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PizzaGate - The Psyop Aspects - Watch The Misdirection
Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - Episode 275
     #MaxIgan on #PizzaGate #Trap #MissDirection #HoodWink #Distraction
Revisiting one of my fav channels, have to catch up on his work. He always has some deep insights and analysis. 
#Tavistock #WordMagic #BlacksLaw #Sovereignty #Freedom #Etymology #Individual #Indivisible #Nice #Ignorant #Stupid #Uninformed
     $     X22 report
Huge Crisis Headed Our Way, Credit Freeze, Bank Runs & Riots Clif High

LIGO Decoded 2: Stonehenge, the Masons, & 33: Mapping the…

It’s no surprise to hear that you shouldn’t eat McDonald’s, but do you really know how bad it is for you? Thousands of toxic additives are put into our everyday foods here in the US. Here’s what they can do to your body.
Over 3,000 reasons why you should never put a McDonald's’ French fry in your mouth again

     Comcast is Cancer
Comcast Xfinity's repair trucks cause multiple slide offs and collision.
12/14/16 - One vehicle slide off hit a Comcast box in Indianapolis. Comcast repair trucks parked on the road and placed 4-5 cones at the bottom of the hill t...

Heavy Equipment Trucks Driving Skills - Off Road Extreme Trucker Driver Accident

     Muslim Migrants
Muslim Migrants Destroy Christmas Tree In Italy

Cities in Sweden Told to Prepare For War » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Migrant crisis spiraling out of control.
Cities in Sweden told to prepare for war as Scandinavian country continues to enjoy cultural enrichment.

- - - - - Tue Dec 13 2016  

     Shocking! (Not really) #WRC
CIA "Hacking Report" is not endorsed by top U.S. intelligence agency.....I wonder why.....

     Salon supports pedophilia.
This is disgusting - and the truth might land these sickos in prison.
"Virtuous Pedophiles" - Mike Cernovich Reveals Salon's Dirty Secret | We Are Change
Author and documentary filmmaker Mike Cernovich took to Twitter yesterday and waged war against - exposing their disgusting protection and promot
Aaaannndd the idea that Russia hacked the election is total bull - 


     #CIA #FakeNews
CIA admits using news to manipulate the public

Got a broken door? No problem! Here's how to easily fix it:

     Wing Chung
How To Get Out Of A Choke Hold with Master Wong in Ipswich, U.K. #WCvsChokeHold

     911 INSIDE JOB
see also
#Pizzagate, The Context - The David Icke Videocast Trailer
World Tour Tickets - 2016/17 All David's Books Now Available Here

VIDEO: Just look how many items this SNEAKY Muslim woman tries to steal under her hijab!

Are you an Austrian girl in Austria? Do your parents pay taxes for poor muslims?
Now girls are assaulted, touched, beaten & robbed in Austria by Muslim migrants targeting women.
Edit: The video is from Czech Republic from Prague, still "immigrants".

Unbelievable how quickly Europe is disintegrating. I had always hoped to go and ideally visit every country but now I fear I will not be able to get there before it's ruined. My heart breaks for Europeans but many of them seem to be welcoming their own destruction bizarrely.

What They're NOT Telling You About Sweden
Sweden has legalized the ISIS flag and is now offering returning jihadists welfare and housing. Will it become the first European country in the 21st century...
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