious administration of drugs (especially LSD) and other chemicals, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, as well as various forms of torture.
The research was undertaken at 80 institutions, including 44 colleges and universities, as well as hospitals, prisons and pharmaceutical companies.The CIA would operate through these institutions using front organizations, although sometimes top officials at these institutions would be aware of the CIA's involvement. MKUltra was allocated 6 percent of total CIA funds. 

Jesse Ventura – Conspiracy Theory: Mind Control / Sleeper Assassins

Dr. Nick Begich: Mind Control In 21st Century


Project Mountain Guardian was a large scale terrorism drill held in 2011. Is it another “coincidence” that it was held in the same area as the - soon to be – real terrorist / lone gunman attack incident? Is it a “coincidence” that his attack would include shooting, bombs, and gas cans ?... Just like in the drills…????

More than 100 agencies from several different jurisdictions are taking part in a terrorism attack drill, the largest ever performed in Denver. The mock terror drill, Operation Mountain Guardian, will simulate four coordinated terrorist attacks in the Denver metro area, according to Fox31. Operation Mountain Guardian is modeled after the tragic Mumbai, India terrorist incident from Nov., 2008.
According to 7News, the drill will be conducted in 10 different locations around the Denver metro area. Notice the types of places selected:
Park Meadows Mall
Smedley Elementary School 
Denver Union Station
Community College of Aurora (Lowry Campus)
Denver International Airport 


Literally from the moment the bullets stopped flying in Aurora Colorado there has been an all out and consistent attack on our 2nd Amendment Rights:

President Obama Tries To Push Through UN Gun Ban ::::::::::: FAILED

Mayor Bloomberg Pushes For Forced Gun Ban::::::::::::::::::::::: FAILED

Congress Attempts To Push Through Gun Control:::::::::::::::::: ?????????
By hiding it inside their recently passed Cyber Security Act

“Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act” requires anyone selling ammunition to be a licensed dealer. It requires ammunition buyers who are not licensed dealers to present photo identification at the time of purchase, effectively banning the online or mail order purchase of ammo by regular civilians. It requires licensed ammunition dealers to maintain records of the sale of ammunition. It also requires licensed ammunition dealers to report the sale of more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition to an unlicensed person within any five consecutive business days.

Cyber Security Act

Petition Against UN Gun Control Ban


The reality of who James’s father is and who he will be portrayed to be may be two different things in the coming weeks. The media will show him to be a concerned father, but what they won’t tell you is that he has known connections to DARPA and was about to testify internationally on the biggest financial scam in history.

If he worked for the cabal, or against them, his son was his burn notice…

A burn notice is an official statement issued by an intelligence agency to other agencies. It states that an asset or intelligence source is unreliable for one or more reasons.This is essentially a directive for the recipient to disregard or "burn" all information derived from that individual or group. 

You don’t have to put a bullet in someone’s head to kill them. You can kill their credibility. You can kill their will. You can reach someone who is not reachable by going through their family…

According to his LinkedIn profile, James Holmes’s father, Dr. Robert Holmes, who received a PhD in Statistics in 1981 from the University of California at Berkeley, worked for San Diego-based HNC Software, Inc. from 2000 to 2002. HNC, known as a “neural network” company, and DARPA, beginning in 1998, have worked on developing “cortronic neural networks,” which would allow machines to interpret audio and visual stimuli to think like humans.

As was reported by Deadline Live with Jack Blood…..Just prior to the shooting in Aurora Colorado, where James Holmes the son of Robert Holmes the software developer allegedly killed 12 and injured over 50 others, a scandalous report was issued in the United kingdom about the LIBOR scandal where it has been discovered that much of the wealth held by the so called 99 percent is being held in offshore accounts far away from the taxman and that there is software that is now being used to track and expose those who are abusing the system.

It is just too coincidental to not be eerily synchronistic. This software has been said to be able trace the Trillions of Dollars that have just vaporized into thin air. All of the spending in theory could be traced to the exact bank accounts of the elite thugs who have stolen it.


LIBOR = London Inter Bank Offer Rate = Rate banks charge each other to lend to you

The problem is that it only works if banks are honest with each other and if there are regulators who really investigate the banks and are not in bed with them. By this “rate” being all a lie, then it means that there can be no trust in the banking system… The whole banking system, all around the world !!!!

What makes matters worst is that not only was the LIBOR rate manipulated by the big banks, but money from the cheating was diverted into secret accounts. This was your money…. Our money !!!

The United States Senate is so concerned, that they are looking into it, and in the next few weeks are planning to call before them some of the biggest names dealing with LIBOR today.

