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Head of DEA Says He Intercepted CIA Cocaine Shipments
To: Cia-drugs Cia-drugs , 
SCOTT PLANTTREES suggests you JOIN these 2 listserves cause I have been on em for a DECADE. I trust Kris Millegan. KRIS is EXCELLENT source for CIA info!
Head of DEA Says He Intercepted CIA Cocaine Shipments

 IF you value anything I have posted here in recent years. Please listen to KRIS MILLEGAN while you work or hang out.
I have been reading his posts on CIA DRUGS for a DECADE. I trust him. He will change your world. 

Infowars Nightly News: Friday (7-27-12) Kris Millegan

AN EXPERIMENT IN PUBLISHING: While simultaneously launching the print edition and three eBook versions of "Future Esoteric: The Unseen Realms" -- this Facebook page will be the vehicle to post all the content in the form of status updates. If you like an excerpt, please share, and tell your friends... 
Activist Post: Did Mexican Official Blow Lid Off CIA-Managed Drug Trade?

James Holmes: Government Patsy Assisting Obama in Disarming Americans :

Aurora Shooter Cover-Up – Pictures Tell a Thousand Words

Backlash against airport scanners
TSA Backscatter ImagesThe airport x-ray machines are not safe. And for over a year, TSA has been defying a court order.NEW Promo Video for the August Chemtrails it up!

Overwhelming Evidence Mounts Indicating Colorado Shooting Staged :

US gov. involved in program to break down the cohesive aspects of US society | Veterans Today

Overwhelming Evidence Mounts Indicating Colorado Shooting Staged :

Dr. Greger's last nutrition DVD now available online (for free)
I tried to compile the most compelling (and entertaining!) recent research on the role a plant-based diet can play in preventing, treating, and reversing our top 15 killers--enjoy:
Michael Greger, M.D.
2100 L St., N.W. | Washington, DC 20037 | t (301) 721-6461 | f (202) 676-2372
subscribe at 

Bloodlines of the Illuminati, Banking scandals, Twitter Censorship, NYPD Surveillance Grid & Mexico's Continued Violence 7pmCT Nightly News

Ancient Egyptian Flying Vehicles !!!!

How does it all tie together? Conspiracy Theory co-host & Occupy Activist Tyrel Ventura 11amCT

cats Lick their FUR. Please Use only NON toxic carpets, sheets, blankets.
ALL FIRE CHIEF's must stop insisting on BPA application to every surface of every home and commercial drape, etc.
CATS in CALIFORNIA DIE QUICKER due to CA laws requiring FLAME RETARTDENTS on Carpets Pillows Sheets Furniture etc.
NOW you KNOW why your parents DIED of CANCER!

nnocents Betrayed - The True Story of Gun Control WorldWide - (Graphic Images) by JPFO.ORG
Uploaded by Chinesehealthfitnes1 on Sep 1, 2011 In this powerful documentary produced by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership 

"Lone nuts" of the past
We made this video last year to mark the 30th
anniversary of the murder of John Lennon. 
How much do you know about the background
of the man who killed him? 
One thing for sure is that the media worked
overtime to obscure the details at the time.  
A continuation of an answer to today's question:
Can people be programmed to kill on command?

Discovered: U.S. State Department Disarmament Plan
Following up on this morning's report that
the military is activating 'law enforcement battalions'...
A 1961 U.S. State Department memorandum 
has been discovered, which outlines the total 
disarmament of the U.S. population.
The UN's Arms Trade Treaty wraps up 
negotiations today, the treaty happens to 
mirror the memorandum mentioned above.     Video:

Military 'law enforcement battalions' activate
As the domestic police force is militarized, 
the military takes on law enforcement role.
Soon enough, you'll have military conducting 
roadblocks and checkpoints inside the  United States.
Oh, wait, that's already happening...    Video:

Can they be programmed to kill?
Can human beings be hypnotically
programmed to kill - and then forget the original instructions? 
Two professors - one from Columbia
University Medical School - the other
from Santa Clara Law School say yes...
and the technology is over 50 years old.

Germany admits NATO favoring Al Qaeda in Syria
Evidence is mounting that western media 
is distorting the facts on the ground in Syria.
Even to the point of blaming the Syrian regime
for terror attacks committed by Al Qaeda.
Now, Germany admits that 'illegal' operations
are being conducted in Syria, in favor of  jihadists.

It’s not just Homeland Security: US ARMY ORDERS RIOT GEAR TOO.
The latest inquiry from the US Army was filed only a few weeks before another call for bids was published by the Department of Homeland Security.
On July 26, the DHS Office of Procurement Operations also wrote on that they were soliciting contractors to help equip them with riot helmets, tactic gloves, shin guards, body armor and other equipment comparable that could be used in tandem with a complex “riot control system.”

Second Operative Got Call to Open Colorado Theater Door for Shooter

People arrested in Anaheim are NOT being released(indefinitely right now). Apparently Anaheim has been declared in a state of emergency.

