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Aurora Shooting:  Probable CIA "False Flag" Event
Unfortunately a similar event also happened  in Australia in 1996. There is proof that in Tasmania the murder of 35 people was planned and covered up by Australia's own Intelligence Agency(ASIO), politicians and by the police hierarchy of Tasmania. Previous to this killing the State Governments had refused to hand over gun control to the Federal Government. 
This Aurora shooting is now appearing to have also been a staged event to scare We the People into accepting a new U.N gun control treaty, as a set up for a massive gun grab by the New World Order.
Ironically, on July 27, 2012, President Obama and Hillary Clinton are going to sign the UN gun control treaty.  Obama only needs a few more senators to sign the treaty to make it the law of the land.
Of course, the public is supposed to believe that this tragedy and the immediate media calls for more stringent gun control, and the coincidence with the UN gun control treaty signing date, following this 
tragedy, is merely one big coincidence!

BATMAN SHOOTING INSIDE JOB? search youtube TYPE IN alex jones dark knight Dark Knight Massacre To Pass UN Gun Ban? Is Batman Massacre Staged Terror? Dark Knight Massacre Special Report 

Staged? Colorado Batman shooting
There is already conjecture that James Holmes may have been involved in mind-altering neuroscience research and ended up becoming involved at a depth he never anticipated. His actions clearly show a strange detachment from reality, indicating he was not in his right mind. That can only typically be accomplished through drugs, hypnosis or trauma (and sometimes all three).
His behavior doesn't add up

FBI theater attack warning issued on May 17, 2012, page 1 posted at      Beyond Top Secret
Aurora Shooting Mirrored Training Exercise on Same Day Near Denver --'The irony is amazing, just amazing.' 21 Jul 2012 The tragedy that played out in an Aurora movie theater Friday was ironically paralleled as a classroom learning experience in a medical school in Parker the same day. Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine is in the middle of holding specialized classes in disaster life support for 150 second-year medical students. Along with response to natural disasters like hurricanes and floods and terrorist attacks, one of the scenarios being used to train the students is how to respond if a shooter fires at people in a movie theater and also uses a bomb in the attack. "The irony is amazing, just amazing," said Rocky Vista Dean Dr. Bruce Dubin.

Witness: Someone let gunman inside Colorado movie theater 20 Jul 2012 A man who was at the Colorado movie theater where a dozen people were killed this morning, says he saw the gunman. He says he thinks someone deliberately let the gunman inside once the movie started. Here's what he told TV station KCNC this morning live on their newscast. [See also: Aurora, Colorado Shooting 'Oddities' by LRP.]
Heads up! Odds skyrocketing for big London MOSSAD/MI6/CIA false flag so Israel can attack Iran: London on alert for terror attack ahead of Olympic Games 22 Jul 2012 Israel fears an Iranian terror squad in Europe are planning to attack their athletes during the London Olympics, according to reports. Agents from Israel's elite intelligence organisation, Mossad, are hunting Iranian-backed terrorists in Europe, who are allegedly planning an "anniversary" attack 40 years after the Munich massacre, Britain's The Sunday Times reports. In preparation for an Olympic terror assault, panic rooms for VIPs and spectators have been set up beneath London's Olympic Stadium to protect them from being taken hostage or killed, according to The Sunday Times.

Republican August Surprise terror attack at OWN Convention?
This needs publicity. Please help. Thanks!
Bill Warner, a private investigator in Sarasota Florida, claims the Aurora Colorado theater shooter belongs to the “Occupy Wall Street Black Bloc.”
Warner also claims the “Occupy Wall Street Black Bloc” group will engage in widespread violence at the upcoming Republican National Convention in Tampa.
If true, his prediction offers a chillingly plausible scenario: There is going to be a  “game-changing” attempt by someone influential in Republican circles to engineer an attack at their own convention.
daniel hopsicker MadCowMorningNews

