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 SF Bay Area Native Plants Support Birds

More Sustainable to PLANT Native Plants that FEED Native Birds. 

MORE SAFE. More Humane. More thoughtful. More Future.

bird Salmonella spread by feeders. mostly from poop where spent seed gathers. 
bird Salmonella
bird feed uses lots of pesticides and comes from areas that destroy prairie habitat. 
Cheaper is not better when it comes to sustainability. 
Also keep in mind there is a big outbreak of bird Salmonella going around and one way it is getting around is by bird feeders. 
Itís actually being recommended to take feeders down right now. 

     GO BAG / EarthQuake/ Fire / SHTF / GridDown / EVAC / Zombies / Gas Leak / Divorce  Į_(ツ)_/Į
Are Your Go Bags Handy by your FRONT DOOR? 
Could Keep Passports, Expired Drivers Licenses and Documents, B set of Reading Glasses, Meds, Walkie Talkies, Maps, Lists of Friends cell phones and LandLines in a steel box on floor below your 
Pet Carrier full of more go bags full of
Pet Leashes, Harnesses, Pet FOOD + MEDS, Water Bottles for pets. 
water bottles for humans, HeadLamps, Flashlights, Candles, First Aid, Soap, Alcohol, Emergency Supplies, Matches, Lighters such as your Climate, locale, Situation Dictate
ie Paracord, Folding Knife, Tarp, Tent, Sleep Bag, 


They want you to be less WHITE.
WeAreChange.or Mon Feb 22 2021 15:52 
Unbelievable! How Are They Getting Away With This?!

Parkcar. Appears Fake: Note: funny Pixels. Guy Moves from Slide to Back Window WAY TOO FAST with NOTHing to hold on to or thrust him forward that FAST. UnReal.

That's the kind of evidence you have to look for in FAKE videos.
When he jumps from Truck Roof up to slide his RightHand Grabs NOTHing. 
R Hand would need to Grab TOP of Rail to pull him up. DOES NOT
Legs just Flail. on way down. Not Real. 
When Sets Foot on Truck Bed has NO Good Path to Back Window. 
He would have to go under and into a shrinking WEDGE space to go forward OR 
Go OUT and Around R Side of Slide out over the Road hence Wrong Direction. 
SO thatís just a Fake Cgi sequence just as everything else. 
Even if he were to magically get to Roof that Fast, then Not Likely to Slip into Window when
his actually velocity would want to send him Down left on to the road. 
Also NO Fing Hand Holds on the ROOF TO PiVOT HiM into Drivers Seat. 
Perhaps Maybe Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, or Jet Li could pull this off. but not likely any one else. okay
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