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Another false flag attack appears imminent; here’s how to protect yourself
and your family NOW

*Mike Adams *| In the tragic aftermath of the Aurora, Colorado shooting
which has all the earmarks of a staged “false flag” event, a follow-up
false flag now appears imminent.

In the tragic aftermath of the Aurora, Colorado shooting which has all the
earmarks of a staged “false flag” event, a follow-up false flag now appears
imminent. To be effective in achieving its political aim, it will have to
be orders of magnitude larger and more deadly than what took place in
Colorado. This article is largely focused on the *safety solutions* for you
and your family, because above all I want people to be safe. But before we
get that part, let’s explore the logical reasoning behind why another false
flag attack appears imminent.

For starters, the Batman movie theater shooting was obviously staged (…<>).
The evidence of this includes eyewitness reports of *multiple shooters*,
James Holmes being drugged out of his mind in court (a common tactic used
against patsies), his work as a graduate student in a government-funded
neuroscience program that specifically researched altered perception of
time and reality, and Holmes having somehow obtained the skill set to build
a highly complex maze of makeshift grenades, binary liquid explosives,
intricate flammable devices, trip wires and booby traps. The attack in
Aurora, Colorado was not a run-of-the-mill random violent act by a graduate
student; it was a carefully planned, plotted, funded, and well-trained
attack carried out for a specific purpose.

This fact is now obvious to well-informed NaturalNews readers, who,
compared to the general public, tend to have far more in-depth knowledge of
the way the world works. But as our stories have recently received
unprecedented readership — recently surged beyond the web
traffic of the BBC (source: — it has unfortunately reached the
“dumbed-down masses” who aren’t regular alternative news readers and
therefore have very little knowledge of reality.

So for those who don’t believe any of this, simply go back to sleep and
change the channel. It is not mandatory for you to understand reality in
order to experience it. But for those who seek understanding and knowledge
of the real forces at work in our world, keep reading.

*What was the purpose of the attack?*

Once you realize the attack was planned, funded and carried out for a
deliberate purpose, the obvious question becomes: *For what purpose* was it
carried out?

The answer to that question is found in many places, including the novel *
1984* by George Orwell, in which the nation state is locked in a perpetual
state of fabricated war in order for the government to maintain total
control over its population. It is now well established that the Oklahoma
City bombing was conducted for much the same purpose, as it explained in
the outstanding documentary “A Noble Lie” ( Do
not make the mistake of thinking you know the true history of Oklahoma City
unless you’ve seen this documentary. Had the Oklahoma City bombing been
carried out today, during the time of the ubiquitous internet, it would
have been almost instantly revealed to be a staged false flag attack. The
official explanation of the event is so self-contradictory — and the
cover-up so sloppy — that it only succeeded due to a mainstream media
monopoly which existed at the time but has since been shattered by the rise
of the alternative, independent media like NaturalNews.

The real history of the world — not the fairy tale history you were taught
in government-run schools — is a history of *government groups and leaders
staging events to blame them on their enemies*. The “false flag” tactic is
so remarkably effective that it has been used since the time of the Romans
and continues to this day. Anyone who does not yet realize this truth is
simply ignorant of factual history. America’s public school system, of
course, is run by the government itself which selectively alters accounts
of history to fit its present-day political fairy tale. This altered
history is also depicted in great detail in the novel *1984*. (…<>

A similarly fresh look at actual history is also described in the
outstanding book by the progressive author Howard Zinn entitled, “A
People’s History of American Empire.” ( This
book reveals the imperialist side of American history that’s almost never
taught in public school. An even more interesting read, by the way, is *A
Patriot’s History of the United States: From Columbus’s Great Discovery to
the War on Terror* (…<>).
And I highly recommend “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins
as well as “The Secret History of the American Empire,” also by Perkins (…<>

What we learn from the open-minded study of history often shatters whatever
youthful illusions we may have been taught in school. As it turns out,
in government who insatiably seek power are not just cruel and inhumane;
they’re often sociopathic*. They have a disease, and that disease makes
them think they can create a perfect world if everybody else would simply
do as they’re told. This disease quickly festers into tyranny; and tyranny
into genocide.

