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Video Message from President Donald J. Trump 1/13/21
"Delivering The Miracle Vaccines"

13th January Update Current News - Simon Parkes
Thomas Sowell -- Dismantling America
Supreme Court of Italy Legal Counsel Testifies About 2020 Election Interference
Operation Directed by US Officials 
by Jamie White - Jan 12th 2021

Dr. Steve Pieczenik triples down on his confidence in exposing the fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020
Jan 13, 2021

HOLY COW! Now They're Going To Police The PRESS! Wed Jan 13 2020 14:57

very good! current......... Thanks Atom Mc
Michael Jaco's Personal Meeting Room

13th January Update Current News 
This isn't from Simon's youtube account, somebody else has already copied it from Bitchute and Uploaded it to their own youtube account...

Dr. Steve Pieczenik triples down on his confidence in exposing the fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020
and bets Alex Jones that if he is right he wants to join the Infowars roster, if not than to never return to inforwars.
Is This Dr. Steve Pieczenik's Last Appearance on Infowars?
Jan 13, 2021
How The Coup Against Trump Leads To The Path For Liberty
by Kit Daniels - Jan 13th 2021
Are you surprised by America’s sudden meltdown? Over the past 12 months, we have
witnessed the greatest public health crisis in 100 years, the lockdowns that were
instituted to control the pandemic resulted in the worst economic downturn since the
Great Depression of the 1930s, widespread civil unrest erupted in the aftermath of
George Floyd’s death and has not stopped since, and now we are witnessing the
greatest political turmoil since the Civil War. Despite all of this chaos, many
Americans remain absolutely convinced that the greatest days of the United States are
still ahead of us. To them, the current problems we are facing are just minor bumps
in the road that will soon be resolved as we continue to steamroll toward an
incredibly glorious future.
The Great Debate About America’s Future
by Michael Snyder | End Of The American Dream
January 13th 2021
Texas Realtor who stormed Capitol responds to backlash
Project Veritas Election Fraud Sting Results In Arrest!

Ron Paul Posts Criticism Of Censorship On Social Media Shortly Before Facebook Blocks Him
"At present, the public mind is not prepared to receive the truth."
The Division of the Country Today is Terrifyingly Real 
By Jeffrey Nyquist, 12 January, 2021

"I'm not in that camp!"
~ so what is the market euphoria all about? 
Bitcoin Death Signal?: What the U.K. and HSBC Clampdown Really Means for the Cryptocurrency
“Looking like 2021 will be the year of privacy, decentralization and censorship resistance.”
Barry Silbert - Jan 10 2021
election fraud - and all the players 'in-on-IT' Training Us That IT Doesn't Really Matter! 
Accountability, even the concept of IT, the crux, must be crushed, thus best to
condition-in that it never really mattered anyway - forgetaboutit
Will Pres.Trump Betray US.A?
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