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 Introducing #SolutionsWatch Jan 7, 2021 10:09 

Some firsthand accounts of the protests in Washington, and on what happened in the Capitol:

Del Bigtree on the peacefulness and idealism of the protesters in Washington:

Cat McGuire on the same: on the peacefulness and idealism of the protesters in Washington:

Ben Swann, who spent hours at the Capitol,  on the double standard in the media's treatment of the protests there and those by BLM:
Those who were together today know that I was asked to attend a zoom call with an individual named Scott Bennett.  Scott participated in the voter fraud research in DC with Sidney Powell. The objective of the call was to request persons to facilitate boots on the ground to usher in a new political system that follows the constitution.  They plan to build a group called Immigrant Patriots.  They believe the first people to awaken to the loss of the American dream under the Democrats are legal immigrants who came from communist countries such as Vietnam, China, Korea.  They are in the first stages of setting up the structure. They feel there are millions of patriot immigrants looking for a party to belong to and feel failed by both parties.
Scott also gave a brief pep talk that Trump has all he needs, he has the military and he will continue as president. He didn't talk about 120 days or new elections or anything about the corporation.  But he said there was such obvious fraud.  He also said Trump should be signing an executive order that the vaccine cannot be mandatory and vaccine choice cannot be cause for discrimination (which would include travel and access to events, work etc. And it includes testing requirements see attached bioethics document.
The next two weeks are going to be filled with crazy propaganda.  Don't get sucked into it because none of it is true.
I've attached some unclassified documents Scott sent related to the election fraud.  Here's the link for the zip files.

Oh Boy This Is REALLY Getting Out Of Hand!! Sun Jan 10 2020 25:50

With all the Capitol craziness and deplatforming going on, you can't forget what's going on economically.

In the video above, I get into the US government's insane debt level coupled with Biden's new spending plan that's gonna be in the trillions.

And I'm joined by Michael Romanik, of Silver Dollar Resources, who breaks this all down.

Michael discusses the recent dollar plunge and what the out of control government spending means for commodities like silver. We go over the latest price dip following a huge rally and what all's going on in the silver market.

Also in the video, I cover the deplatforming of Trump and latest attempt to impeach him.

As well as the Capitol deaths that are being ignored and media and corporate hypocrisy on political violence.

Plus I show you footage of people actually being arrested for walking on a boardwalk and sitting on a park bench.
Jan 7 Proof of election theft in Italy; whistleblower from Leonardo has come forward

Daily Update - Keep the Faith -- Republic Being Reconstructed.

CSPAN does "SLANTED: How the news media taught us to love censorship and hate journalism"

On this page it's the one called "Modern vaccines. Dropping like flies."
It's hard to watch (and unlikely to stay up for long).

From an apparently valid insider government source. Trump has just signed the Insurrection ACT. It looks real.  I pray that it is!  It is important to stop the automatic updates that come to your phones from Apple etc- they may block us from getting Emergency Info from the President. But there will be some chaos coming soon- they won't go down without a fight. 
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