Once this disease takes hold of their minds — as it routinely does with
Senators, Presidents, dictators and others who incessantly seek power —
there is absolutely nothing they won’t do in order to feed their desire for
yet more power. Tactics used by these tyrants throughout the history of the
world include stuffing ballot boxes, conducting assassinations,
blackmailing enemies and of course staging false flag attacks to justify an
expansion of power. See *Operation Northwoods* for an open admission that
the U.S. government carefully plotted, planned and was about to carry out
its own false flag terror attack in order to justify war:

The real question to ask yourself in all this is, historically speaking,
how did the 9/11 attacks help President Bush, for example? If you recall,
he used the tragedy to boost his own ratings in the polls to an astonishing
80% support level, then staged a “heroic bull-horning event” by climbing a
heap of rubble and ground zero and delivering a supposedly impromptu — but
actually well prepared — speech that helped lay the groundwork for the
liberty-crushing Patriot Act that still haunts the ghost of a free America
to this day.

President Clinton reportedly credited the Oklahoma City bombings for
strengthening his reelection in 1996. One well-placed bomb, it seems, can
alter the fortunes of major political players. Never mind the fact that, in
retrospect, all the evidence available today clearly and irrefutably points
to the event having been staged by rogue elements within the U.S.
government itself. Again, see the film “A Noble Lie” for a full review of
the stunning evidence.

Similarly, President Reagan has the staged embassy hostage crisis in 1980
to thank for his victory over President Carter. Those hostages were
released the very same day Reagan was sworn in as President. “The hostages
were formally released into United States custody the following day, just
minutes after the new American president Ronald Reagan was sworn into
office,” reports Wikipedia. (

The point of all this is that *crisis always concentrates power into the
hands of the government*. Therefore, staging crisis accelerates that
concentration of power. Because power is what all ambitious government
operatives ultimately seek, this is the primary purpose of staging a false
flag attack in the first place.

*The lower Obama gets in the polls, the greater the risk of a large-scale
staged event*

If Obama were high in the polls right now, with no risk of losing his
re-election bid in November, the risk of a large-scale false flag attack in
the months ahead would be minimal. It is *the risk of him losing the
election* that creates the high risk of a false flag operation. Curiously,
Obama himself may have absolutely no knowledge of any of this.

Most likely, the kind of dirty work that results in false flag attacks is
carried out by “handlers” and unelected power brokers who control much of
what transpires on the world stage. As long as these power brokers see
Obama’s second term as a positive thing for shoring up their global
control, they will pull out all the stops to make sure he gets reelected,
including (but not limited to) staging a false flag event that Obama
himself may not even be aware of until the last minute. It’s easier for his
reaction to the tragedy to appear sufficiently authentic, after all, if
he’s actually not in the loop.

*Why the next false flag may be orders of magnitude larger*

If the Aurora Colorado shooting was just a warm-up, a truly
paradigm-altering false flag event would have to be something orders of
magnitude larger and more horrifying. To really tip the scales in
favor of *total
government control* and the complete annihilation of all remaining
liberties in America, a truly massive event would have to be staged (or
allowed to transpire) such as:

• The release of a nuclear “dirty bomb” in a major U.S. city.
• The ICBM nuking of a major U.S. city.
• Nuclear power plant sabotage leading to meltdown.
• The mass poisoning of Americans via a water supply chemical attack.
• The release of a deadly biological weapon.
• A large-scale bombing on the scale of 9/11.

For the purposes of seizing control over the nation, the more visually
horrifying the attack, the better. This provides video footage that can be
played over and over again on the evening news, searing into the minds of
the public the visual horror of an attack which is blamed on a selected
political enemy or even an entire political movement.

Because of this, you can expect the next false flag to be:

• Very large, killing not just a dozen people but thousands.

• Very bloody, for the purpose of showing such images on the news.

