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The truth comes out. It was ALL a LIE... Wed Feb 24 2021 15:23

🚨🚨 "Spot's Rampage" Event Reveals Reality of Dystopian World Ahead The company's manifesto said: "See Spot KILL!!" 

 BREAKING: The Fed Is 'Down' 
🚨🚨 Is this The Great Reset?

Corbett Report 
Exploring the Oxford-AstraZeneca Eugenics Links
Even some in the independent media have bought into the hype surrounding the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID vaccine and its "non-profit" nature. But once you peel back the layers of obfuscation you quickly find not only the profit motive hiding underneath, but the dark specter of eugenics. Whitney Webb of Unlimited Hangout joins us to discuss her recent article, "Developers of Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Tied to UK Eugenics Movement."

H.Ranger Prep advice Feb21&22 - inspired by his experience in Texas Power Blackout.
Situation Update, Feb. 21, 2021 - Fifteen HARD lessons I just learned from the Texas grid collapse
Situation Update, Feb. 22, 2021 - Disconnecting from complex systems before the global collapse strikes Tue Feb 23 15:10 Whoa sperm counts are...  
Fertility and Testosterone COLLAPSING - what is happening here!?

Naomi Wolf on Tucker Carlson Tonight
Lee Sayer 11 hrs ·
This is one of thee most crucial 5 minutes I have ever posted. If we do not fight back RIGHT FUCKING NOW, it’s GAME OVERRRRRRR. STOP COMPLYING. FIGHT FOR THE CONSTITUTION! Or fucking perish. I’ve been warning about this for 15 fucking years! And now we are here.

*New Video* Scorn is heaped endlessly upon Western People for slavery, two points are always omitted: 1) Slavery has existed in ALL human civilizations. 2) It was WESTERN PEOPLE that ENDED it. GLOBALLY, forcing all other societies (with the exemption of a few notables) to abolish the trade in Humans. Subscribe at Bitchute for more EXCLUSIVE Content.

“The bloody uproar of the war is over: let’s enjoy the carnival of the inflation. It’s loads of fun and paper, printed paper, flimsy stuff—do they still call it money? For five billion of it, you can get one dollar. What a joke! The Yankees are coming but as peaceful tourists this time. They purchase a Rembrandt for a sandwich and our souls for a glass of whisky. Krupp and Stinnes get rid of their debts, we of our savings. The profiteers dance in the palace hotels.” 
—Klaus Mann, 1923; Weimar, Germany
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