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Stefan Molyneux 
LIVE 11:30am EST: Stefan Molyneux in Conversation with Anthony Johnson Check it out, it's going to be a great chat!
Holy sh*t, this is a BIG coverup.

The Masker Mash - Michael J. Talmo 

False Flag Weekly News with Kevin Barrett 2021.02.13

A Silicon Slopes Future - Impact Investing Along the Wasatch Range 
This is one of several talks I gave on human capital bond markets, educational technology, poverty management

Premiere of new short video  Quick that looks at some of the absurdity that we are all now taking as just day to day news. It is a short video, so try to catch during Premiere. I will be in the chat.

Stefan Molyneux 
Has the Time for Arguments Passed? Anthony Johnson Interviews Stefan Molyneux Episode 135 of The Red Man Group with returning guest, 21 Convention alumni speaker, and infamous philosopher Stefan Molyneux from
5 Ways Biometric Security Can Be Spoofed

WHO Changes Definition of Herd Immunity
THIS SHOULD SCARE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING! HERD IMMUNITY? According to WHO, "In order to return to normal we MUST reach herd immunity." WHO operates a global VACCINE pool called COVAX. Good day friends. I'm not providing information in order to provoke anger. It is, after all, your life and it is up to you to do whatever you deem necessary to be healthy. I only offer a few interesting ideas that I find extremely disturbing. To me, this is the MOST egregious perversion of science I have observed in my lifetime, a con the like of which we have never seen. This explains EVERYTHING! Otherwise, an antibodies test would be required BEFORE the vax. Those with antibodies do NOT need a vax and, in fact, the vax could harm them! "The Gates Foundation has been a key donor to the WHO over the past decade, accounting for as much as 13% of the group's budget for the 2016-17 period. In February 2020, the foundation pledged $100 million, and it upped that to $250 million in April." THIS IS THE ONLY THING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE VAX! COPY THIS AND PRESENT IT TO ANYONE WHO TRIES TO FORCE A VAX INTO YOUR BODY! "This perversion of science implies that the only way to achieve herd immunity is via vaccination, which is BLATANTLY UNTRUE, a horrific lie."

Lee Sayer
11 February at 19:34  · 
I'm making this post because I'm sick of people saying, "derp, but FB is a pwivate company." NO......
A) FB is NOT a private company! The original platform was STOLEN from Divya Narendra... Then it was funded by DARPA and the CIA... Cuckerberg was installed as the face forward puppet. 
B ) It behaves like a platform AND a publisher... You can't have it both ways! It has also, like google, YouTube, and twitter, become somewhat of a public utility..
C) ANNNNND it's a MONOPOLY and should be busted up..
D) But ultimately, who freaking cares if ANY company is "private" or not! Censorship should DISTURB you regardless of who or what is doing it! This totalitarianism is sweeping the internet and MUST BE STOPPED... Pretty soon they are going to start gatekeeping the ENTIRE internet... 
E) Now, this platform (and others) has become a thorn in the side of the controllers... Much like LSD backfired on the CIA in the 60's... It has become too powerful a tool for the peasants. As they share information to help others awake to the nefarious ways of the “elite.” 
Most importantly... We are being steered toward Chinese style totalitarian censorship and social credit systems... This is because the same cabal which runs the west ALSO runs China.. China is the BETA testing ground for the ultimate NWO goals of world domination. 
This FB purge/censorship we are witnessing is purposeful. In that, Truth communities have become too powerful VS. their agenda. After all our years of hammering at the sleepers, we have awakened too many. Influence has gotten too strong.... We've reached a tipping point. They WANT you to leave this platform! As they go after every other free speech platform, and all other monopolistic media hubs.... No more communication for the Proles......... .. . . . . On top of cornholio... With the face diapers and inability to meet in public places to commiserate.

