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     Fluoride + Aluminum in Water
Fluoride combined with even trace amounts of aluminum in water can cause major brain damage:

Documents likely show Saudi involvement in terror attacks
Former Florida Governor John Ellis Bush, better known as “Jeb!,” Jeb Bush, went stark white when InfoWars confronted him about the 28 classified pages in the 9/11 commission report still not released to the public.

Photos: SWAT Team Raids Chicken Farm
Neighbors told police were conducting an
Police in SWAT gear summoned helicopters and blocked off roads in Ontario, California, today all over an alleged chicken farm inspection.

Marco “The Robot” Rubio is showing some programming glitches as he repeats the same talking points over and over and over
Video: Mr. Rubio Roboto
Domo arigato Sen. Marco Rubio
Black Lives Matter Activist Threatens to Smash Girl's Laptop Because of Donald Trump Sticker
A black lives matter supporter on Twitter threatened to attack a female Donald Trump supporter by…

- - - - - Tue Feb 9 2016

Biggest Nutrition Bang for Your Buck 
Growing your own broccoli sprouts is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve one's diet.

Highest levels of the sulforaphane precursor found in broccoli sprouts ( Who knew one of the top cancer fighters could be grown at home for pennies? Click to see video:
Plant foods can be some of the cheapest foods! What are your tips for saving money at the grocery store?

Global gold production crisis looming...
Has Gold Bottomed? (Part 2) - Mike Maloney After seeing this chart, you'll have no doubt that the price discovery mechanism that is supposed to balance supply with demand is out ...

Norwegian Police Chief Warns Mass Immigration Threatens Civil Unrest
Influx of Muslim asylum seekers will have

Economic collapse preparation? Or a staged false flag event to blame the collapse on, preparation? The federal government & the U.S. Army have readied for domestic unrest, & preparations are accelerating exponentially. DHS, the Army & other federal agencies have been acquiring huge amounts of riot gear, over 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, retrofitted 2,717 “Navistar Defense” armored vehicles for service on the streets of America & other military necessities. We are witnessing a domestic arms race in preparation for civil unrest.

- - - - - Mon Feb 8 2016


A dentist shares her opinion of fluoride. As professionals like Dr. Louise have shown over the years, there is no consensus in support of fluoridation, despite what the ADA talking points say:

Erin Brockovich shares her opinion of fluoridation in a new Facebook post this morning:

The latest FAN newsletter:

Has Gold Bottomed? Part 1 - Mike Maloney
More: What do you think, has gold bottomed yet? Hidden Secrets Of Money is a world-leading educational series that…

Silver to Gold Ratio 1883 to Present - Bullion
Silver Gold ratio - presented through yearly averages of the silver:gold relationship

West coast earthquake Alert:
Mount Saint Helens struck by M2.9 (M3.0) earthquake.
Whole West coast, Washington State to Southern California, moves over 24 hours. Volcanoes on both sides of the movement.

Govt. says half of all Americans are mentally ill, wants to take their firearms. ‪#‎2ndAmendment‬

6 Mexican Cops Run From Cartel Hitmen -

- - - - - Sun Feb 7 2016

United States Govt Is The Biggest Drug Dealer In The World -

Feds arrest scapegoat's such as El Chapo, who is their asset, to give illusion of justice

- - - - - Sat Feb 6 2016

     COKE adds DEATH
A ‪#‎twisted‬ study funded by ‪#‎CocaCola‬ and ‪#‎Pepsi‬ ridiculously claims that ‪#‎DietCoke‬ is healthier than ‪#‎water‬:

     Owner Of The Zika Virus Exposed -
We've all heard about the Zika virus, but what's behind it's rapid growth? 

Swedish police have covered up thousands of crimes involving migrants over the past four months, all of which have been classified under a secret ‘291 refugee code’ designation, it has been revealed.
Code 291: Swedish Police Cover-Up Thousands of Crimes Involving “Refugees”
Rapes, assaults, terror threats kept secret

- - - - - Fri Feb 5 2016

A lesson on water management by Connor Jones 
‪#‎permaculture‬ ‪#‎ceibodocumental‬ ‪#‎drought‬ ‪#‎watermanagement‬ ‪#‎rain‬ ‪#‎california‬ ‪#‎ojai‬ ‪#‎ojaivalley‬ 
Video by Agustín Carri Photo (go to 
to learn more about of his documentary project about ecological restoration)

     Dumbing Down
The Sad Truth To Why Most People May Not Wake Up!

     Fluouride Sonoma
Major fluoride-free campaign in California that could end fluoridation despite the state mandate:">…/article_a702a258-cad1-11e5-ba58…

 earthquakes and volcano activity, earthquakes and volcanoes2/06/2016 — 
Craton Moving to the East — PROVED over 5 years — Utah Dormant Volcano + Flank of Mt. Rainier struck

Monsanto is now suing California to keep RoundUp off the state’s list of carcinogens.
Monsanto Sues California to Keep Round Up Off Carcinogen List
Says the herbicide is completely safe

Your DOCTOR is now your DICTATOR: Obama gives doctors power to declare you 'mentally ill' and take away your rights!

6 Charts That Suggest MARKETS HAVE TOPPED & RECESSION IS HERE - Mike Maloney
More: 6 charts that add up to a compelling case for the…
Rollercoaster Crash: Top 4 Reasons For Deflation -…

The residents of Port Angeles, Washington are not backing down on their opposition to fluoridation, even it that means changing their town's form of government to remove the current council that ignored a clear vote by residents in opposition to adding fluoride:
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