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#Calais like a warzone , 'Jungle' immigrants riot and attack passing vehicles .
A lorry driver has said he feared for his life when his vehicle was attacked near Calais by a group of 'refugees' .
The attack by young men, some wielding sticks and bars, was captured in video footage. It left the driver Mick Young with cuts to the forehead and an eye wound that needed hospital treatment. The attack also caused £2,500 damage to the lorry. 
Young called for greater protection for drivers on the approach to Calais. “Eventually they are going to kill someone,” he said. “They were aiming rocks at my side window.”
Tomorrow they could be your neighbours !

- - - - - Wed Mar 2 2016
OUR DAILY DOSE, a film by Jeremy Seifert
To purchase a full resolution download for personal/private use or for public screenings, go here: Hailed by the Centers…

NASA ADMITS CHEMMIES ARE REAL: "The type of vapor selected to create these colorful clouds and trails depends on the purpose of the investigation, the local time, and the altitude under study. Commonly used vapors that are released in space are:
Tri-methyl aluminum (TMA),
Lithium, and

3/02/2016 -- Large Earthquake (M7.8) + Tsunami in Indonesia…

SNOPES is WRONG today, as USUAL.
Snopes claims the CO reading was FALSE from BAD EQUIPMENT.
SNOPES is clearly LYING as the subsequent day's readings show the CO blowing Eastward across the USA.

PLEASE everybody stop using SNOPES. Snopes is all too often FALSE

Keep watch this week.. I extended the earthquake forecast for an additional 4-5 days (first time ever doing this) .. due to the warning signs showing up currently.

I would like to invite you to Dust off your First AID + CAMPING GEAR, have it handy. 
Fill all your 5 gallon and 1 gallon bottles with water, and take this as an opportunity to be prepared for Disaster.

Please also learn about CERT Community Emergency Response Team and NERT Neighborhood... in your AREA.

I have been following Dutchsinse on FB for YEARS and he has a good track record of predicting increase risks as they come. 
(ok I also grew up as a boyscout attending events at USGS Menlo Park, SLAC, Moffett Field NAVY base, Exploratorium, Stanford, SRI, NASA / NOAA  etc. so have been studying and riding EarthQuakes all my life)

West Coast Alert: EarthQuake

Hundreds of viewers have contacted me regarding this event. Many people worried.

Here is a full post I've put together on the large CO (carbon monoxide) gas release all along the West coast of the United States + Canada.

Many people asking... is this a sign of a coming larger seismic event?

Simply put, the answer is yes, it could very well be a sign of a coming earthquake.


Here is a full breakdown of the situation currently, along with my analysis of why this is occurring now.

Please, get the word out for people in the region to dust off their earthquake plans, just in case.

Major Carbon Monoxide Levels on USA West Coast!!! -
Published on Feb 27, 2016 Major Carbon Monoxide Levels on USA West Coast!!! Don’t Know what the hell is going on !!! Source YouTuber mike morales Related


M4.3 strikes just South of California.. and USGS does not report it.

Baja / Gulf of CA was warned for movement, now the Gulf of California is hit, and the USGS ignores the actual earthquakes.

I say they're hiding and ignoring the areas which are being forecast to be hit.

Literally hiding earthquakes.

USGS is supposed to report anything over M4.0 internationally. Especially in our own back yard, near California,.

Version #3: This report supersedes any earlier report of this event This event has been...
Magnitude 2.27 5.3 km SSE from Snohomish, WA

- - - - - Tue Mar 1 2016

     higher IQs
Breastfed babies achieve more in life, have higher IQs and make more money, study finds... | Monitoring the Planned Poisoning of Humanity | Geoengineering is the deliberate large-scale intervention in the Earth's natural systems and is causing climate change so we all will have to pay loads of carbon taxes yeah what about the death dumps

Some of the best beers in the world are tainted by some of the worst stuff on the planet:

Chemotherapy kills cancer patients faster than no treatment at all...

“The constitutional issue here has to do with dragnet monitoring of the entire population that is not concerned with whether someone has violated the law and the retention of that very sensitive location information, potentially indefinitely,” Crockford said.

     9/11 Truth
Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth      FREE FALLIN' starring BUILDING 7
Share widely! Do the same for our YouTube version where you can:
- - - - - Mon Feb 29 2016

$Silver: Brother John F's CURRENT analysis from Friday 26 Feb (13:38)
also includes JOHN TITUS' very first "BEST EVIDENCE" video reviewing the latest JOB DATA IN HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE
. . . a MUST WATCH!
earth :: a global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions
See current wind, weather, ocean, and pollution conditions, as forecast by supercomputers, on an interactive animated map. Updated every three hours.