CIA MK ULTRA JFK RFK MLK Malcom X Jim Jones ad infinitum

Behind the curtain where killers are made
Barring only those with severe cases of denial, 
Project Bluebird, MK-Ultra, Operation Artichoke, 
and others were very real mind control programs.
This sickening documentary on the dark history 
of mind control seems very timely...     Video:

It's looking more and more like a false flag. Exact kind of training going on at Rocky Vista, same as the training for 9-11 on 9-11, and UK's 7-7 mass transit training on 7-7. Plus the kid was getting nat'l grants for NEUROscience, i.e. aspects of mind control, and who knows how many meds he was on. Getting to be very FISHY ...


Why you should pack a Survival Flash Drive
Add pictures of your loved ones in case you are separated- rescue workers can find them easier if they have a picture)


The market opened down 226 points this AM 7/23, although it has recovered a bit since it opened.  There are a lot of problems in Greece and Europe, and soon they will affect our banks, since our banks are heavy into loans to Europe. 
NOTE:  This video is a bit long so make sure you have half an hour to listen to it.

Derweze (Turkmen language: The Gate, also known as Darvaza) is a 
Turkmenistan village of about 350 inhabitants, located in the middle of the Kara-Kum desert


Health Science Danger: The poison in your water
From 'The Real Food Channel' come a professional
perspective on water fluoridation.
No, not one of the many well paid 'health science'
prostitutes you'd see on CNN or cable network news  in general.
Here's a U.S. dentist, who supported fluoridation
for the first 25 years he practiced dentistry, he
talks about the science and why he changed his mind.   Video:


Food labels playing games with your health
Food labels in the US can legally say "trans fat free" if a serving contains  up to .5 grams of trans fat.
Where are trans fats hidden and what effect do they have?   Video:

Food: Banned, illegal chemicals good enough for you
An old corporate/government scam.... bleached flour.
It is ILLEGAL in Europe.
Only the US and Canada permit it.
It was one of the original FDA scams  and it was downhill from there. 
(courtesy of TheRealFoodChannel)    Video:


 How they break mankind's will to resist
Social engineers are steering humanity  in a very dangerous direction. 
We are born into a society they created for us. 
Many are not able to process or deal 
with the contradictions contained in  this society. 
Understanding learned helplessness is the solution...


Video on perpetual war


CFR: Don’t Worry About Hillary’s Small Arms Treaty

 Google "U.N. Arms Trade Treaty"
Government is the #1 Cause of Unnatural Death. 262,000,000 Killed by Government in the 20th century alone.
Guns Don't Kill People; The Government Does:
Gun Control Laws in Correlation to Genocide (Chart)

New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen (Full Length HD) EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE


FUKUSHIMA radiation  from a report found on:
396. The number of thyroid cancers in individuals exposed in childhood, particularly in the severely contaminated areas of the three affected countries, is considerably greater than expected based on previous knowledge. The high incidence and the short induction period have not been experienced in other exposed populations,
Approximately 1,800 thyroid cancer cases have been reported in Belarus, the Russian Federation and Ukraine in children and adolescents for the period 1990 - 1998. Age seems to be an important modifier of risk. 

Approximately 40% - 70% of the cases were found through screening programmes, … Taking the advanced stage of the tumours at time of diagnosis into consideration, it is likely that most of the tumours would have been detected sooner or later.

