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Are you on the "Do Not Kill List" yet?
Disclaimer: Adding your name to the 'Do Not Kill' Registry does not guarantee that you will not be the target of a drone strike, but only that an additional review process will be undertaken before you are labeled an enemy militant and added to the national kill list.

written by A Truth Soldier
Madness is a sign of insanity.

Iraq war vet Chris Capps-Schubert had an upcoming deployment to Afghanistan... so he went AWOL and refused to go. Now he's helping others do the same.


US: Scientists have created 30 genetically engineered human babies that
carry DNA from three 'parents' and this will be passed on to their own
offspring. [In other words, the human species is being altered; with the
likelihood that a new species eventually will be created that may be
superior (or inferior) to humans in important ways. We don't like the idea,
either.] DailyMail posted 2012 Jun 28 (Cached)

World's first GM babies born


The Power To Tax Is the Power To Destroy
The Supreme Court decision is devastating for the economy and individual liberty. Apart from creating an all powerful federal government, changing substantially what it means to be an American, the law will send health care costs soaring, further undermining our economy. It will destroy jobs, impoverish millions, and lead to much higher inflation and lower living standards.

Look Who is actually writing the healthcare reform bill
Outstanding clip.   A look back in the wake of yesterday's SCOTUS decision.
Who is actually writing the healthcare reform bill? Lobbyists for Big Pharma and the insurance industry, of course. The last time we saw massive healthcare legislation on Capitol Hill, it was for Medicare Part D, the prescription drug benefit. As a result of this legislation and the work of former Congressman Billy Tauzin, Medicare is not allowed to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies. David Walker called it the single most fiscally irresponsible bill in the last 50 years.

ALERT - Obamacare mandates FDA-approved implantable RFID chips!
(SORRY FOR THE LENGTH...NECESSARY) Here's another little surprise Obamacare is about to drop on you. They have the authority in the new healthcare mandate to...

Many people are still unaware that there are vaccination exemptions available for medical, religious and/or philosophical reasons on a state-by-state basis. They aren't always easy to claim and don't hold your breath waiting for local schools to tell you about them. (On the contrary they'll often mislead people into believing there are no exemptions, so be careful out there).

100,000 police dashcam videos conveniently disappear
Seattle Police Department says that more than 100,000 video recordings from police dash-board cameras have disappeared. Increasingly, dash-cam videos have been used to expose police brutality, and police departments are reluctant to make them available for public viewing. What more needs to be said? What can be done when police become criminals and criminals become police?


Haven't you realized yet that not Everything is OK ? Be careful
The Squak Box is an agent of mind control; how many times an hour will you allow someone into your homes to sell you something? Uncle Sam Admits Monitoring You for These 377 Words
Basically if you talk about nothing on this list then you talk about nothing. No thanks I'll just keep using those words.

Cocaine Import Agency that's CIA for you and me!

Ireland sells its e-voting machines for scrap
€54m voting machines scrapped for €9 each
By Paul Melia and Luke Byrne   Friday June 29 2012
THE Government has sold the infamous €54m e-voting machines for scrap -- for €9.30 each.
A huge fleet of trucks will begin removing the 7,500 machines from 14 locations on Monday.
They will be taken to a Co Offaly recycling company, KMK Metals Recycling Ltd in Tullamore, where they will be stripped down and shredded.

US schools are training children to submit to police. More and more US schools have police patrolling the corridors. Officers in uniform carry guns to "keep order" in playgrounds and during lessons. Children have been arrested for things like wearing "inappropriate" clothes, being late for school, and disrupting class.

Homemade 1000W Wind Turbine « Project Free Power
The 1000 Watt flux wind turbine was created as part of an off grid power project. This wind turbine uses a permanent magnet alternator to generate 3 phases to charge the battery bank. This wind turbine works spinning 2 magnet discs on both sides of the coils to generate electricity. The act of mov...

Danish Farmer Reverses Illnesses in pigs by reverting to a GM-free diet | Farm Wars
Farmer gains huge public recognition for publishing his simple method for ridding pigs of illness - removing genetically modified ingredients from their diet.


