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As is beyond clear to anyone with eyes that see, all levels of the government, the corporations and academia are so corrupt as to have, “Broken down any semblance of – even an homage, even a feign – to rule of law,” says Clif High.
He says one thing we have going for us is that the information our rulers use to control us comes from institutions that are themselves irredeemably corrupt and untrustworthy, thus making it difficult for them to resolve their own observational dilemmas, such as, “Should we raise rates or should we lower rates? Is Modern Monetary Theory simply crap that came out of some academic’s rectum? Or is there something to it? Can we actually do Universal Basic Income or does that kill our society in five years?” as Clif asks
The controlled demolition of the global financial system through COVID lockdowns and multi-trillion-dollar COVID relief bills appears to be steering us toward the Cloward-Piven Strategy to collapse the welfare system and to replace it with a system of guaranteed income, which appears to be part of a broader movement to replace Keynesian Economics with the Modern Monetary Theory.
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The OverWoo  clif high 2021.03.13 40:35
Woo is everything that is not enclosed in the official Paradigm 
where the normies live ruled by MSM thought control. normieland

Physician: Informed Consent For COVID Vaccine Requires Full Disclosure Of Risk & Liability, And Here It Is...
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