S9 Feb.10 
Doubled Down: Lin Wood’s Salacious Allegations Against Chief Justice Roberts

Mark Petrakis
11 February at 13:06  · 

Psychological Warfare & the New Heavenly Order.
The time has come to stop telling ourselves that we live in a DEMOCRACY and realize that what this is, is an OLIGARCHY! The essential difference here is that in an oligarchy, there is no pretense that our leaders are anything other than appointed flouncy courtiers to our obscenely-wealthy “royals,” and that each of us so-called “citizens” should be more correctly regarded as “subjects” or “serfs” who occupy space on the Earth at the behest of our regents.
Now that’s not the Jack Kerouac kind of America I grew up in and I don’t expect it’s the kind you did either, but like it or not, that IS the America that is taking shape right now as tyrants, plutocrats, greasy corrupt pols, bureaucrats, intelligence trolls and media "droogs" muster every technology at their disposal to seize ever-greater control over us and the various aspects of our newly-upgraded “biosecurity” selves as we all get absorbed and dissolved into an openly transnational and hierarchically-governed TECHNOCRACY, that is especially malleable to the whims of the wealthy and to the combined dictates of TECHNOLOGY, TRANSHUMANISM and TOTALITARIANISM.
I understand how that is hardly a “PREFERRED” option for most of us, at least not when compared to wild-eyed democracy, packed with all that “We are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights…" freedom and liberty stuff that makes every person’s heart beat proud.
But let’s get real kids. Joe Biden is not a democratically-elected president. He was first inserted into the primary as the plutocrat’s pick - an EXTREMELY fishy primary, if ever there was one… and then straight into the White House, so that he might spend the remaining months of his dotage grinning and rubber-stamping a growing list of edicts and secretive executive orders (32 at last count) instantly turned into law exactly as they are drafted and placed before him by that very same oligarchy.
For myself, it is not within me to quietly accept being forced to play the subservient feudal serf, fuck you very much. More than that, I also believe that guillotines are a very real and sometimes useful option. But, before we can get THERE, before we can grab some of these villainous billionaire shits by their kinky collars, it might be useful to look deeper into what has been largely obscured under the countless layers of secrecy that have accumulated in the last 75 years since the CIA was founded in 1947.
DISBELIEF and DECEPTION are powerful tools of magic. To pick but one telling example... for the past 20 years, Americans have allowed their country’s consistently compromised leadership to pursue IN OUR NAME perpetual “regime-change” wars on Muslim countries, under a host of fraudulent justifications, (like made-up WMD’s) that left millions of innocent people dead or permanently disabled - people who mind you, NEVER did a single thing to harm any one of us.
Asking how we could be so indifferent or oblivious to the mass suffering of innocent people, begins to pull back the curtain on just how alienated we are as a people from visceral common-sense realities and how absorbed into dull televisionary disembodiment we have become, especially considering how few of us have ever seen or felt war except as it exists within the frame of TV and the movies, all of which get unsubtly subtitled with thick-tongued propaganda translations.
More than that, we are also not attuned to hear the cries of those near to us who are losing their sanity and their dignity and turning in great numbers, under chaotic Covid edicts, to grievous forms of abuse, despair and self-harm.
Neither can we see the blood that backs up into the syringes that are now being used to mark us as ready “volunteers” to an aggressive war on the population (starting with the elderly) that is proving very difficult for most of us to see or even imagine the possible harms that might result. 
(If there are any psychological defense mechanisms more impenetrable than “denial” or “normalization,” I would be grateful to learn what they might be.)
WHO are these oligarchs anyway? WHAT are they? HOW do they DO what they do? WHY do they repeat the same formulaic plans over and over again? WHY are they so obsessed with all forms of CONTROL and with the casual inflicting PAIN? And WHEN in God’s name will their aggressions STOP, (assuming they EVER will) and WHAT are we all supposed to do in the meantime?
These and other related questions, I have tried to address in a new longer piece entitled “PsyOps for Beginners… Psychological Warfare & the New Heavenly Order” to which those serves as an introduction. (I am posting the first section, immediately after this post, with more installments to follow... first here and then in HTML form at
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