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More on the benefits of turmeric and curcumin:

Cold Remedy Tea with Turmeric, Ginger, Honey, and Citrus. // via @honeysuckle

Full recipe:

This is exaclty why fluoride should be taken off the market... 

     GE Trees
Breaking: Outrage Over US Secret Approval of Genetically Engineered Trees -
The International Campaign to STOP GE Trees, Dogwood Alliance & Biofuelwatch Groups Condemn US for Bowing to Industry, Ignoring Widespread Public…

Geoengineering will destroy all planetary life if not stopped...

George Bush Canceled X-Files In 2002 Over 9/11 Conspiracies
Infowars team reveals why the X-files show ended in 2002. Turns out it was because George W. Bush didn't like the show questioning the govt after the…

New “X-Files” references Big Pharma drugs, GMOs, factory farming, debt and over-consumerism!


Breaking: Oregon Shoot Out, Bundy's Arrested, Next Waco?

Ammon Bundy Arrested With Protestors, One Dead in FBI Shootout
Several members of the protest were accused of being agent provocateurs
One person is dead and Oregon protest leader Ammon Bundy, along with several others, were arrested after a highway confrontation with the FBI and state police on Tuesday.

now it comes out .. the truth about the Oregon land issue ...
particularly pertaining to URANIUM !

The federal government is not authorized to own land. The Constitution restricts the feds to establishing “Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, & other Needful Buildings” & reserves for the States the right to own land. The Federal government had to purchase the land from the State. Our Founding Fathers specifically restricted what land the Federal government could own with the approval of the State Legislature. Further, the Constitution stipulates that all new States will become members of the Union on an equal footing with all other States.

Economic Activity Is Slowing Down Much Faster Than The Experts Anticipated
Manufacturing activity is imploding all over the planet
Somewhere close to one-fifth of all global stock market wealth has already been wiped out.

Feminist indoctrination has rendered ‪#‎Europe‬ defenseless. ‪#‎Rapeugees‬

EXCLUSIVE - Bernie Sanders Blasts Billionaires, Has Unreported Ties to George Soros - Breitbart
Self-proclaimed socialist and presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders has presented himself as a warrior battling the wealthiest one percent, especially…

Nothing to see here ... move along ... drink your Fluoride. Go back to sleep now.

GET A 55 GALLON BLUE Water Barrel NOW! KEEP IT! you live in earthquake country. Our water supply from YOSEMITE can be SEVERED by an EARTHQUAKE.
Some time after the rains, when your garden needs a good watering, dump that 55 gallons into your garden, trees, etc. rinse, rinse, rinse. Then fill with HOSE WATER. 
SEAL IT. Hose water contains a significant amount of CHLORAMINE which will protect against bacteria. Repeat this rinse process in a few years. 
Every year if you are a water baby and like to play in the hose on a sunny day.
Every 3 or 5 years if you care less about the TASTE of your water after an EarthQuake Disaster.
Seriously... in the event of an earthquake you will NEED this 55 gallon supply for:
DRINKING, COOKING, Washing, Bathing, Flushing...

How Europe's "leaders" betrayed its women -- and allowed wave ... 

German Media Shows Muslim Refugees Crapping In Pool, Raping Women
Some refugees apparently didn’t get the message about proper pool behavior.

Funny but true.

Paris this morning. Taxi Drivers, mostly Muslim.

Backdoor Gun Control: Doctors – Not Psychologists – to Screen All Adults for Depression
State police already confiscated veteran's guns over insomnia
This sets a dangerous precedent in which primary care physicians – who are visited more frequently than psychologists – could diagnose patients with mental health issues, ultimately leading to the restriction of their Second Amendment rights.

Video: Senator Warns AUMF Bill is “Declaration Of International Martial Law”
“This resolution is a total rewrite of the War Powers clause of the Constitution
A new bill making its way through Congress contains “dangerous and unprecedented” language that could be considered a “declaration of international martial law,” a US senator warned last Thursday.

In Washington State due to A: FUKUSHIMA: B: Pesticides:
in South America due to : C: GMO MOSQUITOES?

Democratic Debate Totally Staged: CNN Has Audience Practice Applause, Pre-Submitted Questions Planted
Witness the mind numbingly cripplingly boring sterility Washington politics…
It seems that we’re now firmly in the age of the teleprompter President.
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