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                                 SATURDAY March 20 - International 5G Awareness & Action Day - TOMORROW
				PROTEST & flyering 2:00 PM Meet in front of Verizon, 2209 Shattuck @ Allston, downtown BERKELEY

             				   Say “NO” to having antennas on every block throughout every city & radiation beaming everwhere from satellites.  
												5G Harms Hugely Outweigh Industry Hyped Benefits!
					         Wired alternatives are faster, safer, cheaper, more reliable, more equitable, more secure, & preserve privacy.

Join our action to raise awareness and oppose the rollout of 5G and the launching of thousands of 5G satellites that will 
surround the planet, causing unimaginable harm to the Earth and all of her inhabitants.
WIRED (Wireless Radiation Education and Defense) members and allies gather/rally:

Saturday, March 20, 2021 @ 2:00 P.M.
Outside the Verizon store at  2209 Shattuck Ave., downtown Berkeley, CA @ Allston Way (east side of Shattuck)  We’ll protest there awhile, then march to a couple of nearby cellphone stores. Verizon is big on beaming 5G from satellites in space, which will connect with approximately one million new cell antennas in the US.  Whoa!

Why oppose the satellites? 

          Space debris
          Depletion of the ozone layer 

	  Dangerous weaponization of space

          Loss  of privacy

          Interference with the study of astronomy and weather prediction, thus impeding fire prevention when antennas are prone to catching fire!

          Interference with wildlife navigation and our enjoyment of the night skies
          Serious adverse health impacts (weakened immune systems, increasing incidence of EHS disability, and—eventually--cancers, all proven by many peer-reviewed studies) from heavy 			exposures to the non-ionizing radiation

          And so much more………….

Bring a sign or borrow one of ours.
Be safe with MASKS and distancing.
Object to the ecocidal satellites and the whole genocidal 5G roll out.  Contact federal and local officials (see below re Berkeley.)
Capitol Hill: ‭‭‭1 (800) 826-3688‬

There ARE alternatives which are superior in every way (except mobility, which isn’t always needed.)  GO WiRED!
(The biggest US anti-satellite protest will be in Hawthorne near LA at SpaceEx.

We have so much to be proud of locally!  
Thanks to our hard work lobbying and also our courageous civil disobedience, with help from a few allies who don’t even live here, there've been 
no applications for new small cell antennas in Berkeley!
Staff had expected a deluge of permit applications.  But we can’t rest on our laurels.  Many antennas are going up on private property, mostly on rooftops hidden in cylinders.

We must continue lobbying the Mayor and City Council:
Please urge them to:
1. Re so-called “small” cell antennas in the Public Right Of Way (sidewalk telephone poles), at a minimum, adopt the 11 amendments proposed by WiRED’s attorney Ariel Strauss. They are non-substantive changes, but important.
2. Re antennas on private property, require new permit applications and review for any new equipment (co-location) where antennas have already been installed.
3. Re new antennas on both private and public property, give ample advance notice of applications to property owners, residents, and workers within 1500 feet, and enact a permit application process that includes public comment.  Also establish opportunities for appeal.

Though the companies are holding off on PROW antennas, because we made the process more difficult, they easily install new antennas on private property where antennas were already installed previously (co-location.)  
It's outrageous that telecom corporations need not apply for a new permit when adding additional antennas, 
and there's no review and no chance for public comment or appeal.  
Our attorney did excellent work re preserving our public commons.  Now we need him to help get the laws re private property changed, too, but we still owe him $1,000, so we appeal to you once more, hat in hand.

Stimulus checks are arriving.  Please donate as generously as is comfortable.  
If you need it to be tax deductible, donate here but be sure to type “for WiRED” as a comment.  (Otherwise, your donation will go to WiRED's fiscal sponsor, EON, not to WiRED.)
If you’d like for our attorney to get 100% of your donation, with no fee subtracted, please write a check to Meaveen O’Connor and hand deliver it to her secure mailbox or snail mail it to:  1717 Berkeley Way,  Berkeley CA 94703

THANK YOU for generosity, past and future, and we do hope to see you tomorrow!
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