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The Trump Impeachment Docs & Trump *Responds.*

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The Opening Act Of The New “War On Domestic Terror”

Right before our eyes. The guy behind Mitch gives him this obvious hand signal 6 times during this speech. 
These people are bought. They are part of a very evil network.

Situation Update Jan 8th - Trump fighting from secure location, did NOT concede
Situation Update Jan 8th - Trump fighting from secure location, did NOT concede

Horned man TYRANNY is coming

Now that horned man and the other Trump supporters have stormed the Capitol, the establishment has their excuse. 
Who decided the solution to this situation is to give more power to people like Mark Zuckerberg? That's exactly what's happening.

Zuckerberg can now shut off the president. And the situation is getting totally blown out of proportion which is now resulting in individuals and media organizations being punished simply for having a political viewpoint.

Plus average Trump supporters are facing charges, which I get into in the video above along with the House Homeland Security Committee calling for capitol protesters to be put on the no fly list.
Also, I give you an update on what we know about the victims who died, Nancy Pelosi demanding Trump leave office and the chance of a big civil conflict.

Hoax podcast #38 - Happy New Year Podcast
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