 The present results from several studies indicate that the majority of the post-Chernobyl childhood thyroid carcinomas show the intrachromosomal rearrangements characterized as RET/PTC1 and 3.  ...
- - - - - - 

I think, like smoking, it will be extremely difficult as well as expensive to pin depleted uranium exposed babies in Iraq to bombs:
- - - - - - - 

The 2010 survey 
Outline results of the paper published in 2010 by International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH): rates of disease (compared with neighbouring countries) were

Cancer all ages, 4 times higher;
Childhood cancer 0-14 years, 12.6 times higher;    
Leukaemia in the age groups 0-34 years, 38.5 times higher;    <-----------     "possible" long-term effects; early childhood exposure most linked to thyroid 
Lymphoma 0-34 years, 9.24 times higher;
Female breast cancer 0-44 years, 9.7 times higher;
Brain tumours all ages, 7.4 times higher;
Infant mortality 4.2 times higher.
There was also a serious depression in the proportion of boy babies born, an effect also observed in studies of the bombs dropped on Japan in 1945.
The IJERPH 2010 paper "Cancer, Infant Mortality and Birth Sex-Ratio in Fallujah, Iraq 2005–2009" Chris Busby, Malak Hamdan and Entesar Ariabi is a free download
Links to press reports on the 2010 survey in IJERPH
BBC news report by John Simpson
The Independent report
Le monde


Drone rep...: "...maybe there's a reason..."
Also, is funny

Relatives of 3 Americans killed in drone strikes suing Govt and CIA   July 19, 2012 WATCH VIDEO:

The targeted assassination of a child
When the Pentagon hosted this American 'terrorist' at a dinner with the Secretary of the Army  he spoke  of non-violence.
Some years later, he and his teenage son were  assassinated in separate U.S. drone strikes.
What happened?      Video:


Time Is Running Out For The Israeli Empire By: Chevaux Tags: ISRAEL ‘Syria is d
`Syria is do or die for Israel.' When a sufficient number of Americans awaken to the truth about 911, Israel will be finished. The Israelis knew that when they declared war on the US on 911. That means Israel has a date certain for the demise of America or at least when it will become comatose and cease to function so as to pose no threat to Israel.
Zero Hedge reported that the economy is growing at an annualized rate of 1.1% a year but that debts are growing at an annualized rate of 21%. The economy meaning you, your job, your paycheck, your savings, and your pension will soon hit a brick wall doing 95 miles per hour. That is an absolute fact of your life.

US Writing New Syrian Constitution - "Tutoring" the SNC For Syria Take Over
  UPDATED July 22, 2012 - "The Free Syrian Army ruined our lives," reports BBC in their article, "Syria crisis: Iraqis flee 'sectarian violence' in Damascus." Refugees returning to Iraq from Syria undulated a BBC reporter with accounts of why they've fled, citing sectarian violence perpetrated by the Western backed, armed, and funded so-called "Free Syrian Army" (FSA). Accounts reaffirm that indeed foreign fighters are amongst the FSA's ranks, including Iraqi sectarian extremists serving as commanders. 

Reports from Libya earlier this year confirmed that hundreds of Libyan fighters as well as NATO-supplied weapons and cash were pledged to the FSA by Al Qaeda's Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) commander, Abdul Hakim Belhaj.

These accounts of sectarian violence are by no means the first. Bloomberg conceded recently that "the sectarian civil war between Syria’s Sunnis and Alawites that the world had long feared has begun," the manifestation of warnings by international geopolitical analysts signaled as early as 2007.

TONIGHT! Mark Zepezauer on The CIA's Greatest Hits 7:30 PM @ Booksmith 1644 Haight SF
The CIA’s Greatest Hits details how the CIA hired top Nazi war criminals, shielded them from justice and learned -- and used -- their techniques; has been involved in assassinations, bombings, massacres, wars, death squads, drug trafficking, and rigged elections all over the world; tortures children as young as 13 and adults as old as 89, resulting in forced “confessions” to all sorts of imaginary crimes; orchestrates the media -- which one CIA deputy director liked to call “the mighty Wurlitzer” -- and places its agents inside newspapers, magazines and book publishers; and much more. CIA crimes continue unabated, and unpunished, Zepezauer writes. The day before General David Petraeus took over as the twentieth CIA director, federal prosecutors announced that they were dropping 99 investigations into the deaths of people in CIA custody, leaving just two active cases they’re willing to pursue.
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