END the Mulit-Headed HYDRA beast! ‘Audit the Fed’ bill advances in House Article on!/InfowarsWithAlexJones
Audit The Federal Reserve then End The Fed then Re-Seize ALL Stolen Assets from the Rothschild Owned Run for Profit Private Bank. Charge and Deal with these few Criminal Families for Attempted Genocide on Humanity.


EXPLOSIVE NEW Bilderberg 2012 Documentary: Bilderberg It and They Will Come (feat. Alex Jones)

if you want to learn how to do confrontations or see a great confrontation with Senator Boxer this is the video

“Anti-Democratic” World Government Advocate Attends Bilderberg

$4 trillion conflict of interest: Investment bankers on Fed boards
Who else but Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders would have the courage to blow the whistle on the $4 trillion.

"Look at ICELAND. They're doing away with a central bank system,
they won't be paying interest on a fake debt. The world should follow their example."

Iceland Dismantles Corrupt Gov't Then Arrests All Rothschild Bankers
Iceland Forgives the Mortgage Debt of its Population

Daily Kos: Iceland Solves Banking Crisis by Indicting Bankers, Forcing Mortgage Relief

video - Jesse Ventura exposes Banker controlled U.S Government

Big Banks Have Become Mafia-Style Criminal Enterprises
Two stories this week prove once again that the big banks are literally criminal enterprises.
Initially, all of the big banks have engaged in Mafia-style “bid-rigging” of municipal bonds, to bilk money from every city in the nation … to the collective tune of tens billions of dollars.
And Barclays and other large banks – including Citigroup, HSBC, J.P. Morgan Chase, Lloyds, UBS, Royal Bank of Scotland – manipulated the world’s primary interest rate (Libor) which virtually every adjustable-rate investment globally is pegged to.


Is US government setting stage to outlaw vitamin D like raw milk?
The US government has gone on the attack against vitamin D, claiming it's no help for the health of postmenopausal women.
It's a ridiculous assertion, of course, and it begs the question WHY?
The answer is that the government, along with the media, Big Pharma and the FDA, may be setting the stage for outlawing over-the-counter vitamin D and turning it into a prescription-only "medicine," thereby making it cost 100 times as much and thrusting the U.S. population into even worse vitamin D deficiency.
Read more in my article:

(Flashback) 20/20 exposes DuPont's poison products
Teflon (and other nonstick surfaces) emit toxic gases at high heat. 
Even DuPont acknowledges the "Teflon flu": flu-like symptoms that
result from breathing Teflon fumes. But they say it's harmless. Uh huh.
I guess birth defects and cancer are 'harmless'.
Here's an old story about some of the fine poison products that are
still available to you.     Video:
Issa: Gun-Control Agenda Behind Fast and Furious June 27, 2012
Investigation into the “Fast and Furious” gun-walking scandal continues to reveal disturbing developments. On Sunday, Representative Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight Committee that is leading the investigation into the operation, told ABC News’ Jake Tapper that pertinent emails revealed that the agenda of the operation was to advocate for greater gun control, not as alleged to pursue criminal prosecutions of drug cartel members.

ECO struggle to protect our trees is like a game of CHESS. Cause there are DARK forces opposing us, like the CRIMINAL FBI. see pic:

First we need to arrest the FBI and the OPD Oakland Police Dept for their Criminal Bombing of Judi Bari and Darryl Cherny

Also see or YOUTUBE the movie JFK by Oliver Stone for other FBI crimes like the assasination of MLK. Similar to:
FBI Richard Held complicit in Killing of MLK. FBI Richard Held II complicit in bombing of Judi Bari and Darryl Cherny.

Why? cause the FBI threw down with the logging industry to prevent CALIFORNIA from cessation of logging old growth. $$$
That was REDWOOD SUMMER 1990. The FBI was found GUILTY in COURT with the OPD Oakland Police Dept of BOMBING Judi Bari and Darryl Cherny to vilify EARTH FIRST! movement.

oBOMBa and AG Eric Holder MUST goto JAIL for GUN RUNNING more than 3,000 assualt rifles into Mexico under operation FAST and FURIOUS 

Is it right to FORCE FEED ducks with a TUBE down their Gullet 24/7?
Apply golden rule here: Would you like to be Force fed 24/7 with a tube down your throat for life? Would you?
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