You should eat more avocados and this is why, 

Did you think ‪#‎EPAemployees‬ were busy solving the nationwide ‪#‎WaterProblem‬? Think again: ‪#‎EPA‬ ‪#‎lead‬ ‪#‎Flint‬ ‪#‎water‬

     Chemtrail Flu
Chemtrail Flu: Have You Had It Yet? - Zen Gardner
Earth-Heal You’re sick. Your nose is stuffy. Your body aches, You’re sweaty, coughing, sneezing and you don’t have enough energy to get out of bed. It’s not the flu. It’s a conspiracy, according to Dr. Len Horowitz. His opinion is not based on…

     Plastic Bottle Cutter
ahem... this plastic is toxic, does cause breast cancer
but in a pinch
when between a rock and a hard place
is good tool in emergency prepper survival toolbox
Plastic Bottle Cutter  ·Recycle plastic bottles of all kinds, turning them into convenient universal handy ropes.

ZERO: An Investigation Into 9-11 | Full Documentary
This brand new feature documentary from Italian production company Telemaco explores the latest scientific evidence and reveals dramatic new…

#‎NYT‬ war propaganda on ‪#‎Libya‬ weapons. ‪#‎Syria‬ ‪#‎Africa‬ ‪#‎CIA‬
OUT - Take a step in the right direction - Vote OUT! of the EU - Here's why

Would you be prepared for a blackout caused by a solar storm?

Alex Jones Comes Out Against Donald J. Trump!

- - - - - Sun Feb 28 2016

Sierra Nevada Beer is Fluoride Free and GMO free. 
Do not drink all these other toxic brews:

Have you ever tried ‪#‎Turmeric‬ ‪#‎lemonade‬ (‪#‎Recipe‬ included)? ‪#‎depression‬ ‪#‎Prozac‬

A Message to Schools About Wireless (02:57 minutes) 

Everything you thought you knew about addiction is wrongEverything you thought you knew about addiction is wrong

     False Flags
A HISTORY OF AMERICAN "FALSIES" IN THE LAST TWO DECADES: False Flags: From 9/11 to Sandy Hook and Beyond"
A presentation by James Fetzer, PhD

9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections, & Details Exposed!
Was 9/11 really an Inside Job? After reviewing this documentary, and checking the evidence, I think the answer will be clear to you.
ENDGAME: Blueprint For Global Enslavement - An Alex Jones Film
For the New World Order, a world government is just the beginning. Once in place they can engage their plan to exterminate 80% of the world's population,…

Here are six takeaways from the DNI's Worldwide Threat Assessment. Which will affect you? - SC
SHTF Implications: DNI Worldwide Threat Assessment
Last month, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) released its Worldwide Threat Assessment of the Intelligence Community report (download). In this report Director of National…

     Gun Control Doesn’t Work!
Black Lives Gunman Was A Felon Barred From Gun Ownership- Gun Control Doesn’t Work!

     911 FRAUD
Rockefeller Reveals 911 FRAUD and New World Order to Aaron Russo

- - - - - Sat Feb 27 2016

Scientific fraud? DuPont study deliberately hid toxic effects of GMOs fed to rats...

Cornwall Seaway News (Ontario, Canada) calls for permanent end to fluoridation and debate:

Economic Recovery? 13 Of The Biggest Retailers In America Are Closing Down Stores
Well, if the economy is in such great shape, why are major retailers shutting down…
Barack Obama recently stated that anyone that is claiming that America’s economy is in decline is “peddling fiction“.

Should Apple Bend Over For The FBI?
There's so much more at stake than Apple creating a "simple" back-door to help the FBI. We are at the precipice of freedom to fascism, when the state can…

The Collapse of Industrial Society (1of 2) as reported by Michael C. Ruppert  author of "Crossing the Rubicon". NY Times: Prepping…

Anyone try this app out? Seems like it might be a good safety device for getting help from your festival crew. Or do you already use group texts/chat to send a "Help, a creepy guy won't stop bugging me" or other I need my squad" help.

"There’s a ‪#‎Constitutional‬ right to ‪#‎life‬, ‪#‎liberty‬ and the pursuit of ‪#‎happiness‬."
Hillary Clinton proved once again that she has little respect for the ‪#‎USConstitution‬ Wednesday when, during an anti-Second Amendment rant, she confused founding documents by referring to the ‪#‎DeclarationofIndependence‬

     Ocean Beach Bon fires WIN
We won! No Permit Required for Ocean Beach Bon fires
For the last 10 years, BWB has been leading the fight to keep bonfires alive on San Francisco's Ocean Beach. We successfully stopped the National Park Service from banning fires in 2006 and most recently led a campaign to prevent expensive permits from being required to have a bonfire. Thank you to everyone who has supported this project by writing in to the NPS and making your voice heard. This literally wouldn't have happened without your support.
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