Now, that’s where James Holmes’s father comes in. Reportedly ( there’s some debate about this ) he “coincidently” happens to be the senior scientist who created the tracking software that can tell us in whose bank accounts the LIBOR money was diverted to

Still think the batman shooting massacre was done by a “lone gunman “..????


Dispatcher: At 0149, a report from an officer at the scene states that “it’s gonna be a Hyundai Accent, Tennessee plates…directly in front of the doors. Charcoal color, possible just a thermos but it’s covered up. Possible secondary device. Registered to an address out of Columbia TN “clear”
At 0155, an officer breaks the temporary radio silence with the following report:
“It sounds like we have possibly two shooters. One that was in theater 8…and one that came in from the outside theater 9. It sounds like it was a coordinated attack.”
Witnesses see one man ( believed to be Holmes, but no one described his bright red hair ) get up from his seat in the moive theatre when his phone rang. This person then got up and went to the exit door. At this point he either let in the shooter(s), or depending on which version you believe, went out to the car, changed into his black opps oufit, and re entered the theatre gunsblazing... ( How come we don't see ANY of the security camera footage )....


A gas mask SEVERELY limits angle of perception of vision. Someone wearing a gas mask, as is reported in this incident, is ridiculously vulnerable to attacks from behind, from above, from the sides and from below.
Two gas masks found at scene, along with a bloody knife….

Learn more:


The blood trail is odd because it runs only part of the way into the parking lot and neds by a bloody knife and a second gas mask. My belief is that there was a getaway car at that spot, and that is why the blood trail ends.

It shouldn’t be too hard for our “CSI” agencies to figure out whose blood it is…and whose dna is on the gasmask, since I doubt that the second shooter (s) had time to wipe off their breath, saliva, etc… from the mask, in all that chaos, and before running into the car to make the getaway..

The number one problem that sticks out about the car is that the license plates do not go back to being registered to his apartment…. Yet that is where all the police went, minutes after the incident happened, however the address provided to the officers on site did not match the address known to be that of James Holmes.
At 0117, an on-site officer states that they need to clear the area so that they can clear the suspect’s car with the bomb unit. One minute later, a patrol officer reports that he is going to the address where the suspect’s vehicle is registered to perform surveillance, perhaps to watch for other possible suspects returning to that location. Again, the address associated with the vehicle does not match the physical address where the fire trucks and bomb squads congregated. It is relevant to note that there was no indication that police were aware that the suspect’s apartment was rigged with explosives, based on this radio transmission.
It is my belief that when the white car pulls up Holmes is inside it and told to wait in the car. In his drugged out state he could not be relied on to assist with any of the highly tactical and advanced maneuvers that were about to go down. All he could do is sit there and be a patsy for them to blame it on, after the real shooters drive away.


Dr. Lynn L. Fenton…She said he mailed her the notebook, but is her whole story made up, to pin this all on him now…???? Is this another coincednce? She supposedly was the head psychiatrist for the Air Force Psych Program, and just so happens to end up leaving her career track with the military to work at a civilian university and just happens to be the psychiatrist for James Holmes, who just so happens to get really “weird” in May and start planning a long unman attack on a movie theatre…

His Psychiatrist WasThe Head Of Air Force Psych Program

Knowledge of the methods of torture used within ritual abuse and trauma-based mind control provides a basis for recognition of related trauma disorders. Individuals subjected to these forms of torture may experience intense fear, phobic reactions, or physiological symptoms in response to associated stimuli. In some cases, the individual, or particular dissociated identities, experience a preoccupation with, or attraction to, related stimuli.

Some types are:

1. Sexual abuse and torture. 
2. Confinement in boxes, cages, coffins, etc, or burial (often with an opening or air-tube for oxygen). 
3. Restraint; with ropes, chains, cuffs, etc. 
4. Near-drowning. 
5. Extremes of heat and cold, including submersion in ice water, and burning chemicals. 

6. Electric shock. 
7. Hunger and thirst.
8. Sleep deprivation. 9. Sensory deprivation. 10. Drugs to create illusion, confusion, and amnesia, often given by injection or intravenously. 11. Ingestion or intravenous toxic chemicals to create pain or illness, including chemotherapy agents. 12. Limbs pulled or dislocated. 13. Application of snakes, spiders, maggots, rats, and other animals to induce fear and disgust. 14. Near-death experiences; commonly asphyxiation by choking or drowning, with immediate resuscitation. 15. Forced to perform or witness abuse, torture and sacrifice of people and animals, usually with knives. 16. Spiritual abuse to cause victim to feel possessed, harassed, and controlled internally by spirit. 17. Surgery to torture, experiment, or cause the perception of physical or spiritual bombs or implants. 18. Harm or threats of harm to family, friends, loved ones, pets, and other victims, to force compliance. 19. Use of illusion and virtual reality to confuse and create non-credible disclosure.

