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First Avocado-Based Ice Cream In Stores Now - Choosing Vegan
If you are a vegan, lactose intolerant, allergic, or simply don’t like the taste of dairy there’re already several dairy-free ice creams available on the market with more…

Commercial almond milk exposed as fake beverage thickened with carrageenan instead of almonds:

Water fluoridation DEFEATED in Portland; citizens overwhelmingly reject dumping toxic fluoride chemicals into the water supply (Flashback)

Harvard Trained Immunologist Demolishes California Legislation That Terminates Vaccine Exemptions |

BLM Abuse Goes Further Than We Know
Oregon Congressman exposes how corrupt the BLM really is
Congressman Walden from Oregon breaks down the BLM Abuses in that state and how they feel they are above the law.

Here's what it means and why it matters...
China Meltdown Crushes World Economy

     El Chapo
Breaking: Drug Kingpin El Chapo Captured
Mexican president tweets: "Mission accomplished"
The Mexican drug kingpin known as El Chapo has been re-captured, the president of Mexico has declared.

Finnish police warn of plans by migrants to commit sexual assaults
Security authorities are growing increasingly concerned by the rising number of sex attacks by gangs of migrants which appear to be spreading across Europe since New Year's Eve.

     Stabs to Death
Muslim Immigrant Stabs to Death the 7-Year-old Daughter of His Host Family in Sweden
by, Avpixlat | Nicolai Sennels | | h/t Glen Roberts @ Trop “A seven year old girl was stabbed to death in an apartment in Upplands-Bro in northern…

Video from last night's terror attack when a Muslim praising Allah shot a Philadelphia Police officer. By God's miracle the officer who took 3 bullets survived and was able to shoot back at the terrorist.

Shocking photos show the moment a crazed gunman wearing a white smock shot a Philadelphia police officer “in the name of Islam”.
Photos Show Gunman Shooting Philly Cop “In the Name of Islam”
'Religion of peace' strikes again

Commissioner Ross said there is video of the entire attack.
“This is absolutely one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen,” he declared.
Philadelphia: Police Shooter Confesses to 'Execution' for Islam

Two suspects in the mass molestation of dozens of German women in Cologne on New Years Eve were found with a note in German and Arabic containing the phrases “I kill you” and “I want to have sex with you”.
Cologne Sex Attack Suspects Found With Note: “I Kill You,” “I Want to Have Sex With You”
Migrants' phones contained videos of victims being molested

Texas Governor Introduces Groundbreaking Plan to Override Obama’s Tyranny
Outspoken governor calls for constitutional convention to restore Rule of Law
Governor Greg Abbott made good on his promise to challenge President Obama’s gun control initiatives Friday, calling for a constitutional convention of US states to create several new amendments aimed at reasserting states’ rights.

Watch this video if you want to understand what's really at stake in ‪#‎Oregon‬. ‪#‎Constitution‬

Obama said he wasn't taking away your doctor, either.

Everyone should know this!
EPIC Meme Proves America Does NOT Have a Gun Problem
...he’s been called out on the 4 biggest lies he told to the American people when it comes to guns, the 2nd Amendment, and violent crime...

Discoveries of an Anti-Gunner: My Conversion to the Other Side
I championed for gun control for a long time, until I learned that my arguments didn't make sense. This is my journey.

In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan
Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control: 56 million.

You won't see this data on the US evening news, or hear politicians disseminating this information. Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws adversely affect only the law-abiding citizens. Take
note my fellow Americans, before it's too late! The next time someone talks in favor of gun control, please remind them of this history lesson.

With guns, we are 'citizens'. Without them, we are 'subjects'.
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