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#Georgia #Hearing #ForensicAuditExpert reveals simple forensic audit technology that detects counterfeit ballots within hours | NTD

     Stefan Molyneux 
HOW TO FIGHT LIES! Philosopher Stefan Molyneux tells you the two GREATEST SIGNS of propaganda - and the THREE powerful phrases need to destroy it!

Jack Spirko of Survival Podcast
Swales on so called "Flat Land" Holding 12,000 Plus Gallons of Water

1/04/2021 -- West Coast USA multiple M4.0+ from Idaho to San Andreas -- CARIBBEAN volcanoes on alert

Focus on Fauci (Official Event) Recorded live New Earth Project 

MAGA/BLM join hands (!) to fight the bill mandating COVID vaccination in New York

Lithium ion Battery: keep fully charged. Keep charged close to 90%-100% for better life.
Lithium ion Battery: Perform Better the more frequently you charge them. Keep them TOPPED UP for LONGER Life.
Total Opposite of the old NiCad Batteries from last century that performed better when fully used up between Cycles. What A Trap! 
The Apple Store Never Told you that because they wanted your New iPhone to die so they could sell you more. Sad

Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine's lead researcher has connections to British Eugenics Society

Yes, Bill Gates said population control could be achieved with vaccines. His father was a eugenicist.  Like father, like son.  DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE!!!  This is a long but important article.
Despite these safety concerns and clinical trial scandals, close to 160 countries have purchased the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, and now reports are suggesting that India, the country with the second largest population on earth, is likely to approve this vaccine by next week.

As documented here, while the vaccine may be heralded as “vital for lower-income countries,” the Oxford-AstraZeneca project is no mere philanthropic pursuit. Not only is there a significant profit motive behind the vaccine, but its lead researcher’s connection to the British Eugenics Society adds another level of warranted scrutiny.

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Donald J. Trump   @realDonaldTrump 
Antifa is a Terrorist Organization, stay out of Washington. Law enforcement is watching you very closely!
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