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     Lower IQ
Fluoride Linked to Lower IQ and Neurological Impairment The Centers for Disease Control claims that fluoride is safe, but the Environmental Protection Agency believes that fluoride can impair neurological function.
     toxic water
With all of the attention being brought to Flint, Michigan's toxic water problem, we wanted to point out that the city continues to voluntarily add fluoride chemicals, despite calls from expert and residents to end the practice:

HYDRATE! Drink filtered water Before you SHOWER

One of the most astonishing facts about water fluoridation is that since they started the policy in the 1940s not a single study has been published in any country in the world examining fluoride absorption from bathing or showering in fluoridated water. Hot water opens the skin pores and increases the absorption of ions. Fluoride is used in skin medications so it is known that fluoride is absorbed by skin. All that is needed to undertake such a basic study is to take blood samples of volunteers before and after they take a hot shower or bath and measure the blood fluoride levels. The test should be conducted using various bathing time intervals and water temperatures. It is absolutely preposterous that no such study has ever been undertaken.
Here is the chart that explains it all.
2016 Market Crash Explained In 1 Chart

As criminal governments continue to burn fiat currencies to the ground, there will be a return to PHYSICAL GOLD as money – at the exact same time it’s getting harder and harder to find.
Video: These Stunning Charts Show Exactly Why You Need Gold Before The Next Wave Hits
The following charts demonstrate exactly why Russia, China and some of the world’s richest investment…

Who Will Lead The UN To World Domination?
The race to be the Secretary General of the United Nations is clandestinely underway
Today’s United Nations has mutated from its supposed noble peacekeeping 1945 birth under FDR’s United Nations Charter, into a New World Order antagonizing behemoth waiting in the wings to crush the sovereignty of nations across the globe.

UN Pushes Direct Tax on Sports & Concerts
The UN is pushing for a tax on sports events & concerts saying they will use the money for humanitarian aid. This comes after the UN has…
The UN is pushing for a tax on sports events & concerts saying they will use the money for humanitarian aid. This comes after the UN has targeted a whistleblower for 9 months for exposing child rape and prostitution rings run by UN “peacekeepers” — on a humanitarian aid mission.

Gun Control? Here Comes Car Control & End of Private Transportation
Federal government wants control over
Another example of how multinational corporations now OPENLY write our laws...

Smart Guns: Dumb & Dumber
Obama calls for backdoors in latest gun technology
Why have gun owners rejected and boycotted smart guns? Why does Obama want them so badly that he will use your tax money to create them and shove them down your throat?

Feds Hype Non-existent Terror Threat Ahead of Super Bowl 50
DHS and FBI engage in speculation on
‪#‎DHS‬ and ‪#‎FBI‬ imagine a lone wolf attack during ‪#‎SuperBowl50‬.

Here’s a List of Bernie Sanders’ $19.6 Trillion in Tax Hikes
$14 trillion would come from his healthcare plan alone...

In its latest act of desperation, McDonald’s will soon offer French fries drizzled in chocolate.
Desperate: Failing McDonald’s to offer chocolate covered fries
Failing fast food chain trying everything to survive
Gross! Who even eats this crap

     Goat Fcukers
‘We F*ck Goats’: Anti Islamic State Stickers Appear In East London - Breitbart
A provocative online anti Islamisation campaigner has distributed and put up stickers mocking the Islamic State terror group in East London.

VIDEO: Muslim riots in Sydney, Australia
Muslims go crazy during anti-islamic movie sweden

This is how Russia deals with Terrorist's.
If you don't come out in a hail of bullets they'll blow half the house down, if you don't come out then they'll bulldoze the house down, great craic.

 ISIS chiefs: ‘Women will become Muslim if 10 jihadis rape her’
TWISTED jihadis have been told raping their non-Islamic women captives will turn them Muslim.|By Laura Mowat

     Coral Castle, FL 
Eds Coral Castle Quarry and Flywheel, Engineering Mystery… 
VERY rare footage of Coral Castle and Edward Leedskalnin

Oath Keepers Official call up for the Oregon Situation

"What's Happening to Our Police" exposes the agenda that is moving ‪#‎police‬ from local to national control, all in the name of security.
This video discusses the seven steps highlighting how it's being done and how the ‪#‎federalgovernment‬ never lets a crisis go to waste.
Ready to take action? Join the movement against nationalization:
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