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Episode 7 is live. Thanks so much for sharing and hitting that 'Like' button! What did you think of the episode?
USA's Day Of Reckoning - Hidden Secrets Of Money 7 - Mike Maloney
History shows that once or twice in a generation a global crisis come along that radically devastates people’s way of life. A fundamental shift so big and dr...     Jim Rickards @ 14:00

The BIG $POT $MA$H Tue 4 Oct was to "bail out" (ie, ENRICH) all the bank$ter PM short bet$ made @ the post-Brexit Ag Hi @ $21.23 on Tue 5 July. That's why everything is back to the PRE-Brexit price level the last week of June. .
London dumps 1,000 tons worth of gold contracts on Oct. 4 to allow pre-Brexit shorts to cover before price explosion

Short Term Bear, Long term Bull: Good Track Record for 5, 10 years. Accurate at calling short and medium term Bear while long term Bull Larry Edelson @ Live Prices, as Kitco is too slow and clunky    more great user friendly adjustable charts for Gold and Silver Spot price

Daily Charts video of METALS REPORT approx 1pm / 2pm daily is another resource I recommend,

SHEMITAH 7 year econ cycle stock Market Crash Sept 2015 was accurately predicted here: "> 
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