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Top 30 Healthiest Foods of All Time
Here are the healthiest foods that will supercharge your diet, so remember to spend 90 percent of your food budget on whole foods to protect your health.

A “rare genetic strain" of e.coli not normally seen in foods has been found in Chipotle products, leading some to believe biotech industry food terrorists are planting the e.coli in retaliation for the restaurant's anti-GMO menu. Learn more:
‪#‎Chipotle‬ ‪#‎Health‬ ‪#‎GMO‬ Chipotle Mexican Grill
I think the best way we can all help each other is to share Environmental Working Group 
as a link to all our friends. This Local Oakland Non PROFIT is the BEST source of info on how we can prevent CANCER.
EWG org is the PIONEER who brings these issues to humans:
Dirty Dozen vs Clean 15 Fruits and Vegetables / which you need to buy organic.
Studies, science, data and facts re WHICH plastic bottles you should avoid. ie: 1,2,4,5 are safer than 3,6,7,8,9 recycle symbols.
Which sunscreens are safe to use: WINNER of BEST SUNSCREEN = Shirt and HAT
Which cellphones put out the most harmful microwave radiation towards your brain.
ie: keep your phone at arms length, away from your brain, away from your ovaries.
Moderate talk time: Practice this sentence. "Ok, gotta go, talk soon, bye!"
EWG broke the story of BPAs in store cash register receipts… 1000 x more toxic than plastic bottles:
TOP 3 Toxic receipts in USA: Safeway, CVS, USPS 
Searchable list of ingredients and toxicity reviews for your SAFER SHOPPING.

please subscribe to email from as their website is hard to navigate/ search.

In this way you will receive infrequent, yet vitally important tips for staying healthy.


Study Shows Fluoride Doesn't Promote Dental Health – US Teeth ‘Significantly’ Worse Than UK:

And now studies show the link between fluoride and obesity & ADD. New studies show it does nothing for kid's teeth. It's actually harming them w fluorosis. Even Harvard is stating take down the levels. Get fluoride out
of our drinking supply.

Phthalate pollutants from plastics may exacerbate ADHD in genetically susceptible kids ( How do color additives in foods impact ADHD? Click to see video:

Start the new year with some "chalktavism!" More info and tips from James DeAlto:


A: Rothschild Zionists are running False Flag Terror Ops 
B: Rothschild Zionists are flooding EU and USA to CRASH those 2 into depression
C: Zibigniew Brzenski created Islamic Fundamentalism in 1978 by arming OBL


Like a scene right out of a Zombie movie in the EU Capital Brussels, immigrant youths hurl a Jeep down flights of stairs.
Similarly the situation in France 804 cars were burnt out on New Years Eve. French Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has communicated that a decrease of 14.5% compared to the previous year of 940 burnt cars.

New Years Eve in Brussels saw Immigrants set fire to a Christmas tree.
2 Arrests made.

France: Containers to house 1,500 ILLEGALS near completion outside Calais.
Talk about bending over and sending out a message.... "keep coming, we'll make sure you're comfortable."

Footage of Iranians Ransacking the Saudi Embassy.
They threw Molotov cocktails, the 1st floor was completely burned down and they pulled the Saudi flag on top of the building down.
Read more here:


Calls for revolution at Operation Hammond Oregon BLM

Cholesterol-lowering Statins: One of the Greatest Failures of Modern Medicine

Let’s look at statin guidelines. The new guidelines recommend nearly half of Americans over the age of 40—more than 50 million people—may qualify for taking a statin drug in order to lower their heart attack risk. I have written in my blog posts, newsletter, and in my book, The Statin Disaster, that statin drugs fail nearly 99% who take them—they neither prevent heart attacks nor have they been shown to help people live longer.

Where is the evidence that statins help lower coronary calcium levels? There isn’t any. In fact, the opposite is true: research has shown that statin use actually increases the deposition of calcium in coronary arteries.

Yes, you read that right. In fact, researchers reported, “…coronary artery calcium progression was fastest among participants using statins…” This wasn’t the only study to report that fact. Other researchers have concluded, “Independent of their plaque-regressive effects, statins promote coronary atheroma calcification.”

Folks, evidence-based medicine should be used and embraced. It is too bad that conventional medicine fails to use it when it comes to statins (as well as many other drug therapies). The evidence behind the statin studies should expose statins as one of the greatest failures in modern medicine.

Cholesterol-lowering Statins: One of the Greatest Failures of Modern Medicine
Evidence-based medicine, when studied objectively, would reveal that statin drugs should not be prescribed for either treating or preventing heart disease.
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