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HUMANS! you had a 10,000 year / 12,000 year contract w/ CATs to kill rats and mice and in return you would provide water, food, a place to sleep, maybe cuddles
then all of a sudden out of the blue you invite COYOTES into your cities and towns without so much as a thought of
how to do damage control and loss prevention to your cats. WTF! what about your fur babies? 
How about BEFORE you allow the COYOTES into your towns you talk to your friends and neighbors so you can 

A: alert each other and get the cats indoors when there’s a COYOTE or PACK of COYOTES. 
B: How about you teach your cats TO FEAR DOGS if they are going to be outdoor cats.
C: Some humans use the sound of FOOD / can opening etc to get their cat in at night when the sun goes down. Good idea. 

D: When adopting a baby cat or kitten(s) considering only allowing them to be indoor cats. but then we have to :

E: Seriously stop using rat poison which kills Hawks, Owls, Egrets, Herons, Falcons, Cats, Dogs, Coyotes, Mountain Lions, and so many other animals. 

F: Have cat doors or cat holes in fence or cat box or other places a cat can squeeze into but a Coyote can not. 

We need to be to realistic about how Rat Populations can BOOM if we Pull our cats indoors or let them get eaten by coyotes. 

Cats Outdoors Served a MAJOR PURPOSE of RAT CONTROL. To abandon that part of our contract with cats without considering the consequences is irresponsible and unkind.

Remember it’s ok to HAZE coyotes. OK to yell or wave your arms and scare or chase them off your yard or street. 
Trouble comes when Coyotes get to comfortable around people. That’s when they grab little dogs, cats, baby humans, etc. 
We do not want to ignore them or allow them too close to our loved ones. They are supposed to be wild. Maybe keep them that way. 

Heck Nat’l Park Svc signs in SF Presidio, and Golden Gate Park clearly state: “You may throw a small stone” at coyotes to keep them away from family and pets. 
Other towns have lost scores or hundreds of cats to Coyotes too, they just don’t realize yet…

The sheer horror of the dozens of cats mauled by Coyotes in Atherton, CA alone in the last year caused me to write this. 
Those were beloved family members. So sad. Such Betrayal.
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