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American Milk Banned in Europe Because it Does No Body Good
If milk does a body so much good, why is US-produced milk banned in Europe? It turns out that in 1994, the US Food and Drug Administration approved the use of recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH). rBGH in milk is believed to increase the risk of cancer. In an attempt to protect its citizens from genetically-modified milk, the Codex Alimentarius Commission, the U.N. Food Safety Agency representing 101 nations worldwide, has banned rBGH milk in the 101 nations that it represents. Canada is another country where rBGH milk is banned.
Webmaster's Commentary:
When FOX News reporters Steve Wilson and Jane Akre wrote a story on the health dangers of rBGH, FOX News, which receives huge advertising contracts from Monsanto, ordered them to remove the health concerns and  make the story a promotional piece for Monsanto's rBGH. Steve and Jane refused and were fired. They sued FOX News and lost on appeal when the court ruled that since there is no law requiring the corporate media to tell the public the truth, FOX News can order their reporters to lie to the public, and if they refuse, legally fire them!
And that tells you all you need to know about the corporate media!

These BRANDS do NOT use BGH:
Strauss Family Creamery Petaluma, CA
Clover Stornetta Nor CA
Berkeley Farms CA
Trader Joes  
SAFEWAY's LUCERNE brand does not use Hormones in their Northern California Dairies.
Bi Rite Ice Cream SF and Bi Rite Grocery SF
Kirkland / Costco? Vanilla Icecream is Hormone Free from NorCal Dairy.

I have learned these 8 dairies through my 20 years of concern and shopping in SF / Nor Cal.
I have visited Strauss Organic Dairy in Petaluma, an actual Family Owned Farm. More expensive.
I have been telling folks for a DECADE to drink Clover Stornetta because I trust Marin / Sonoma Air Quality more than East Bay Counties yet I do not actually know where Berkeley Farms milk comes from.
Safeway CEASED all BGH in Nor Cal Dairies IN 2007.

Trader Joes Makes the FOLLOWING CLAIMS which I am so far accepting: As no one has ever offered me evidence to the contrary, though I have been asking for a year.
NO BGH on TJs Milk
NO GMOs in TJs Fruits, veggies, or in TJ's in-house products (ie Trader Joes, Trader Joses, Trader Giotto's...)(That is to say when TJs Formulates a product, they do not SOURCE GMOs)
NO BPA's in TJs Plastics
NO BPA's in TJs Cash Register Receipts. (How cool is that!)  

BPA in Cash Register Receipts is 1000 x more toxic than in plastic bottles due amount used and amount that rubs off into the PORES on your FINGERS and does NOT WASH OFF. Environmental Working Group broke the BPA Reciept story. Heat sensitive Printout Paper uses Millions of Little Plastic Beads (BPA) that scorch / burn / turn black when print head HEATS them. OMFG how dumb and toxic is that?
When they offer you a receipt please say no thank you... if you want to live.

FUKUSHIMA March 11 2012 is a good reason NOT TO DRINK MILK. UC Berkeley found hazardous isotopes in Berkeley CA rainwater and in NorCal Dairies ( yes even organic as those cows eat grass )

Chernobyl increased the Strontium 90 intake of California Milk Drinkers in 1986

I am sending YOU this email in the hopes that you 
A: Drink only non-hormone milk.
B: consider reducing or ceasing your milk intake before FUKUSHIMA, San Onofre CA, and / or Nuclear power plants melt down again.

to your good health, scott
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.