• Timed to support the election of whichever President the global
controllers want in office. Let’s analyze this briefly:

*False flag timing: Before the election or after the election?*

If an attack happens *before* the November election, it would support Obama
and help him get reelected. If Romney wins, on the other hand, and an
attack happens *after* the election but before the inauguration, it would
support Obama declaring Martial Law and seizing control of the country
under emergency powers. If Romney wins and an attack happens *after* the
inauguration in January, it would support Romney’s and make him appear
heroic much like Bush in 2001. This would soon be followed by a Romney-led
push for more restrictions on whatever freedoms or liberties could be
conceivably tied to the attack by the mainstream (lying) media.

So the TIMING of these events tells you a wealth of information about the
PURPOSE behind them. If no false flag events are witnessed between now and
early 2013, it would indicate that the global controllers feel power is
trending in their direction anyway and no special intervention is necessary.

*False flags are used to stop the rise of liberty*

False flags also tend to take place when the global controllers detect a
“wave of liberty” starting to gain traction among the populace. When talk
of liberty or the Bill of Rights begins to rise above the usual drone of
infobabble, a false flag is often staged and then blamed on so-called
“extremist” speech, which inevitably boils down to any speech that
questions the credibility of Big Government. If you listen carefully to the
rhetoric of any White House, you’ll discover that “extremism” means
anything that does not agree with that particular administration’s
political agenda. In 1943, growing your own food and even selling fresh
milk was considered an act of patriotism — victory gardens! But in 2012,
selling fresh milk is considered a criminal activity associated with the
“sovereign” movement which, itself, is linked to so-called “extremism.”

This, itself, should be a red alert warning that tyranny has arrived. When
the simple pursuit of life, liberty and happiness is equated with extremism
by the government, it’s a sign that we’ve all fallen deeper down the rabbit
hole of tyranny than you might have suspected.

As further evidence of false flags being used to stifle the rise of
liberty, consider this: The Oklahoma City bombing was staged just as “right
wing” ideas were gaining audience share on talk radio. Regardless of
whether you prefer the adrenaline jolt of Alex Jones or the hypnotic drone
of NPR, the attempted blaming of Rush Limbaugh following the Oklahoma City
bombing was one of the most cowardly and absurd political attempts to
censor free speech that our nation has ever witnessed. We may or may not
agree with Rush, but if we are true Americans, we must at least agree that
the man has the right to speak his mind.

Similarly, in 2001 as the “patriot movement” was gaining steam, the 9/11
attacks turned the tables on the freedom movement and resulted in the
suffocating “Patriot Act” being passed that gave the government vast new
police powers for surveillance, arrest, detention and more. Never mind the
fact that building 7 was never even hit by airplanes and yet was quite
obviously brought down by an expert demolition team using a highly
engineered maze of intricately-timed explosive charges that had to have
been placed in the building weeks in advance (

Whatever next false flag event is being planned could be the final nail in
the coffin for American liberty. Obama has already put in place the NDAA
that denies Americans due process ( He
promised to never use it, but that promise will, of course, be instantly
revoked once a sufficiently large attack takes place. One nuclear
explosion, placed not only in the right city, but more importantly in the
right narrative context via the media and government, could condemn an
entire generation of Americans to suffocating under the boot of tyranny,
stripped of all rights, enslaved by a dictatorial police state regime that
they falsely believe is protecting them from the very terrorism it

*One attack away from total surrender*

Today, America is just one large false flag event away from surrendering to
total government dictatorship… assuming the horrifying event can be
properly blamed on the right parties — in this case, anyone who believes in
the U.S. Constitution or the Bill of Rights, or even someone who is a
supporter of the ACLU and the concept of “civil rights.”

In the footsteps of a sufficiently large false flag attack — something on
the scale of a nuclear attack on a major U.S. city, for example — you can
expect all the following to be rolled out:

• TSA on street corners, in shopping malls, movie theaters, a total police
state rollout.

• Domestic units of the U.S. military running patrols, going door to door
and demanding everyone’s firearms. (Already happened in New Orleans
following hurricane Katrina.)