Inside A Mind Control Victim: Fritz Sringmeier / Alex Jones


Holmes was reportedly “captured” by police at his vehicle, although he made no attempts to escape nor was he aggressive or threatening to police. He was identified by his attire and possession of weapons, or weapons near his person, and was not identified by witnesses to the extent the surviving witnesses saw his face or even the bright color of his dyed hair.
It is relevant to insert here that throughout history, most of the perpetrators in “active shooter scenarios” have either been killed by police or killed themselves

It is relevant to insert here that throughout history, most of the perpetrators in “active shooter scenarios” has either been killed by police or killed themselves. For example, the August 1, 1966 shooting rampage by Charles Whitman, who killed a total of 14 people and wounded 32 others at and near the University of Texas when he began shooting people from the university’s tower was shot on the scene by police.
The mass shooting at the McDonald’s restaurant on July 18, 1984, nearly 28 years to the day from the Aurora shooting, left 21 people, including 5 young children, dead and 19 others injured. The shooter, identified as James Huberty, was shot by police inside the restaurant.
There are many other such instances, yet there are exceptions as well. Notable examples include Sirhan Sirhan, who was convicted of the shooting death of Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, to Jared Lee Loughner, the shooter who killed 6 people (including U.S. District Court Judge John Roll) and wounded another 14 (including U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords) in January, 2011.
It is my belief that Sirhan Sirhan, and Jared Loughner fit the symptoms of mind control victims, which you can see are much different than the others, which are clearly deranged people suffering some breakdown that caused them to go on a killing spree.

It’s sad to say, but actually, if someone would have shot the gunman that person would have had to have been locked up. Under the city’s gun law it is illegal to discharge a firearm in public.
Mike Adams also, rightfully points out, that if someone tried to subdue the attacker:
this shooting had to have taken several minutes to carry out. To fire 100+ rounds of ammunition from any weapon requires multiple reloads, each of which takes several seconds to carry out. There would have been long pauses in the shooting. There has even been a report that the AR-15 rifle used by the shooter jammed, which would have created an even longer pause. These pauses are opportunities to bum rush the guy, or shoot back, or throw something at him, or just punch him right in the jaw with everything you've got. Holding a gun does not make you invincible. If anything, it makes you very, very vulnerable to all sorts of attacks. As I learned in my own defensive training, often alongside peace officers: • Nobody has eyes in the back of their head. Attacks from behind are very, very effective. • A gun only points in one direction at a time. It cannot shoot backwards, behind the person holding it. • A gas mask SEVERELY limits angle of perception of vision. Someone wearing a gas mask, as is reported in this incident, is ridiculously vulnerable to attacks from behind, from above, from the sides and from below. Learn more:

This does not make any sense. If he did buy all the bombs, study how to set them up, and painstakingly lay them out by himself… Why would he volunteer that information to the police minutes after being arrested…???
This is not sounding like the same person who minutes before was mowing down 6 year old girls and babies…???

He was experimenting with Temporal Illusion. He was a gifted neuro science student Well trained in psycho pharmacology. What experiments could he have been involved
in ? What medication was his psychiatrist having him on ???

He seems drugged up ..


I think all the evidence shows that he is NOT competent to stand trial. Particularly not for the death penalty …

James Holmes’s Mental State


I have many years of experience as a trained therapist. I have a doctorate in psychology and a certification as a clinical hypnotherapist. It is my professional opinion that James Holmes fits ALL the criteria of a mind control victim.

Further, my experience as an investigative journalist leads me to also say that the preponderance of evidence leads to concluding that James Holmes fits ALL the criteria of a mind control victim.

In my first article I laid out 21 inconsistencies and questions with this case. I have now laid out another 21 more inconsistencies and questions about what really happened the fateful midnight showing of The Dark Night Rises. All together you now have 42 items to share with others. My hope is that others will look into each of these items further, and that we are able to find out the truth about who killed the 12 men, women and children, so their souls may rest, and a nation heal from a terrible tragedy.
The First 21 Questions and Inconsistencies Article I wrote:

If it happens that I ( and many of you ) am right, and James Holmes did not kill all those people, and was a mind control victim, we need to not only set his record straight, but also stop the agenda that is behind this all or suffer the consequences as their agenda...
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