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     coconut oil

     Cologne train Assault
Mayor of Cologne Slammed For Telling Women Keep Rapists at “Arms Length”
Top German broadcaster apologizes for delay in reporting mass molestation by…
The Mayor of Cologne is coming under increasing pressure after she said that women should follow a “code of conduct” to avoid sexual attacks by Muslim migrants by keeping potential rapists at “arms length”.

German Authorities Accused of Covering Up Mass Sexual Assault by Hundreds of Migrants
Dozens of women molested by Arabs and North Africans at Cologne train
German authorities are being accused of covering up a mass sexual assault at Cologne train station on New Years Eve, during which Arab and North African migrants molested dozens of women after fireworks were thrown into a crowd.

Americans Critical of Government Can Lose Gun Rights Due to Executive Order
Psychologists could diagnose conservatives, libertarians with
Americans critical of government could have their Second Amendment rights restricted if psychologists diagnose them with “Oppositional Defiant Disorder” or a similar diagnosis as a result of Obama’s new gun control executive action.

Americans With “Alternative Views” Could be Labeled Crazy, Have Guns Taken
Preppers, people who complained about corruption previously deemed 
Second Amendment advocates are warning that Americans who hold “alternative views” could be declared mentally ill and have their firearms seized as President Obama announced a raft of new gun control measures.

New Year, New Gun Grab
Obama administration continues attack on 2nd Amendment
A President who’s administration has given arms to Al Qaeda and drug cartels plans executive gun control domestically.

He's actually using a technique to stimulate his tear ducts that nurses use to help flush debris out of patients eyes. He wipes at several stimulus points around the eye long before you actually see the formation of any tears. He is artificially producing tears to sell artificial feelings to authentic bleeding hearts. I'd expect no less from someone so studied and practised in mentalism and other forms of neurolinguistic programing.

ONE OF MY FAVORITES FROM MR.FAST AND FURIOUS-Eric Holder: "We need to brainwash people" - YouTube
Video for eric holder we need to brainwash▶ 1:11
Mar 18, 2012 - Uploaded by yonoid818
Eric Holder says we need to brainwash people into submitting to gun control. Visit 

Libtards always ignore the facts.

     North Korea
Underground nuclear test (hydrogen bomb) in North Korea creates large man made M5.0+ earthquake in the region!
On top of the current seismic unrest, this is NOT good news..
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