• Frequent roadside checkpoints run either by the TSA or the military,
complete with bulletproof checkpoint booths, strip searches and frequent
sexual molestation by TSA pedophiles and perverts. (….<>

• The activation of FEMA camps and the hustling of “economic refugees” into
those camps to be starved to death or exterminated, all in secret. Watch
the “lost” episode of Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” show on FEMA
camps right here:

• The abolishment of the Second Amendment and the forced confiscation — at
gunpoint — of all guns from private citizens, thereby concentrating control
of those guns in the hands of the government. This imbalance of power is
always necessary right before governments commit mass genocide.

• Total government control over the internet. An outlawing of all online
speech that criticizes the government or reports the truth about anything.
Only the White House version of events (fairy tales) will be allowed. All
else will be censored or shut down.

• The “secret disappearance” of journalists, activists or anyone who dares
to ask legitimate questions about what’s going on.

• The inevitable rise of an *underground railroad information
network*which seeks to expose the lies of government and the real
story behind the
false flag attacks.

• A massive, nationwide rollout of *spy drones* to surveil all Americans
from the sky.

• The recruitment and deployment of at least 500,000 new “citizen spies”
who work as informants for the Department of Homeland Security and are
given cash rewards for calling in accusatory reports about their neighbors,
family members or even their own parents. “My daddy said he didn’t like the
government!” “Don’t worry, little boy, agents are on their way to make an
arrest…” Watch for the rolling out of *thought crimes enforcers* like those
depicted in the sci-fi movie *Minority Report*.

• The complete abolition of freedom. No home gardens, no weapons in the
hands of citizens, no public protests, no banking privacy, no choice in
anything that really matters. This is what’s coming if another sufficiently
large false flag attack is rolled out in America.

*How to protect yourself from the next false flag attack*

Here’s the really important part of this article. First there is the
question of how to protect yourself from the attack itself. And then,
secondly, there’s the question of how to protect yourself from the rise of
the police state which follows the attack.

Protecting yourself from the initial attack is fairly straightforward:

#1) *Don’t live in a major U.S. city*. All the likely targets are, of
course, high population density areas. They include Los Angeles, Seattle,
New York, Houston and Chicago. Each day that you live in a large U.S. city
is a day of risk that you will be caught in a false flag attack.

#2) *Have your preparedness pack ready*. Make sure you cover all the
basics: Stored food, water, water filters, communications, first aid, self
defense and so on. (See resources, below.)

#3) *Have a bug-out location ready*. Whether it’s a family member’s house
in the country or a cabin in the woods, have a bug-out location picked out
and ready in advance. Read the book “Patriots” by James Wesley Rawles. (…<>

#3) *Practice bugging out without using the major roads or highways*.
Remember, all major roads will either be clogged with traffic or held to a
standstill due to TSA checkpoints. You’ll need an alternate route.

#4) *Have radiation pills and pandemic defense pills ready.* Radiation
pills are, of course, KI pills (potassium iodide). “Pandemic defense pills”
are, above all, high-dose *vitamin D supplements* but may also include
upper respiratory defensive herbal tinctures such as *Lomatium* or *star
anise*. Radiation detection stickers — “Rad Stickers” — are available at <>

*The false flag depopulation strategy via a staged biological attack*

Understand, importantly, that in the case of a biological attack, the
higher the fatality of a biological weapon, the faster it burns out through
the population. It would be a tactical mistake for an enemy of the People
to develop and release a biological weapon with, for example, a fast-acting
“98% kill rate” because its overall fatality would be low due to the fact
that its *carriers*would die before they could spread it to others.

The most “effective” biological weapon to deploy in terms of an enemy
attack or a false flag staged attack is one with a fatality rate *under
five percent*. This way, 95% of the population becomes “carriers” while
even a five percent death rate is enough to spread mass fear and terror and
therefore accomplish the desired political aim.

