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Do the Sandy Hook shootings fit a massacre model?
December 23, 2012 by ppjg By W. R. McAfee, Sr. 
Who could possibly benefit from the massacre of children? What possible motive is there for such a heinous act? Is there a model or operative pattern to the shootings?

To answer these questions, we first turn to an investigative report revealing details about the Tasmania massacre in Australia that was used by their politicians to confiscate and ban Australia’s guns .

Wendy Scurr was working in the cafe on the afternoon that the Tasmania shooters executed those people. She unequivocally opposes the ‘official’ story, and has been demonized for telling the truth. This video is her eye witness account of the Tasmania murders.

Next we can turn to The Dunblane School Massacre that the UK’s paid politicians used to confiscate and ban all handguns. Here is a clear, quick, summary

The Dunblane School Massacre

Set aside the writer’s bias as you read these accounts and focus on the MO.

Fast forward to Sandy Hook and the first news and online reports about the shootings again indicated there were two and possibly three shooters at the school the dead “shooter”, a man handcuffed and brought from the woods beside the school, and a man ‘proned out’ and handcuffed in the street outside the school.

Conflicting reports obfuscation and disinformation is now underway and will continue until the public is thoroughly confused until, by design, the “lone shooter” emerges like the clones in Aurora and the Sikh temple in Wisconsin. 

Another example: When Russia Today (RT – A Pravda sow’s ear dressed up like global “news” ) tried to get Paul Craig Roberts, an excellent writer, to jump on the gun ban wagon, he points out AP reports from the scene were saying the children were shot with a .223 rifle. Shell casings for this caliber littered the floor, yet the only rifle recovered at the scene came from a car outside the school. And the so-called “shooter”

only had handguns with him inside. 

Eye witnesses also reported there were two shooters at the Aurora, Colorado theatre. And four at the Sikh Temple Massacre?

Eyewitness: Multiple Shooters Responsible For Sikh Temple Massacre

The playbook for these horrors is a classic, textbook, State-sponsored MO that has been/is being used worldwide which provides them the façade of “. . .saving the children and other innocents” to mask the hidden agenda of eliminating armed citizenries.

The people who would benefit from a disarmed citizenry? One road leads toward a global financial cabal; the principals of which lie wadded in riches in their lair inside a walled area called The City in the middle of London which like the 12-square mile area around Washington D.C. and the Vatican flies its own flag . They have their own laws, police force, constitution (different from America’s), and answer to no nation.

The City also controls an estimated two-thirds of the world’s wealth and virtually all of the world’s nations with their money, and is the financial center from which they plan to control the rest of the earth’s wealth and resources; including food, fiber, water, money, minerals, land, industry, information, jobs, people, and hope.

Like ancestral criminals before them, though, they still fear an armed citizenry. The guns are the last stumbling block on their yellow brick road to total wealth and world control; their end game being confiscation of it all, continued monetary control over humanity with a one world currency, and an appointed world government with themselves in charge by default for ‘having accumulated the most’ during the last two or three centuries.

As a group, virtually all are void of human feeling. Recall the 9/11 comment, “Let’s pull it (WTC 7)” while dust from the Twin Towers’ demolition floated above New York?

The same puppet masters that pulled Australia’s and Scotland’s strings, also pull America’s and the world’s with fiat money and MSM propaganda and OPBs (other people’s blood). They can do this because they own the 150 central banks in the world one in all developed nations (called the Fed in the US) and can control those nations through the issue of their currencies that only their central banks can print; which is sold back to that nation with interest, thus indebting that nation in perpetuity to them.

The City also is the reason for the economic tar pit in which the world now sits.

A nation’s politicians, laws, constitution, press, army, and money don’t concern them because they already own them.


So if all guns were confiscated and more laws are passed prohibiting gun ownership, would humanity be safe from gun violence?


Ask Mexico where gun ownership is prohibited. Oh wait . . . how could 60,000 people have died down there from gun violence in the last six years if was illegal to own guns? Did criminals somehow get their hands on guns in Mexico?

Did you know the King of England tried to confiscate the colonists’ firearms?

Did you know criminals hate lighted areas at night, dogs, and an armed citizenry?

You remember anything on the current scale of mass shootings happening in the 1940s? 50s? 60s? 70s? 80s?

Me either. The faux wars and “terrorist attacks” and shootings began in the 90s and gained momentum over the last decade; caused by a parade of lone creeps, we were told, through Oz’s MSN propaganda outlets.

All lies, in my opinion.

What the world senses and is smelling right about now, thanks to the Internet, is the putrid stench of a psychopathic evil run amok around the planet with all the politicians, money, arms, and armies pursuing The Plan. They have no heart, soul, or conscience and live to accumulate earth’s resources and human control under the watchful eye of the money masters with humanity to be thinned, worked, killed, bred, or discarded like so much chattel to achieve their end.

If they succeed.

Some additional facts about armed citizens in America:

- In 1982, the town of Kennesaw, Georgia, passed an ordinance that required all heads of household to have at least one gun in the house. The burglary rate immediately dropped 89 percent. Ten years after the law was passed, the burglary rate was still 72 percent less than it was in 1981.

Armed citizens shoot and kill at least twice as many criminals as the police do every year in this country (1,527 to 606).

- A 1996 University of Chicago

study concluded that states which passed concealed carry laws reduced their murder rates by 8.5 percent, rapes by 5 percent, aggravated assaults by 7 percent, and robbery by 3 percent.

- According to the

National Safety Council, with guns being used 2.5 million times a year in self defense against criminals, firearms are actually used more than 80 times more often to protect lives, rather than to take lives .

- A 1979 Justice Department study entitled

Rape Victimization in American Cities, concluded that of more than 32,000 attempted rapes, 32 percent were actually committed. But when a woman was armed with a gun or knife, only 3 percent of the attempted rapes were actually committed.

- Another Justice Department

study found that 57 percent of felons agreed that “criminals are more worried about meeting an armed victim than they are about running from the police.”

©2012 W. R. McAfee, Sr.
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