#Aurora What's real and what's #disinfo ? NightlyNews SPECIAL REPORT Watch live 7pmCT

excellent video explaining the science of EMF's 

Pentagon psychiatrists, flase flags, and staged terror
The latest news is that the shooter from
the theater in Colorado was under the 
care of a former Pentagon psychiatrist.
Dr. Lynne Fenton won various grants and 
contracts to study schizophrenia.
This new information reminds me of 
another (rather infamous) Pentagon 
psychiatrist, Dr. Jolyon West...    Video:


How to Escape from Zip Ties - Great Article & Many Videos. If you don't understand why this is an important skill then you really do need to read the article.

List of 100 Bankers & Brokers & Inside Traders Arrested in last month    or

Homeland Security and Military Vehicles - Pictures I Captured while in Kentucky CHEMTRAILS FLUORIDE SMART METERS Cell Phones

Wow! Check out the list of what companies are pumping money against Prop 37 (Labeling GMO's) in California


I do not want to eat GMOs. Please Kellogs use only real food not toxic untested Genetically Modified Organisms in your corn and wheat that have proven to cause organ damage in Rats. Thank you.

Virtually all "TERRORISM" has been FALSE FLAG / INSIDE JOB fomented, planned and executed by USA / ISRAEL / UK yet
ONE DAY there may actually be a real act by some pissed off victim of all our WARs of EMPIRE. BEWARE. 
Maybe stop killing everyone all over the planet. Yes I think that would be a good and sane start. Must stop the Bankers who profit from war.

Login to FB on SECURE PAGE. here's how. Change your account settings to SECURE SESSION. now you get "https"
LOGOUT. BOOKMARK the URL of the LOGged out page FB serves up. Use that BOOKmark or cut and paste that URL when you want to get back on to FB. VOILA. SECURE and easy!

Major Harvard Study Published in Federal Govt Journal Confirms Fluoride Lowers IQ
“Our results support the possibility of adverse effects of fluoride exposures on children’s neurodevelopment.”

Weekly Blog Digest for 07/29/2012
Recent testing of mercury concentrations in three national brands of canned tuna found that “55% of all tuna examined was above the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s safety level for human consumption.” And the problem appears to be getting worse.

IF you value anything I have posted here on FB in recent years. Please listen to KRIS MILLEGAN while you work or hang out.
I have been reading his posts on CIA DRUGS for a DECADE. I trust him. He will change your world. 

Infowars Nightly News: Friday (7-27-12) Kris Millegan


The three biggest drones in use by the US are the most accident-prone category of aircraft in the Air Force fleet. 

The aircraft, Northrop Grumman’s Global Hawk (pictured above) and General Atomics’ Reaper and Predator, have a collective 9.31 accidents per 100,000 flight hours, more than triple the fleet-wide average and o...

- - - - -

adopt cats in pairs or more, siblings, kittens need to play
loneliness is cruel
separation is difficult
provide lots of ccarpeted cat houses to climb and build muscles
lots of boxes to hide in  

Thank you all for wishing me happy Bday but please be ware FB censoring me now for 1 week.
INTERMITTENT inability to like or share posts. for 7 DAYS! FB doing this for years to activists and now it is my turn. if FB goes down or when you give up on FASCIST BOOK
I always wondered when it would be my turn, and now I know... FB is toggling my features hard for many days now and I feel neutered.
- other symptoms include -
when I hit the "SHOW MORE POSTS" button on bottom of page, it does NOT. It just reloads the same darn 7 posts I already saw. (STATIC PAGE)(no refresh)(No new posts) Mind you with 4,500 FB friends I should see a cascade of new posts each refresh.
inability to DELETE posts. ie posts I put up but wish to take down, then I can not. What a trap!
I rely on feedback from FB and other friends to guard against disinfo. Removing posts is critical. Loss of that option is a TRAP or just sucks.
- other symptoms that apply to both GMAIL and FB: therefore I suspect MAGIC LANTERN NSA keystroke logger?
GMAIL and FB PAINFUL SLOW TYPING SPEED such that I nearly can not type in window. So I type on Text Edit and drag, even a sentence, into the Window.
TIME LAG on every KEY I type. WHOA!
PAINFUL slow speeds all around, loading messages, alerts, events, or any pull down FB option, such that I HIGHLY prefer folks email me rather than FB message me.
AGAIN, FB is so slow to load messages, and FU CK FACEBOOK for making me press 5 buttons to delete a message or convo SHEESH!
YES FB I AM SURE I WANT TO DELETE THIS CONVO! PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME TAKE 5 STEPS to Trash it. That is just rude and time wasting.

Someone deliberately let the gunman inside
Massacre: What Does the Location of the Gas Mask 
Tell Us? What About Security Cameras?  Are They Related?
 Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs  of being staged
Batman Shooter James Holmes Was On  Hardcore Pharmaceutical Drugs
James Holmes Appears In Court -- Has He Been  Forcibly Drugged?

Martial Law - Predictive behavior, history shows, or a sure thing?

Evidence America under Foreign"Obama"Control + More Obama non Citizen Proof +++
"The Evidence Is In! America Is Under Foreign Control! Evidence, Analysis and a Challenge!" on ( YouTube ) 
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.