A biological attack is very, very easy to blame on anyone you wish. All the
evidence needed to convict someone of, for example, breaking into a
laboratory, stealing biological weapons samples, then releasing them in a
major airport can simply be fabricated at will. We’ve all seen, for
example, Forrest Gump shaking hands with President Nixon (, even though
such an event never took place. Today’s video engineering technology makes
it ridiculously easy for a government to fabricate convincing evidence and
thereby blame anyone they wish.

Should a biological attack actually unfold, expect to see the CDC
spearheading calls for mandatory “gunpoint” vaccinations of the entire
population. Anyone who resists will be condemned a “threat to public
health,” arrested, quarantined and forcibly vaccines. All the vaccines, of
course, will be laced with infertility chemicals or stealth viruses ( This is
the ultimate goal of the globalists: to get the population to voluntarily
line up to be injected with what are essentially *infertility
chemicals*and thereby remove those individuals from the future of the
human gene pool.

For review, here’s how a biological false flag would likely be structured:

*Development of biological weapon with under 5% mortality but high spread
rate –> False flag biological weapons release –> Blame framed on convenient
enemy –> Outbreak of fear multiplied by the media –> CDC calls for
mandatory vaccines –> People line up for vaccines –> Vaccines are laced
with stealth infertility viruses –> Population reduction goal accomplished.*

Bill Gates declares history and the human gene pool collapses by 50 – 90
percent, removing from the gene pool the DNA of people who are foolish
enough to follow government medical instructions. In globalist circles,
this is probably referred to as “natural selection,” and they may actually
be right about that point.

Learn more details about surviving any false flag attack in my course, “How
to protect and defend yourself, your family and your property during the
coming collapse” at: <>

*How to protect yourself AFTER the attack*

This is where things get tricky. Surviving the initial attack is relatively
straightforward, but making it through the subsequent police state will be
nothing short of a nightmare.

Before every revolution of liberty, it seems, there must be a period of
great suffering before awakening achieves a critical mass. People don’t
realize what’s going on, in other words, until the situation gets really,
really bad. And usually by that time the police state tyranny is deeply
entrenched and the secret arrests (or mass murders) have already begun.
(Read your history, folks, if this doesn’t already ring a bell for you.)

The ultimate answer to surviving the situation after the attack is to *help
defend and restore liberty* in your country. During that effort, surviving
means laying low and avoiding direct confrontation with the oppressive
government while working to restore Democracy and defend the Republic.

You cannot individually achieve victory against a tyrannical police state
by using force. No one person — or even a small group of people — can
out-gun the military, for example. The real victory is achieved through *
information* that ultimately educates the masses to the point where the
military refuses to support an oppressive regime; hence the name “info war”
to describe the process by which victory is achieved through education and
the spread of liberating information.

Becoming part of the info war, even in the form of being an advocate of the
“underground information railroad,” is crucial to restoring Democracy and
the Republic. The laborious process of achieving an overthrow of any given
tyranny may take years of dedication and suffering. During this time, *all
the basic supplies you need to live will be in short supply* because they
will be controlled by the government: food, medicine, electricity,
gasoline, heating fuel, precious metals and probably even garden seeds. A
large underground economy will spring up, and people will begin to engage
in new crimes such as “seed smuggling” or “selling home-grown vegetables” —
both of which will be felony crimes because they express a level of freedom
that the tyrannical government will not tolerate. (See the movie “Hunger
Games” for a dystopian futuristic depiction of this.)

Because of this, the more you take action TODAY to store food, medicine,
seeds, silver, ammo and other basic necessities (even pencils and toilet
paper), the better you’ll be able to cushion yourself against the
starvation, disease and destitution put in place by the government itself.
Governments gone bad inevitably do this because every tyrant drives his own
population into poverty in order to create vast *wealth gaps* between the
enslaved masses and the government rulers. North Korea is perhaps the best
example of this today, but other examples abound across the span of history
(Stalin, Mao, Hitler, etc).

Thus, once again, your best defense against the aftermath of a false flag
attack is to *have street smarts* about avoiding arrest and staying out of
trouble while also *having a hidden store of essential goods* that can keep
you healthy, alive and “wealthy” in the barter sense. Meanwhile, fight to
protect and defend the Constitution (if you’re an American) against all
enemies, both foreign and domestic. Restore liberty, resist tyranny and
stay alive.

