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This is how they RIG it. THU 1.28 2021 14:14

new truther dude discovery. Very entertaining.


Andy Ngô   @MrAndyNgo 
A look inside the #antifa autonomous camp outside city hall in Bellingham, Wash. Video by
Andy Ngô   @MrAndyNgo 
Bellingham, Wash.: #Antifa & their far-left allies created a human wall to try to stop the city from cleaning their autonomous camp outside city hall. Last week they stormed into the building, forcing the mayor to evacuate.
Andy Ngô   @MrAndyNgo 
Bellingham, WA police chief: “Some of the groups that came up here claimed to be from Antifa, & they were calling for groups all the way from Portland, to come to Bellingham..." #Antifa have been trying to stop the city from clearing its autonomous zone.

Andy Ngô   @MrAndyNgo 
At the #antifa riot at the Portland ICE facility overnight, they set a dumpster on fire & attempted to push it into the building. Federal officers came out to stop them. Antifa threw a mortar explosive at police. #PortlandRiots

#Antifa = Anti First Amendment 
#BLM = Burn Loot Murder    BLM = Baal Lucifer Moloch
#Chaz  = Crack Heroin Amphetamine Zone
#CHOP = Crack Heroin Opium Pills

    Did you know? 
Antifa BLM cause Global Warming and Deforestation via 
Broken Windows which require intense factory heat to melt sand into glass
Significant % of earths forests are consumed to produce PLYWOOD to cover windows smashed by BLM Antifa Riots
     Did you know? 
ARSON BLM Antifa Riots also cause Global Warming block by block as the buildings go up in flames.
Yes Arson and Fire also cause Global Warming. Where’s GRETA? 
GRETA THUNBERG causes Global Warming. She wears an Antifa Shirt. Antifa Causes Global Warming

Alex Butler
Basically what happened is this: Some hedge funds figured that Gamestop, a company on thin ice before Covid, would not fare well during Covid. So they did what's called 'shorting'. A Short is when you borrow other people's stock and sell it on to a third party with a promise to sell back an equal number of shares to the original owner at a date certain, and at its market price on that date.
So let's say a stock is at $20 and you're confident it will drop to $5. You 'borrow' it at $20, you sell it on at $20, and if it drops to $5? You acquire more stock and sell the shares you 'borrowed' back to the original owner at $5. You've made $15 a share. That's how shorting can make money even when stocks decrease in value.
This can be risky, however. Because in long investing, you are only at risk for your principal balance. That is, the money you initially invested into the stock. If it drops to 0, you're just out your initial investment. That's it. With shorts, your exposure is theoretically infinite. If you execute a short contract at $20 expecting it to hit $5 and it goes to $347 a share? You have to buy it at $347 a share and sell it at the contractual price of $20, back to its original owner. You are out $327 a share.
Now. Typically, hedge funds go out and short vulnerable companies figuring the "dumb money" will eschew the stock, figuring the hedge funds must know something the average Joe on the street doesn't. Maybe they do, maybe they don't. But the very fact that a stock has been shorted by a fund tends to drive the price down, as the average investor avoids it. Hedge funds use this fact to drive down prices and essentially force their shorts into profitability.
They've done this for so long, and with so few losses, that they got really brazen and literally wrote shorts for roughly 150% of the shares that exist for Gamestop.
You read that right. Now you may wonder how you can write a contract that is technically impossible to fulfill and the answer is, of course, wall street deregulation. This is the sort of good thinking that regulators feel is perfectly reasonable because Smart Money is so darn smart, you see.
When Reddit's Wall Street Bets subreddit realized just how shorted Gamestop's stock was, they proceeded to buy up the outstanding shares. All the shares they could find, they bought. The lack of outstanding shares coupled with a 150% short naturally drove the stock up.
It's not like these funds can NOT meet their short obligations. They HAVE to. So the stock was only ever going to go in one direction in this scenario. Up. Way up. Write your own check up. Is Gamestop the company worth $400 a share? No. The shares are, simply because the Hedge Funds MUST buy them. It's pure supply and demand.
You may hear economists and capitalists try to spin this as market manipulation, as an anomaly that needs to be corrected, as evidence that stimulus checks should be curtailed, as evidence of the need for stronger regulation on individual investors, and so on. That's all horseshit.
They lobbied and fought to be able to short a company to 150%. And smart investors responded, because that level of shorting is a ridiculous opportunity for profit. Reddit did not manipulate the stock. They stopped stock manipulation. They enforced consequences for unwise, flagrant, aggressive, and disastrous shorting of a vulnerable company.
They made promises they couldn't keep to force a stock price down so they could profit from that loss to the company, its employees, and its shareholders. That is not an 'us' problem. That is a hedge fund problem. Anyone saying otherwise simply doesn't want anyone else but the investor class profiting from active involvement in the market.



Slaves and Jews 
Her Name Is Victoria "Tori" Rose Smith: Three-Year-Old White Girl Beaten to Death by Her Adopted Black Parents

   Awaken w/ JP Sears 
Instagram‘s New Terms of Service - Not Sketchy at All!
The terms of use that came out...
Instagram‘s new terms of service are not sketchy at all! The terms of use that came out December 20, 2020 involve many invasions of privacy. All of which are necessary for your protection. Don’t think Instagram should be able to read all your text messages? Then how else do you expect to look at pictures on Instagram? Instagram and Facebook will be watching you from your own phone with their new terms of service. Enjoy!



A Lot More Suffering Needs To Happen! 
Situation Update, Jan. 28th, 2021 - The Biden / globalist agenda to DELETE humanity through global extermination
People need to suffer more so that they will cry for Trump to be King of Israel to save us from ZioChina?
Health Ranger warns about 'Death Squads' 
The Purpose Of The Trump Presidency And Why David Goldberg Had To Die… 
The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show 1437 - 2021.01.26 
Click Here To Listen To The Show
Strategy of Tension
World Needs Israel as New World Superpower! 
Top Rabbi: America is Collapsing, Israel must Step Up as new World Superpower 


 Fauci Cares ... A Lot!

28th January Update

Jan 3, 2021
Darren Atherton 
I guess Simon Parkes missed the bit he calls out the likes of Trump. Lol
Amazing Polly - Jan.27 
Secret Service Fail At Capitol Before Inauguration
Have you seen this most recent Tru News Broadcast, very scary!!
China General: PLA Must Kill All Americans With Biological Weapons

Biden To Step Down: Trump To Be Sworn In January 20th – Satire 
Jan 19th 2021
President Biden, QAnon Fails, & a New Dark Era - Know More News LIVE
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