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     ‪)'()'()'( ‬ Burning Man Live Stream 
REALTIME AUDIO: BMIR live stream Burning Man Info Radio Flash version 10,1 or greater is required
If you need $ for Burning Man this year or next I can help you out if you have a high traffic pedestrian corner in SF Mission etc. where I can have a garage sale. I can even find you a )'( ticket.

‪)'()'()'( AUG 28 - Sep 5 Burning Man 2016‬ BlackRock City, NV

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Opulent Temple released their line up. Check it here or on their site:
Ra So at Burning Man 2016 29 August - 5 September Burning Man 

1 SEPT Sound Meditation at Burningman <> The Temple 1 September–4 September · Gerlach, NV

1 SEPT Thurs 17:00 9th Annual SpinCycle Flow Jam: Burning Man 2016 hosted by Stellar Dusty Moon Black Rock City : 6:00 & E

Trapeze Takes Over Amori's Casino & Burlesque, BRC 1 September at 22:00 9:45 & Effigare, Black Rock City, NV

Fri Sept 2 4pm @ )'( the man: CRITICAL TITS bike ride. Very empowering: ride with 1,000 topless women in a safe magical flow of VELO LOVE.
Ride starts at the man in the center. Usually pedals to Center Camp, then to 3:00 and 9:00 etc. Lots or some playa riding and some in streets… too much fun.

2 SEPT LoveTech Friday Night at Burning Man 2 September at 22:00 to 3 September at 3:00 Kamp Suckie Fuckaye, 4:30 & A Keyhole 

Time-Lapse Of Burning Man At Night!
viewed from a Mountain many miles away!

Burning Man 2015 - Carnival of Mirrors 

Going Further Documentary

How to NOT die at Burning told by Burners.

Here's the full image. "The Escape" by Jaime Jasso, Senior Digital Matte Artist/Generalist at ILM.
TIPS for CAMPING : CHECK your OIL, Coolant, ATF before you DRIVE! Put your BM )'( ticket in your GLOVEBOX NOW, LIKE… TODAY…! MAKE a SPARE KEY for you car today. HIDE somewhere under car.

Bring all your old bike INNER TUBES. they are HANDY for strapping things DOWN!
Bring all your old razors if you shave… save them up all year, as the playa dust will destroy the razor each use. So do not waste new razors out there.  

Free Mountain Spring Water (Chlorinated) at Donner Pass Rest Stop, Donner Chevron, BoomTown Chevron, BoomTown Cabella's Sports behind the Dog Wash Kennel… etc.
Bring EMPTY 1 and 5 Gallon Bottles. Save your Engine and Tranny going UPHILL over Mountain.

BRING CARDBOARD for DOORMATS y'all. you can burn them later if clean or compost if dirty. helps with rain and mud. you can shower over cardboard too. EVAPs better than the evap ponds which folk inevitably dump on playa come sunday / monday post burn DOH!

DARK sheets and / or TENT fly or Parachute etc. for your SHADE placed EAST for rising sun etc. Find East by NORTH STAR at NIGHT. Big Dipper acts as CLOCK to show 10pm 1am 4am etc. Sky gets light at 4:30am.

BIG HATS for SUN Chevy's Hat, Sombrero. MULTIPLE drink holders on your BIG TIRE cruiser or Mountain Bike to hold Many Coconut waters:
new may wah market 707 Clement St, SF Btwn 8th and 9th Ave. South Side of st, corner of 8th. (415) 221-9826
$20 + $1.20 CRV for Case of 24 16.9 oz (1/2 liter) Cans of T.A.S. Coconut Water. Ingredients: Coconut water.
this is a better deal than
Golden Veggie Market on SW Corner of 1475 Polk st. SF @ California St T.A.S. .99 cents each, and NO TAX and NO CRV if you ask for "JJ" special = $24 for case of 24

thanks to Brad Olsen of for finding this BARGAIN! Y'all let me know if you find it CHEAPER anywhere else. thanks.

     END ‪)'()'()'( ‬Burning Man events listings. Drink water. JUMP IN WATER to decompress: Recommend: Sierra Hot Springs! Lake Lahontan / Lake of the weeping mother / Fremont Lake or Pacific Ocean if Baker Beach is warm on your return.
In my 20 years of consecutive BurningMan attendance I learned that SOAKING in a HOT TUB or HOT SPRINGS or lake / river / Pacific Ocean prevents post burn depression. 
HOSE THAT PLAYA off your BIKE CHAIN and let sit in sun for day or two. THEN OIL THAT CHAIN when dry!
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.