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ENDGAME NOW! Globalist Purge Imminent
Trump/Military No Longer Option For Health Ranger - Course Change
Situation Update, Feb. 9th, 2021 - The globalist controllers have already LOST the end game

From Michigan to Germany, courts are beginning to rule in favor of constitutional freedoms†
(infringed by worldwide lock-downs.)
But will we ever see the Draconian leaders responsible for these infringements face the music?

Interview with Andy Ngo

Project Veritas Feb 9 2021 1:16 
Facebook Head of Global Affairs FLEES When PV Journalist Confronts Him Over Comments In Leaked Tape! 

China's got Biden by the...
China invested in Joe Biden's son. And now their getting policies that are favorable to them.

Like Biden reversing a†Trump policy on rooting out Chinese government propaganda from universities and forcing universities to reveal their cooperation with China.

And of course Biden is now†banning the term "China virus"

Which as I explain in the video above, comes as the†WHO is now claiming the virus came from an animal and not the lab in Wuhan. This is causing the WHO to be accused of conducting a whitewash for the Chinese government, which previously would not even let in the WHO's investigators.

This is also happening at a time†Facebook is launching a 'misinformation' crackdown and banning people from saying the virus is manmade†even though we still don't know the origin of the sickness. And its hiring a former NATO press officer as its intelligence chief.

I also go over how cases are continuing to plummet yet the mainstream media isn't talking about this and continuing to hype up the sickness.

MUST WATCH:  FBI WHISTLEBLOWER Sibel Edmonds Launches to Fight Illegal Government Ordered Mandates in Florida 

Incredible interview with Sibel Edmonds, FBI whistleblower; taking our country back state by state. †Florida United Against Mandated Insanity

Newsbud is a 100% People-Funded Media with Integrity. †It is Sibel Edmondsí independent news, analyses and multimedia portal.

Observation Deck Nov 7, 2020 37:50 
Courtroom Role-play Remedy 

850 Bryant St SF 
Hall of injustice. Crime occured @ EastBound 5th St @ Bryant St SF
See ABC7 etc for viral video. 
Thugs watched Real Estate Photo Drone packed up @ Dolores Park, followed, Smashed, car. Stole Large Photo Bag From Prius HatchBack Glass 5th St @ Bryant St SF
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