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Was Robbie Parker a Fake Actor for Sandy Hook Shooting?
(Watch the video, BEFORE you say that isn't possible.)
2 min. video

My comment: I do not claim to know the truth, or want to be disrespectful
to anyone. I just think that it is important to spend some time considering
strange aspects of this case that are not being discussed on TV.
I realize that the suggestions made in these videos may not be true, but
we can't find the truth if we only consider what the main stream media
wants us to believe. I realize you can laugh when upset or nervous, but
what impression do you get from the above video? If it makes you wonder,
go to the next link.

Is this "Deceased" Emilie Parker With Obama?

Sandy Hook Elementary
School, Newtown, CT Shooting a HOAX- "Oppa Lanza Style"
4 min. video

Sandy Hook Hoax "Medical Examiner" Wayne Carver!

4 min. video

Does anything seems strange about "Wayne Carver" to anyone else?

Sandy Hook Crisis Actors Or Just LIARS ?
6 min. video

Person interviewed on TV, as a psychologist at 1:32 min.,
appears to only have 2 years of college education.

Could this have been a drill with "crisis actors" from Vision Box?

See: and

**BREAKING NEWS** Cover Up Exposed!
RIP Victoria Soto Facebook Page Created Before Event
3 min. video

Sandy Hook massacre: Official story spins out of control


The Connecticut State Police has announced, through their
website, that they will not be releasing any further information
about the Sandy Hook incident at this time. The official report
is going to take months, says Lt. Vance.
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