*Survival nutrition*

Among all the topics I cover, I have perhaps become best known as a
“survival nutritionist,” meaning I specialize in survival nutrition
strategies. In the Middle Ages, kings maintained power over their enslaved
populations by, in part, *starving them to the point of stunted growth*.
This is why kings, knights and royal families were physically larger and
intimidating: the peons were starved into small stature while the royal
families consumed an excess of calories that simply were not allowed to the
working poor.

The crucial point to understand here is that *if the government can
separate you from real food, they can eventually control you*. So one of
the best defenses against tyranny is to have your own stores of highly
nutritious foods – *superfoods* are best. As a side note, Monsanto seeks
corporate control over the world’s food supply through intellectual
property claims over genetically modified seeds. This, too, is a form of
corporate tyranny that parallels the aims of many governments.

Importantly, getting squared away with emergency preparedness nutrition
does not, in my opinion, mean rush out and buy the cheap, low-cost
“survival” foods commonly sold everywhere. Most of these foods are highly
processed, nutritionally depleted, laced with MSG (yeast extract) and
manufactured using GMOs. The absolute best source of emergency survival
nutrition is none other than *sprouting seeds* and a sprouting tray kit.

These are all sold at Green PolkaDot Box, a supplier of mostly organic and
non-GMO foods and groceries. Their supply of sprouting seeds is perfect for
emergency preparedness. Learn more at:<>

The next best thing to store is *superfood powders* which include several
ideal brands: Boku Superfood, Living Fuel, Enerfood, Healthforce, Vega,
Rejuvenate and so on. I strongly recommend only high-end brands and to
avoid cheap superfoods with a lot of filler such as soy lecithin. It’s also
a good idea to store high nutrient density powders such as Camu Camu powder
or Pomegranate powder, both of which deliver a storehouse of
disease-preventing nutrition. (Pomegranate powder is available at Green
PolkaDot Box. Camu Camu powder is available at health food stores or

*The emergency food miracle: chia seeds*

In terms of storable nutrition, *chia seeds* are simply one of the best
all-around solutions:

• They can be easily sprouted and consumed as living sprouts.

• They can be soaked in water and mixed with almost any other smoothie,
baking recipe, salad dressings, etc.

• They’re high in omega-3 fatty acids which will be difficult to acquire
during hard times.

• They have a remarkably long shelf life.

• They’re high in magnesium, a mineral that’s often difficult to acquire.

• They contain amino acids, vitamins, fiber and other valuable plant-based

• They’re delicious and easy to use in all sorts of foods.

• They can be planted to grow more chia seeds. They grow best in hot, dry
climates such as Southern California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona, but will
also do well in places like Texas and Florida if well-drained soils are

For this reason, I’m including some *chia seed* sources for you below. If
you’re copying this story and pasting it on your own website, feel free to
snip off that section of this story (but please give a link and credit to

*Best storable food staples*

Beyond chia seeds, some of the best storable foods for fundamental
nutrition include:

• Sardines packed in olive oil. (Very high RNA, calcium, omega-3s, etc.)

• Coconut oil (very high calories, very healthy)

• Sea salt (contains essential trace minerals)

• Raw honey (stores practically forever, useful as food and medicine,

• Garden seeds (for growing your own food) See<>for an organic
open-pollinated survival seed selection.

• Organic raisins (good shelf life, high nutrition, portable calories)

• Quinoa (complete protein, stores for a decade, cooks with just water)

These food staples are crucial for staying alive during a time when the
government may be trying to “thin the herd” through a policy of starvation
and forced immune suppression. You’ll also, of course, need a source of
common carbohydrates such as wheat, kamut, rice, dried fruits, and so on.
Contact your local Mormon cannery for free help on getting squared away
with stored foods (Mormons are, without question, the best-prepared
religious group in North America). For the record, I’m not affiliated with
the Mormon church or any particular church for that matter. I just know the
Mormons are the best at this particular skill set.
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.