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Get off Statins. They promote heart disease. The only studies that say otherwise were done by the drug companies back when it was legal to bury negative study results. You can use diet to 100% reverse heart disease.
Statins CAN cause heart disease - Shock research warns drug risks hardened arteries
CONTROVERSIAL drug statins can actually increase the risk of heart disease, shock new research has shown.

Pass this one around to your forums, it must be widely known.

Bad diet: all animal proteins are feeding tumors.
Even if you may have a small tumor somewhere in your body, you won't die from it until you feed it - with animal proteins. Casein (the milk protein) is the worst one - which of course doesn't mean other animal proteins were good.
Plant protein doesn't have this effect - it is not food for tumors.

Hillary Clinton: 'I'm Just Too Busy' to Watch Benghazi Movie '13 Hours' "At this point really, what difference does it make?"

Journalists Attacked In Migrant Camp, Pro-Immigration Activists Urge Them To Remove Evidence...

Teen Girl Rushed To Hospital After Rape Attack By Afghan Migrant In Public Park
"Potential terrorists in San Francisco can rejoice: because of a 2012 San Francisco ordinance, the FBI has to ask permission from the city’s police department if it wants to question possible terrorists..."
Possible Terrorists Protected from FBI in San Francisco

Proof George HW Bush Was a CIA Agent Involved In The ASSASSINATION of JFK.

... I guess unless you're raping some English German Swedish Finish or Austrian woman and you're all like...
"ALUAHU AKBAR" and shit...

Sick Islam and it's hard towards women
Sh** Islam Says: No Dogs, No Dancing and Definitely No Talking During Sex -

     Ban Islam save Europe 
This Man, George Soros, is funding the illegal invasion of Europe.
Hungary is slamming George Soros for his support of the Invasion and for supporting 'Liberal Migrant Policies'.
Soros himself slammed Hungary for their response to the 'Crisis' as he calls it.
*Remember this Man funds the Invasion of our Countries.*

Videos: German police raid Muslim ghetto as thousands march against Merkel – Knights...
Two new videos show the continued unfolding of the historic 'refugee' drama/crisis in Germany. Nearly 300 police officers rounded up suspected Muslim... #blacksilvester #germany #newyearseve

Deport all of them! Scroungers!
‘German girls are just there for sex’ What migrant told woman as he groped her in street
GERMANY was rocked by yet more migrant sex attack allegations today after it emerged one refugee told his victim she was “just there for sex” as he groped her…

Hey, progressives: how about showing some intellectual honesty and admitting this is the REAL "War on Women."
Leading Muslim Scholar: Women Only Fit to Make Babies; Gender Equality Is Anti-Islam

FINALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKING UP
A number of Danish discotheques are experiencing increasing problems with immigrant customers insulting and abusing women. Therefore they have now decided that guests must be able to speak Danish, German or English.
New rule at Danish discos: Danish, German or English only
A number of Danish discotheques are experiencing increasing problems with immigrant customers insulting and abusing women. Therefore they have now…

Islamic terror: Immigrants grope and demands sex from Swedish woman -
Social Network: We are fighting for our sacred values: Freedom, Democracy and…

Obama: giving our enemy $150 BILLION is not "progress." Pretending your DISASTER of a nuclear deal will stop Iran from building nuclear weapons is not "progress." Having 10 U.S. Sailors held captive by Iran is not "progress." Having U.S. ships buzzed by Iranian missiles is not "progress." Iranian leaders chanting "Death to America" is not "progress." If you like your Iran nuke deal, you can keep your nuke deal. The blood of innocents will forever be on your hands.
Obama: We Have Achieved Historic Progress With Iran

Berlin. Germany: Police have raided a squat occupied by extreme leftist's (ANTIFA)


Special Report: Global Economy Dead In The Water
The Dow Jones has lost 1500 points in 10 days

new reports say over 70 million OZ of SILVER
Why Is JP Morgan Accumulating The Biggest Stockpile Of Physical Silver In History?
Why in the world has JP Morgan accumulated more than 55 million ounces of physical silver?

Sheriff: A Gun In Your Hand Sure Beats 'A Cop On the Phone'

Another High-Profile Global Vaccine Conspiracy Exposed:

Mossad-linked Israel group faked violent Facebook anti-Semitism (common technique):
just as I suspected...

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