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First Silver, Now Gold: Deutsche Bank Admits It Also Rigged Gold Prices In Legal Settlement |...
Well, that didn't take long.

Central Banks Are Printing to Avert a Global Meltdown – as Gold Miners Start to ‘Melt Up’
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M6.5 earthquake kills 2 people in Japan.. over 100 injured.. 2 dead. 30 aftershocks
Ukraine slides into chaos as the prospect of all out war re-emerges
Lily Tomlin's Ernestine Answers SeaWorld Calls
WOW LOVE Lily Tomlin! so glad she exposes this place where humans AND animals are killed! This goes out to all my friends (and to the Sea world employees who wrote me that you're proud of your employer locking up majestic creatures. You know what they say about Karma

Reducing your Exposure to Wireless Radiation during Pregnancy

- - - - - Wed Apr 13 

Turmeric produces mind-blowing recovery from dementia symptoms, multiple case studies show...

The April Emergency The Fed Doesn't Want You To Know About - Mike Maloney

Shanghai Gold Fix to launch April 19

Reuters/A. Ananthalakshml/4-13-2016
China's yuan gold benchmark to launch with 18 members -source


It's The Criminal Economy, Stupid

"It's The Terror War System, Stupid!"

Public Service Announcement: Conspiracy Theorist

Conspiracy Guy - Chemtrails
Is he telling the truth, or is he telling a lie? In the first episode of the series, The Conspiracy Guy takes on a couple of cloudgazers in the park.
Illuminate with Fluoride
Say "Cheese" with confidence!
These guys -- Joy Camp on YouTube -- are great: ‪‬
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Bilderberg All Star Awards

Former CIA/NSA Contractor Exposes San Bernardino False Flag  

URGENT ACTION NEEDED: AT&T on Warpath to Destroy California’s Valuable Landline Network | Stop...
AB 2395, currently before the CA Assembly, poses a serious threat to the health and safety of Californians, and will be heard before the California State Assembly…

FAN Senior Advisor, Paul Connett, PhD, spoke before the city council in Cornwall, Ontario last night:
"You can’t control who it goes to. It goes to babies, to sick people, people with poor nutrition…and it violates the individual's right to informed consent to medication," he said. "What you're contemplating is what a council can do to everyone, what a doctor can’t do to an individual."

This is important: Discovery Channel Covers Chemtrail/Geoengineering programs and their relation to weather control. (Michael J. Murphy)

ALERT: NASA Targets School Children to Misrepresent Chemtrails as Contrails -

Canadians, get with it. Your .gov is just as corrupt.
Canada Police Caught Staging False Flag
Infowars reporter Joe Biggs covers the shooting at Parliament Hill in Ottawa Canada and how Canadian police have been caught staging a false flag in the…

     HUMANE EDucation H.R. 28
Powerhouse Hollywood women storm California's capitol to demand schools teach kindness to animals! — with Katie Cleary, Simone Reyes, Judie Mancuso, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Jane Velez-Mitchell and Assemblymember Matt Dababneh.

Corbett nails it...Zika is the overstated threat used to gain power. Winners are Big Pharma (new vaccine coming), Big Chemical (mosquito abatement coming) and Big Government. Losers? Us...we are funding $1.8 BILLION on this fraud.
Zika Fear Falters as False Flag Fraud Fizzles
SHOW NOTES AND MP4: Zika is a bust. But it's accomplished its mission: $1.8 billion…
Earthquake forecast hit, large M7.2 earthquake (M6.9) strikes Burma.
Video here:
Congress: Don't Undermine Net Neutrality
The FCC’s 2015 Open Internet Order was the culmination of years of net neutrality advocacy and a big step toward a free and open Internet. Now, some lawmakers are trying to undermine the FCC’s ability to enforce it.
Tell your representative: don’t vote for a bill that compromises net neutrality.

Bush Crime Family syndicate

A large M7.2 earthquake (m6.9 revised) has struck BURMA.
Burma was specifically named in the most recent earthquake forecast as a place to watch for potentially large movement to occur this week.
See the earthquake forecast here:

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