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    Why do “Gardeners” Remove Leaves? 
BAN LEAFBLOWERS I'm going to re-post below an anecdote I sent onto a similar thread a month ago, that _might_ be an explanation -- prompted by your comment "I actually still don't understand why leaf blowers are needed at all". Apologies to any who've already read this: My friend Jesse Monroy, whose family is from Mexico, says working hard to keep the ground around a house totally clear of all leaves and twigs is a common Latin American cultural preference, and that his parents would regard gringos like my bunch of immigrant Norwegians as slovenly for actually _wanting_ leaves around my house to remain and decay into mulch, but would be far too polite to say so. Geology influences culture, a bit: Dad's town on the western coast of Norway's so rocky, they have to use blasting powder to dig graves, and they give thanks to the gods for those bits of future topsoil drifting off the (few) trees every autumn. By contrast, Jesse's from a country with four dozen active volcanoes: Good soil is no problem. (Ditto other countries in Central America, plus much of South America, too.) So, every time I see someone of likely Latin American descent working hard to blow clear every inch of someone's soil, I remember cultural context.


Global Warming is caused by LEAFBLOWERS that emit 50-200 x the amount of particulate and greenhouse gasses of a car. 

That Global Warming brought a Hurricane off Baja CA 2 Weeks ago that reached up w/ Thunder and Lightning to Monterey SCRUZ SMTO SF Marin Sonoma Lake County etc. that 

caused the Forest Fires and SMOKE we ARE breathing NOW. TODAY. That caused the Week Long Spare The Air Day Marathon. 

LeafBlowers are NOT allowed in Green towns on Spare The Air Days. But the Leafblowers don’t obey that law. therefore: 


BAN LEAFBLOWERS: Leave all Leafy Matter where it falls. Especially for RedWoods.
Leafy Matter Protects Soil, Keeps SUN off the Earth, then Breaks Down into Rich Nutrient Dense Humus. 
This is why mother nature nature does not need sprinklers, hoses, pipes or artificial irrigation

LeafBlowers Cause Particulate Pollution irritating lungs raising risk for Lung Cancer, Covid and other illlness. Ban LeafBlowers for the sake of humanity.
Hearing loss too. Watch this short video in the Atlantic about how damaging gas blowers are to the gardeners (and all of us) using them:


     Reduce your Water $

BAN LEAFBLOWERS. Leaf Blowers cause Cancer, Tumors, Leukemia and Death. 

$ "gardeners" who run around Blowing Leaf and WEEDS / SEEDS everywhere also spread Fukushima isotopes and Corona Virus.
They are NOT Gardeners. Gardeners plant food in soil. 
Those guys just load weeds and seeds on trucks then drive around, spreading the WEEDS to Every House on every Block... causing MORE WEEDS EVERYWHERE!
We would be better off without their noise, Global Warming Machines, air Pollution and Nuclear Radiation / Fallout Spread. 
Weeds should be composted at home. Not spread around so.
Leaf and Mulch should stay under trees to create more earth and reduce need for water.
Nature does not use hoses, pipes or sprinklers. Nature does not have to pay a water bill.
Leaf and mulch absorb rainfall and keep trees alive all year round… on their own! imagine that!
To Rape Nature / Trees, of the leaf and mulch they need to survive is foolish. 
When the day comes that earthquake breaks our Hetch Hetchy Water supply, our trees will turn BROWN and Die, becoming a major
Fire Hazard and Death Hazard as they BURN, and / or fall onto houses, cars, people, and power lines. 

True gardeners would rake leaves off path and driveway and allow those leaves to fertilize soil.

Dust on ground contains Lead, PCBs, toxic chemicals, gender bending hormone disruptors, Fallout, Pathogens, and untold other horrors.

If you apply a 5 second rule to food that falls on floor, then you should have a zero tolerance approach to particulates, toxins, viruses and bacteria being forced up into the air we breathe. Lungs are more vulnerable than stomach. if not for you then please, think of the children. 

Every time man chooses himself over nature, man loses.”

Ban Leafblowers near Schools. Spike in Leukemia, Lung Cancer, Brain Tumors after Fukushima 2011 and Chernobyl 1986 thanks to radioactive dust.
Trees need healthy humus soil with worms eating leaves then pooping Nitrogen, storing water.
California Wildfires will rage if Earthquakes break HetchHetchy water aqueduct supply and trees turn brown for
lack of artificial water supply after becoming dependent on sprinklers with topsoil gone. 
Hearing Loss: Students are forced to walk by leafblowers to and from school. 

growing evidence that dirty air causes Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. We're learning that fine particles pass through nasal membranes and migrate along neurons deep into the brain, where they induce inflammation and seed plaques, resulting in brain disease. The evidence comes from large epidemiological studies, recent animal experiments, and post-mortem analyses of human brains. To learn more, read "The Polluted Brain" in the Jan. 26, 2017 issue of Science. It's here: 
 Leaf blowers loft large quantities of particles into the air (raking lofts considerably less). Of these, the finer particles remain aloft longer (hours and days), and pass into the brain and bloodstream more readily. Right now you can be breathing the microscopic dust from leaf blowers used near your home hours ago. What would you rather have, a momentarily clean lawn or a healthy brain?

Redwoods, like most trees, require little or no water if you let them be. Allow leaf matter to lay where it falls and compost into mulch and soil. 

Redwoods LOVE Thick layers of 3” to even 6” of wood chips over lower layer of aged horse manure or other compost. 
That’s a way replace the biomass of any poor tree that has had all leaf matter stolen for decades. aka to mimic nature
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