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This is a video of the Oath Keepers webinar on "Civil Unrest Post Election Scenarios & Preparation" on Nov. 3. The emphasis is on preparation.

Civil Unrest Post Election Scenarios & Preparation - Oath Keepers
This week has been a steady stream of negative publicity and demonization coming from most parts of the main-stream media. Lots of talk of unrest on election day,…
The Russians are Coming! - Clinton/Obama Cabal Preps False Flag Option to Stop Trump - Oath Keepers
NBC reports: “White House Readies to Fight Election Day Cyber Mayhem” “including a cyber-attack that shuts down part of the power grid or the internet” This is…
Hitlery Clinton is in PANIC MODE and NEEDS to STAGE a FALSE FLAG terror attack ASAP.

OH NO look out FALSE FLAG? Bank Holiday? BEWARE! DANGER Will Robinson!
1,000,000 people today at Chicago Cubs 108 Year Celebration?

STORE WATER, BEANS, NUTS, TrailMix, First Aid / Camping SUPPLIES TODAY! #PrepNow #OctoberSurprise #FalseFlagWinter
GOTO #GarageSales, #FleaMarkets, #ThriftStores, #Dumpsters etc. GET #Candles, #lighters #matches, #fuel, #medical #FirstAid and #Camping #Supplies
#alcohol #saline #irrigation #gauze #BandAids #sutures #FirstAidKit #Prepare #CPR #CERT #NERT 

#FalseFlag ETA on or before TUE NOV 8. Friday is most dangerous day for a BANK HOLIDAY / RUN on BANKS. 
      possible #GRIDDOWN / #EMP / #NUKE / #EarthQuake / #CyberAttack etc
Beware of phony staged #911/ #BostonBombingHoax / #SandyHook / #AuroraColoradoBatmanShooting / #LondonBombing #7/7bombing / #OrlandoShooting #FakeLivesMatter
fake #MindControl event to help Clinton / Obama steal election. 
Expect heat to be turned up via another police shooting followed by Ferguson style riots etc. in multiple cities

FILL your TANK with GAS. Spare FUEL supply. Fix your BIKE. Fix your other Bike. Talk to your friends. GET READY for #SHTF. zombies tho

#TPTB like to stage false events in Fall / Winter as the people are too cold to assemble / protest. zombies then are more likely to cower and stand in bread lines

Recall they CLOSED all NATIONAL PARKS Fall / Winter 2013 when BANK COLLAPSE was LIKELY. This would prevent people from camping / running to woods / hiding out from GOVT     if you are on a mac. otherwise goto 
Free radio Show Sunday-Friday afternoons around 2/3pm PST

SHUT UP, CONSPIRACY THEORIST! Remember this when you are told not to believe the government experimented on people without their consent, the CIA smuggled drugs into this country, or that 9-11 was an inside job. Shouting at the top of your lungs usually helps! 

Why are these foods still allowed in the U.S. when they’re already banned elsewhere?
10 Banned Foods Americans Should Stop Eating – Infographic
     Michael Moore is a Sack of Shit
A fat, duplicitous, elitist cunt who couldn't give a rat's ass about ordinary Americans. Facebook @ FOLLOW Paul Jos...

Hillary Clinton's "Spirit Cooking" Satanic Ritual - Revealed by Wikileaks. She and her inner circle are PSYCHOS!
"They found way more stuff than just more information pertaining to the inappropriate sexting the guy was doing,” Prince claimed. “They found State Department emails. They found a lot of other really damning criminal information, including money laundering...."
Erik Prince: NYPD Ready to Make Arrests in Anthony Weiner Case

     Hacked Emails   
Hacked Emails Prior To Scalia Murder Show Hillary’s Rage 
Yoichi Shimatsu - Oct.15.2016

Blue Feed, Red Feed See Liberal Facebook and Conservative Facebook, Side by Side

Social justice warrior vs logic & facts.     It gets messy.

Bradley writes My political rant....Sorry.
I love how people say, "oh Bush lost 999 billion emails." Who cares??? Lock him up too! If you have proof.
What the blinded chose to not hear are the major FACTS. Its not about losing emails, its about treason, its about putting the security of our country at risk, its about pedophilia, its about rape and its about cheating just to win the stupid debate!" ALL of these accusations have been PROVEN! Emails, flight records, recordings, even ratted out by pedophiliacs who want to bring their partners in crime down with them.
If Clinton is elected, what do you think those 5 countries who hacked her server are going to do? What do you think they're already planning to do? Its called blackmail! Based on Clintons record, how do you think she'll cover up or respond to blackmail? Yup, your money and your safety will be compromised.
Im out. I know who I'm NOT voting for.

Men yell 'BILL CLINTON IS A RAPIST!' while Bill is giving a speech! BTFO!
Multiple men interrupted Bill Clinton yelling 'BILL CLINTON IS A RAPIST!' One man even finished his sentence when Clinton started to say 'Nobody can dispute ... 
I love this kind of activism... funny how the stoopid Sheople always get offended.
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