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What in hades is this bullshit @disclosetv 
NEW - Canadian police stormed an "illegal gathering of six people" in a Gatineau home after a neighbor ratted them out. The residents resisted.

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A new wave of scare videos from China is hitting social media platforms again. This is just one example. There are many more.

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I look forward to
, @tedcruz
, and all congressional members ensuring
is allowed to inspect the batches of ballots that multiple sworn witnesses have observed as, "Pristine ballots, different feel, no folds, perfect bubbles, all for Biden."
This is what it is now all about #ExecutiveOrderScan #ShowUsTheBallots #ScanTheBallots #KinematicArtifacts #JovanHuttonPulitzer #NoFoldNeverMailed #WhyWeNeedAnAudit
Dan Bongino   @dbongino 
Do not fall for the BIG LIE in Georgia. Here’s what really went down in that call. Don’t miss the full show at

Julian Gyilkos 
The cornholio event must have been exactly modeled after this movie. Wow 
The Hamburg Syndrome (1979), Pandemic Sci-Fi with english subtitles - Film Clips - 2020 9:03 
The Hamburg Syndrome (1979), Pandemic Sci-Fi with english subtitles - Film Clips - 2020

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When using face-masks PH of your lungs drops too far below 7 becoming more Acidic thus Cancer can thrive easier & faster cumulatively, correct?

A while ago, there was an article about some 5G frequencies causing concerns for aviation by harmful interference [3) -
Here is an article with more detailed information.
The Military is scrambling to understand the aviation crash risk from a new 5G sale
"As part of a broader move to boost the 5G industry in the United States, the Federal Communications Commission on Dec. 8 began auctioning a portion of C-band electromagnetic spectrum, a move the committee’s chairman, Ajit Pai, celebrated as “a big day for American consumers and U.S. leadership in 5G.”
But, in the weeks leading up to the auction, more than a dozen commercial aviation groups warned the sale could, as one study put it, lead to “catastrophic failures” with the potential for “multiple fatalities.”
While radar altimeters made for military aircraft are sometimes built to slightly more stringent requirements — having the ability to function in extremely cold or hot environments, for instance, or to withstand higher gravitational forces — they still reside on the same portion of the spectrum as commercial ones and are vulnerable to the same interference, the senior government official said.
The cargo planes and aerial refueling tankers operated by the Air Force’s Air Mobility Command would be most hindered by the interference produced by 5G due to their similarities to commercial aircraft, said Mike Holmes, a retired Air Force four-star general and former head of Air Combat Command. Holmes reviewed the RTCA report at Defense News’ request.

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So you're telling me that China, the world's most populated country and the cradle of the pandemic hasn't begun vaccinating, they're completely open, celebrated New Years old style, is economically soaring while we're shutting down the economy and none of this is suspicious?

30th December Update Current News  
Simon Parkes Dec 30, 2020 23 45 

Andy Ngô   @MrAndyNgo 
An antifa shot dead a man in downtown Portland just a few months ago. In 2019, antifa Connor Betts killed 9. Charles Landeros launched a school shooting. Willem van Spronsen came armed & firebombed a government facility. BLM extremist Micah Johnson killed 5. Gavin Long killed 3.

What time is the pipe burst scheduled for in Georgia tomorrow?
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