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Bill Gates funvirus 2005 approx 5:oo Minutes

AntifaWatch   @AntifaWatch2 
The person responsible for the brutal and unprovoked attack in #Seattle is likely Isaiah C. Lewis Lewis goes by "Zay Huncho" as his soundcloud rapper name and was active in the #Seattle CHOP/CHAZ, even being present after the shooting of two teenagers.
AntifaWatch   @AntifaWatch2 
There was a second assault shortly after the first, kicking a person on the bus. Didn't think there was video, turns out there is, here it is - Completely disgusting and totally unprovoked.

AntifaWatch   @AntifaWatch2 
Correction - the bus assault was apparently before the assault on the woman planting flowers. Additionally he was apparently let on bail on a restorative justice program after assaulting his parents and a police officer 
(((Jason Rantz))) on KTTH Radio @jasonrantz 
What’s striking is that Lewis was facing charges for domestic violence involving his parents and assaulting an arresting officer. Judge Patrick Oishi put him into a a restorative justice program. The next day, he allegedly concusses a woman on a bus. Day after, the video below.…

Biden Cancels Inauguration Rehearsal & DC Trip Over "Security" Concerns  

Dutchsinse FFWD to  for North AMERICA
1/16/2021 -- Earthquake activity picks up -- West Coast USA California + Oregon seismic activity due

VaughnandAmber Anderson
4 January at 07:30  ·  1:09:52 
Dr. Simone Gold shares on the disinformation of COVID 19 and hydroxychloroquine plus the vaccine. This information is very good , must watch!! Watch before it gets taken down. This video is from Sunday evening.
Mark Collett@MarkCollett
#QAnon is literally a carbon copy of a massive #Bolshevik psy-op from the 1920s that was created to neutralize the remaining reactionary forces opposed to the communist takeover of Russia. The name of that psy-op was "Operation TRUST"! #TrustThePlan, guys! #MAGA #Trump #Capitol

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