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FELIX REX     SAT FEB 20 2021     16:01
Premiere looking at how the government in China, fed up with effeminate men (Little Fresh Meat) is looking to make men, manly again. I will be in the chat. 16:21 Sat Feb 20 2021 
WHOA! Maxwell ADMITTED They're On Tape! In this video, we cover a huge new development in the Ghislaine Maxwell saga as it connects to two past presidents. We also cover major weather and financial news. Intro video -

Sargon of Akkad   @Sargonofakkad100 
Left wing women apparently can't resist those stupid, racist, xenophobic, sexist MAGA chuds!

VIDEO: Interview with Daisy Cousens 26:37 
Daisy Cousens is a YouTuber and Sky News Australia contributor, and she joins Carl to discuss her "Darkest Timeline" view of what might happen, as well as the current political situation across the West.

Stefan Molyneux 
SELF-DEFENSE 101! How to Stay Safe in Your Life
Philosopher Stefan Molyneux talks with a listener buried in a world of violence how to get to safety...


Godly Uprising July 27 2020 47:15 
Hydrogel and Quatum Dot Covid vaccine - Celeste Solum 

Robert Kiyosaki: I’m Buying All the Silver, It’s 100% Manipulated, Back Up the Truck - YouTube

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