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Here's What Really Happened in TCF Center on Nov. 4

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The CREEP SHOT: Perverts Delight or Natural Response? (Bitchute Exclusive) Mon Feb 15 2021 14:59
🚨🚨 Bill Gates Goes Full Captain Planet, Wants to Change "Every Aspect of Economy"
Gates' climate pivot to "save the world" is getting a full-court media press. Mon Feb 15 2021 
Bill Gates Has A NEW CRISIS!
NEW: In today's video, we break down Bill Gates' big recent interview and his plan to exploit the next global crisis.

Bill Gates Has A NEW CRISIS!

Given the grotesque censorship on major platforms, even the semblance of ideas that might scare/offend people has become verboten. Fine, more Bitchute Exclusives then. This one on LSD Microdosing & the Supernatural. Subscribe for more exclusive content.

Sargon of Akkad
The Democrats have a genuinely autocratic view of democracy as a concept: real democracy is when and only when they win.

Trump Defense Attorney Shows Montage Of Democrats Using 'Fight' Rhetoric | NBC News

Ben Swann
Dems Want A "War on 'Domestic' Terror"; Plus to "De-program" Trump Supporters

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Michigan Senate Majority Leader Says Capitol Takeover Was ‘Staged’ and a ‘Hoax’
February 15, 2021
full article plus video:

Press Release February 15, 2021: National Cancer Center Professor Seung-kwon Myung's team, 
joint research with Seoul Medical University and UC Berkeley meta-analysis has found that 
the longer a mobile phone is used, the greater the risk for developing brain tumors. Special thanks to 
UC Berkeley's Dr. Joel Moskowitz. #EHT #cellphones #mobile #cancer #southkorea

BOMBSHELL: Covid-19 isn’t a pandemic plan, it’s an EXTERMINATION plan for humanity
10/20/2020 / By Mike Adams

Why San Francisco Is SO BAD Now 🇺🇸 Peter Santenello 28:27 
San Francisco is on a bit of a downward spiral. More than anything I wanted to document this time period and years from now look back on it as an odd moment in history that is behind us. 🔴 Video shot January 23, 2021. More Below↓

Mark Petrakis   11 hrs  · 
So much of the soul is being crushed out of California. Definitely recommend watching this video. Andre Angelantoni writes: “Watch this video if you're curious why I'm leaving San Francisco and California. I had a very good, long run here—20 years! I got to ski up in Tahoe often, I rode my motorcycle all throughout the state and on highway 1 to go get fresh oysters. I camped overnight in some of the most beautiful places. Not only that, I lived in a national park, The Presidio, for the last 10 years.
In the city I enjoyed everything it had to offer, from tiny playhouse plays to fancy mixology bars and all the delicious food.
And, of course, I was introduced to Burning Man here and that sent my life in a very different direction that I will forever cherish.
But I wasn't going to go a million dollars in debt just to own real estate here again. And with the response to the virus, I'm done. The city, as he points out in the video, is petrified. It's making completely irrational decisions and not actually using the science that's available. Try to tell someone that they can live their life normally by boosting their immune system with vitamin D, hydroxychloroquine, zinc, or Ivermectin and they will shout you down like you are a terrorist.
The people here have a good heart but they are living in too much fear for me (I think because a) they aren't understanding age stratified risk levels and b) they think they're defenseless against the virus). And this will be one of the last places on Earth to open up because of it.
As I said, it was a good long run and it's time to open a new chapter.”

Melody Rose Durst Ginther 9 February at 09:30  · 
You're going to wanna watch this one. Pay very close attention!

Denzel Washington AGREES With Thomas Sowell 
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