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[GovernmentShadow] Trump / Clinton -  Jesuit Bilderberg Dinner 2016 ?
The Jesuit Bilderberg Dinner 2016
Masquerading as an Al E. Smith Dinner, the jJsuit
infiltrators come to celebrate death and loot
money in the name of innocents. Watch the day of
dead reference, see the Jesuit symbols, watch
Trump and Clinton play their game and enjoy
knowing this is another farce, another cult of the
Illuminati and a royal flush for the NWO. The
usual; roasting has some good zingers but the
skulduggery is clear. The two clown puppets
separated by the Black Pope’s hitman Archbishop
Dolan and covered by the New York elite consiglieres
like Cuomo, Bloomberg, Giuliani and De Blasio .

Enjoy the media dinner and entertainment.

FULL: Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton at Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner. Oct. 20. 2016.

Donald Trump speech - 1:17:05 .
Hilary Clinton speech - 1:35:15 .


By: patriciaormsby on October 20, 2016

It looks to me like you were right, Patrick. Trump was only running as a way to help Mrs. Clinton win. so much for the late great USA!
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